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Radio Free Northwest – March 5th 2015

HAC answers an e-mail and explains why this isn’t the Harold Covington show; Gretchen reviews a book on TV and we hear from the panel guys in their final installment.


  1. Barney
    Mar 03, 2015

    Here’s something we all need to consider.

    “Boston Brakes” (Google it) is NOT “conspiracy theory”. It’s real. Forget those car chase videos all over the tel-aviv-zion. If zog REALLY wants to stop you, they will. Ask Michael Hastings.

    A lot of people, perhaps most, are waiting for the balloon to go up before coming Home, but by then it could be too late.

    What if that “Horakova moment” comes and your car won’t start? You’ll be dead – or wishing you were. In a martial law situation, NO-ONE’s car will start. Leave it too late and you’ll be trying to escape on foot with little more than the clothes on your back. How far do you think you’ll get?

    It’s not conspiracy theory. Boston Brakes is real. Everything you (think you) control from the driving seat can be over-ridden by zog. Speed, brakes, lights, windows, even the steering.

    Perhaps it won’t come to that, but every modern vehicle CAN be remotely hijacked. Why would the enemy give themselves that capability and then not use it?

    Is it worth the risk? Is it worth the lives of those you care about?

    Come Home while you still can. It will be too late when the SHTF.

  2. Chicago Guy's Cyber-Stalker
    Mar 03, 2015

    Hello dere. I haven’t been around for a while, but my supervisor here at the cognitive dissonance unit (can you guess which one? I’ll never tell!) says I’m supposed to post some stupid shit to this blog at least once a month. Why, I have no idea. You’ve never approved one of my posts. But there’s this list of blogs we’re supposed to post to every so often so when Mr. Soros gets the payroll bill (oops! forget I mentioned you-know-who!) the team leader can show we’re actually doing something to “fight against hate.” Yeah, right.

    I have no idea why your friend in Chicago has been selected for this kind of treatment. I mean, the very things you DON’T like about him, like his refusal to dedicate his undoubted talents to the Northwest independence movement and his insistence on living the good life in a posh Chicago suburb while his duty is calling him, you’d think would be the very things that would endear him to my bosses. But who the hell knows? I guess he posted something on some blog that pissed off one of the Big Carpet Munchers or Noseboys.

    Okay, I’m supposed to be heckling you. Nyah nyah nyah. Fuckshitsuckshitdoodoobird oogledy boogledy. Bleccch. Bleaaahh. So forth and so on, take it all as read. I can check you off my list for another month. See ya then!

  3. Cleavis Nowell
    Mar 04, 2015

    A proposed subject for weekend short casts: “Nigritude” or ingratitude of welfare mammy negroes which Asians seem to have learned from them. Specifically – Ebola nurse Pham (in Dallas) is suing Texas Health-Presbyterian for endangering her. This like all such cases is totally unwarranted for Texas Health made Greek socialist level bribes to get the last of an experimental drug batch and save her life. Nigritude; send all porch monkey negroes to Saudi Arabia !

  4. Troy
    Mar 05, 2015

    What I don’t understand: Why is the Northwest Front not engaging in a discussion on PNW ‘practical politics’?

    The revolutionaries who will bring the vision to reality will have to convince the ‘native’ PNWesterners that the new Northwest Imperative Aryan racial state is the way to go, but people – being people – will want to know how their lives will improve. How will their communities improve? How will their families be better off? Will they be able to go back to the days of having a ‘job-for-life’?

    IMHO the NF needs to address DOMESTIC PNW issues and how it would solve them and make the PNW the best place to live for Aryan folks, whether they’re fanatical about their racial identity or not. RFN is, after all, the almost always the first port of call for interested new-comers, and these are BASIC aspects of the cause – and the aspects that (like it or loathe it) the hoi polloi have closest in their minds.

    Surely, showing ‘native’ North-westerners how their homeland will improve on a practical level as a separate Aryan nation will do much to improve the potential for spreading the word in the Homeland? It seems (to this distant European writing) that almost 100% of the RFN message is about attracting new migrants from outwith the PNW. I firmly believe that a terminal mistake is being made in neglecting the ‘natives’. HAC has made it clear many times that manpower is an issue. How many ‘native’ PNWers even know about the NF? By embracing issues of practical politics (I don’t mean running in bloody elections) the NF may find it easier to ‘reach out’ to the PNW population.

    “You want better schools? Here’s what WE can give you. You want a better infrastructure? Here is our plan, and here’s how we will finance it, and here’s how you’ll get a job working for the new nation and how little tax you’ll pay and how cleaner the streets will be.”

    Saying “read the NW Novels is no use” because people – again, being people – need their lessons in small bite-size, easily digestible chunks. While the NF Novels are a great recruiting tool for those who like to read books, for many people they won’t be considered at all because they perhaps don’t have the time or simply aren’t ‘readers’. Ultimately, what I suggest is that RFN dedicates a portion of it’s airtime to talking about SPECIFIC Homeland issues and how these would be ‘repaired’. It will help send the message that the Homeland is a great place to live, and the NF will protect it from the ever-encroaching disease and decay from ‘Amurricah’.

  5. Harold
    Mar 05, 2015


    You have some excellent ideas, and I’d like you to follow up on them. When you arrive here in the Homeland, please get your new contact information to me immediately so we can get together and I can officially put YOU in charge that that “discuss local issues” propaganda project. I’m sure from what you’ve said you will do a slap-up job.

  6. Troy
    Mar 05, 2015

    @ Harold
    I would gladly undertake that enterprise, but you know as well as I do that unless i’m a qualified brain surgeon or possess some other skill equally rare-as-hens-teeth, being a European, and being long-term unemployed with no trade and no prospects, i’d be the ‘trans-atlantic-nothing-but-teeshirt-on-his-back’ migrant. You’ll remember that you spoke of my situation on air in October. It’s no different now.

  7. Nevets
    Mar 05, 2015

    Seig Heil from WASHINGTON!!

    @ Troy….You mentioned for the NF to explain how we will finance any plans….. I can do that very easily having read all the NW Novels and the White Book.

    We arnt financing ANYTHING!! I mean really, we are trying to get away from the enslaving jew usary system. Do you think the kikes would loan ebil nazis money to finance a new jew-free country? Remember we are white, we can make anything we want happen. Free of jew reign we will be able to utilize Tesla coils and other forms of free energy. Also with noone needing or wanting to make a gazillion dollars in stupid profit everyone will have what they need.

    Also, I live in the homeland now, since 2000. White ppl here for the most part know theres a problem but like everywhere else they are afraid to speak out for a variety of reasons. Also many of these whites unfortunatly have grandkids or neices or nephews that are mixed muds (m&m’s). Most white people like that almost always shy away from anything racial when they have a m&m “family member”. But like Harold says, its so true, white people are herd animals and they will do what they are told no matter who is in charge.

    One last thing, if someone cant read a few books and really understand them the NF dont want them anyway. I mean, how dangerous is it to read a book? If someone wont even read a book how can they be trusted or expected to do anything else.

    Quality over quantity.

  8. Nevets
    Mar 05, 2015

    @Barney, I dont like to jewgole stuff, too busy wachin collage hoops n shit. Can you make a audio file about it and send it to Harold. It sounds interesting….

    My dream reason for the STHTF is an EMP. after that only antique cars would work.

  9. HAC Fan
    Mar 06, 2015

    The reason we want more HAC is because you’re the one we tune in to listen to.

  10. Barney
    Mar 06, 2015

    Nevets – I’m not 100% convinced your comment to me is intended seriously, but you’re one of the regulars here, so I’ll answer anyway.

    I’d love to make an audio file for possible inclusion in RFN, but my voice is pitched too low and would sound muffled, which is why I haven’t done it. I also suffer from asthma.

    A few years ago, a good friend who worked for years as a racing car mechanic at one of Britain’s best-known circuits, and was now servicing “normal” production vehicles, discovered some circuitry he wasn’t expecting. Tracing it back (don’t ask me how), he found it to be remotely accessible and linked to the speed control. Further research showed this circuitry to exist on ALL modern vehicles, even motorbikes.

    He concluded that it gave zog the ability to control the speed – up as well as down – of ALL modern vehicles, individually or all at once.

    Years later I learned (via the internet) of something known as “Boston Brakes”, whereby every modern vehicle has full remote access, to the engine, brakes, lights, windows, door locks, even the steering. It sounds far-fetched, but it’s a logical extension of the system developed in response to the hijacking and subsequent destruction of three airliners in (I believe) 1976, and now routinely installed in all commercial aircraft.

    I’ll just give a couple of links here. Whether you believe them or not is your decision.



    I’d rather have a pre-computerised off-road vehicle and all the spares I can get.

  11. Anonymous
    Mar 06, 2015

    Actually Texas can secede legally, The problem? Whites are already a minority there.. Which is ridiculous considering that Texas is practically the only place in the country with a positive white birthrate.. What will be good for the NAR is when these spics finally get a large enough majority they will likely use the secession card to form some wetback republic, Stripping the USA of 80% of it’s fuel production.. This will lead to a civil war and if the NAR isn’t ready to make it’s move by then we’re for lack of a better word Fucked..

  12. Barney
    Mar 06, 2015

    The subject of finance has been mentioned in this thread, and it’s something that needs to be addressed if we are to attain and then retain true independence.

    I’ve never inderstood the jewish obsession with gold, apart from it’s scarcity and the fact that pretty colours appeal to primitive minds. Do they do anything with it, or just sit looking at it and gloating over the fact that they’ve stolen most of the world’s supply?

    Whatever we come up with as a means of exchange, the jew has the resources to create a million perfect copies by morning, bankrupting our new country before we even get it off the ground.

    The White way is based on trust and a desire to do what’s right, to help each other, sharing our skills because we want to and never putting a price on anything. Everyone benefits that way, and I’ve personally seen it in action.

    The trouble is that so many White people nowadays would no longer recognise the White way until they’ve lived in a pure White community for a time.

    My solution would be to use METAL as “money” – – – ANY metal. We don’t need to re-acquire gold or silver from the jews.

    In terms of REAL value, steel must be one of the most valuable metals in terms of usability, but my suggestion is to treat ALL metals as “money”.

    If the value of our coins is equal to the scrap value of the metal they’re made from, there won’t be any point in counterfeiting. We can make coins out of steel, copper, even soft metals like lead, and if the jews were to flood the new country with imitations it would merely increase our overall wealth.

    We don’t need 99.99% purity either. If the weight and volume of a coin is right for the metal it’s made from, that’s good enough.

    Let EVERYONE create “money” if they want to, and if we need to check the volume against the weight, we can do this with reasonal accuracy by carefully dropping a coin into a full container of water and measuring how much water is displaced.

    We know the jews will use every trick in the book and then some, so it’s worth thinking about in my opinion.

  13. Ray Geiser
    Mar 06, 2015

    Barney: We don’t need gold as a medium for exchange of goods. The ZioComs have bamboozled people into thinking that only paper is fiat currency, but gold can be fiat too. Money as a standard of exchange is whatever people decide it to be. National Socialist Germany decided to have labor cetificates, one hour of labor (physical or mental) earned the worker “x” amount of marks, I forget exactly what it was. Germany didn’t have any gold and that’s the problem. Some countries have more gold than others and some countries don’t have any. Any country on the gold standard always ends up as a plutocracy, eventually. The Rothschild Bankers declared war on Germany because Hitler would not accept a loan where it would have to be repaid with interest. That’s the present system the USA and the EU are under: a money debt system; we can never get out of debt because the treasury only prints the principle and not the interest, in other words I loan you $10 and with 10% interest. Now you have to repay me $11. Where do you get the $1 for interest? You have to go to the bank and borrow again. In NS Germany there were interest-free loans, no debt and no inflation. And Germany used the barter system to exchange goods with other countries. The real reason for World War II wasn’t because Mr. Hitler was so bad — it was started because he was to GOOD!

  14. Ray Geiser
    Mar 06, 2015

    I’m sorry, but I forgot to say that using gold or any precious metal allows for that medium of exchange to become a commodity itself. It, also, allows for speculation, something forbidden in NS Germany. Speculation is not work it is money manipulation for one’s own greed. Well, anyway, we have our work cut out — how to tell our people they’ve been taken a thousand times again and again. I saw this Ponzi Scheme nearly 50 years ago and for about 30 years I never paid any federal or state income tax. All legal, of course, and I also knew that I would pay the consequence of my actions some day and I have. There is a better way to live and there is a real purpose in life. America is in a state of devolution but that embryonic bird you see in the pacific northwest isn’t an eagle it’s a phoenix – get it?

  15. Nevets
    Mar 07, 2015

    Hi Barney, I appreciate you explaining the “boston brakes” and the financial stuff. I really enjoy listening or reading what other NF People know. I am sorry if I sounded rude, I was in one of my moods.

    Something like Boston Brakes does sound like it could be happening and it wouldnt suprise me at all.

    Financially speaking I like the metal coin method but the barter Ray mentioned sounds feasable aswell.

    But lets worry about that after the tri color is flying in every NW city and town.

    I also think my voice “sucks”, I hate listening to my recorded voice. Buuuuuuut I think I will make a audio clip and send it in if I can figure out how to do it on my phone. What should I talk about?

  16. Nevets
    Mar 07, 2015

    Oh shit, I just thought how we can get our European comrades to the homeland!!! I believe this could be pulled off in the liberal, tolerant, everyones equal zionist occupied state of washington.

    Ok, in washington state pansy ass faggot queers are allowed to actually get married like they were normal.

    Ok. Bear with me here.

    Uhhhh, ok. To pull this off your going to have to swallow (no pun intended) your pride and act like a sissy foggot queer. So act like your gay and want to marry an amurrican gay in a state where its legal. With everyone in government tripping over themselves to be politicly correct its worth a shot eh? Get here then divorce.. lmfwao..

  17. Barney
    Mar 07, 2015

    Ray Geiser – Some good points there. Nothing I can disagree with.

    My main point though is that the jews have the resources to destroy any kind of “money” by counterfeiting more than the entire economy of a country – unless we use something already plentiful whose face value is no greater than the substance from which it’s made.

    Metals have real value, so apart from barter and helping our neighbours because it’s the right thing to do, any “money” we need should have the same value as it’s scrap value, thereby defeating the jew at source.

    We need to ignore “precious” metals and just use whatever we have. Let the devil’s disciples keep the gold and silver, for now at least.

  18. Gary S
    Mar 07, 2015

    I agree Harold, I get so sick of hearing someone say ” I WOULD come home, but……..” Excuses are easy, accomplishments are difficult.

  19. harpax
    Mar 07, 2015

    I read Amusing Ourselves to Death some years ago, and thought it was very insightful, although you had to listen to a lot of liberal gaff. The author hated Reagan as did anyone liberal when it was published. Boy, they went crazy over him. But the author’s views on Sesame Street were good, in that he said the show really wasn’t about teaching kids to spell or read, but teaching them how to watch television…and getting hefty does of multicult, which the author wouldn’t talk about. Good book, Gretchen.
    Nice to hear from Harold, and I liked hearing his reiteration of the movement.

  20. C
    Mar 08, 2015

    awsnetwork.org New and improved about 2 weeks ago. Friendship and dating for WN’s. It would be nice to see the NWF reaching out to all WN platforms and spreading the good news for recruitment. There is no question that Northwest Migration is the only viable, realistic plan as of to date.

  21. Commissioner Ferris
    Mar 08, 2015

    Anonymous said: “Actually Texas can secede legally.”

    I’m a native born Texan and this idea that Texas (or any state) can “secede” is a myth. The issue was permanently settled at the end of the Civil War, when the US Congress codified into law that no state – under ANY circumstances – would ever be allowed to secede, for “perpetuity”. That means forever. Like in NEVER. Any state that attempts to do so will suffer immediate invasion by US troops. So please abandon the idea that Texas has “a right” to secede. It has no such thing. Instead, it will take an illegal armed insurrection to break free of the US. Knowing that, your (and our) only chance for freedom is to come north and fight for the Pacific Northwest.

  22. Steve the Elder
    Mar 09, 2015

    I realize this is academic, but all states have the right to secede. The declaration of Independence as well as most states joining papers state this clearly. However our Constitution is long dead, and realpolitiks indicates Ferris is correct. As to excuses not to get Home, I tire of them and the weaklings who make them. Organic migrant here, greatly preceding HACs arrival..

  23. Bill Gilbert
    Mar 10, 2015

    Great show, as usual. How’s the ANA thing working out? Any significant increase in listenership for RFN?

  24. Harold
    Mar 10, 2015

    @Bill Gilbert

    Yeah, some uptick in the hits, plus an uptick in idiot heckling posts from the four Goat Dancers, so I can tell THEY’RE worried about it, which is always a good sign.

  25. Pierre
    Mar 10, 2015

  26. ras khafila
    Mar 13, 2015

    For what it’s worth. Re: Barney and the Boston Brakes.Way back
    when Diana was kiiled in an auto accident a Brit, an old engineer,
    came banging on my door, yelling and screaming. The feathemen
    got her.The feathermen killed Diana. Wow! I didn’t know what he was talking about and let it pass. A couple of years later I came across book entitled The Feathermen, took it home and read it.
    Yes indeed, some years back the Brits did have away of controlling
    cars being driven on roads. That was some time ago and I’m sure they have come along way since then. As an aside note: don’t forget
    you guys can find a lot of books about Africa written in the 1850’s
    on the net in Pdf form. It’s possible to read these books from the old
    explorers and compare them to what you see today walking the streets of Europe and the USA. Cheers A European American

  27. Anonympus
    Mar 14, 2015

    I think it SHOULD be the Harold Covington show.

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