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Radio Free Northwest – April 2nd 2015

HAC discourses on this and that and reads a section from A Distant Thunder; Gretchen reviews Povl Riis-Knudsen and we hear from a couple of regular guys.


  1. kerdasi amaq
    Apr 01, 2015

    A really good show, Harold, a really good show. Maybe, it’s my imagination, but it seemed to really speaking to me. Tell that to a psychiatrist; and they would take it as a reason to lock anyone up for having paranoid delusions.
    April 24 2016 is a special date next year as it marks the 100th anniversary of Easter Rising. Maybe you and your closest followers can have a special ceremony to covertly proclaim their NAR, so the NAR can mark the beginning of its existence from that date, that is, if it hasn’t already been done. A neat tribute to the men of 1916. Knock off the original proclamation if necessary.
    I would also read a second proclamation authorising the government established by the Declaration of Independence of 1776, the Articles of Conferation and the Constitution of the United States, but not the Northwest Ordinance of 178(7 or 9), to govern in trust for the NAR, knock off the original Article 3 of the Irish Constitution, until such time as the said NAR can govern its national territory.
    The so-called Constitution doesn’t exist on its own; it must be read in conjunction with the other three documents that I mentioned.
    The Declaration of Independence must be re-written slightly for modern dumbed-down America, for instance, White must be inserted before men to make it clear to intellectually challenged stupid Americans something they should know without having to be told. “The pursuit of happiness” should be replaced with the right to hold property, and “God, our creator” should be placed in the appropriate place in that clause about unalienable rights. The subclause “ought to be” should also be removed from the two places where it is found and the train of abuses must updated and directed at the Federal(Feral) Government.
    That is the minimum that should be done.
    That’s all for now.

  2. kerdasi amaq
    Apr 01, 2015

    Conferation should, of course, read Confederation.

  3. MikeCee
    Apr 01, 2015

    I know this is a bit off topic, but if there is any doubt on anyone’s mind, here is a link from the United Nations…it is entitled U.N. Replacement Migration (pretty obvious title) http://www.un.org/en/development/desa/population/publications/ageing/replacement-migration.shtml.

  4. MikeCee
    Apr 01, 2015

    Almost forgot. Happy Confederate Heritage Month to all. April is CONFEDERATE HERITAGE MONTH. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confederate_History_Month.

  5. Kat
    Apr 01, 2015

    As difficult as it would be to do all that reading, and time-consuming, I think audio books of the Northwest novels would be a really great tool for the independence movement. If you’re going to start with one of the First Three, may I suggest A Mighty Fortress?

  6. Nevets
    Apr 01, 2015

    Current events are getting interesting…
    Especially in the middle east…
    One interesting point from the Northwest Independence Trilogy is that Zog is at war or was at war with Iran and a Clinton was in the white house…

    Interesting indeed.

  7. Nevets
    Apr 01, 2015

    Freedom’s Sons received! Thank you Harold! My son is going to be very happy thanks to you!

    My son is self teaching himself German aswell! I am unbelievably proud.

  8. Agraryan
    Apr 02, 2015

    I do agree with Kat completely. Even David Duke read his ‘My Awakening’ from cover to cover for an audio version. It works.

  9. DOC
    Apr 02, 2015

    Excellent show HAC. I will be re-listening to this PODCAST again.

    I’ll throw the following idea out there for something to chew on.

    Perhaps, we People of the White Race or Aryan Race, should think of our White Race or Aryan Race(sometimes known as the Indo-Europoid or Europoid Race or Caucasoid Race, etc.) as our largest and most genetically extended family regardless that some of us are of various pedigrees like German or Polish or Greek or Irish or Latvian descent, etc., etc..

    Perhaps, just maybe we place more emphasis on our White or Aryan Race in a proportionately more racial or clinical or anthropological category and at the same time we all too often ignore our White or Aryan Race as a very large extended super family based on our shared common White or Aryan or Europoid genetic and cultural history and heritage. The idea of our extended White Family or our extended Aryan Family does have a less clinical description and has a more spiritual, more nurturing and a more cultural self identification than the very clinical and almost antiseptic scientific laboratory anthropological identification or terms of our White Race or Aryan Race.

    Perhaps we White or Aryan People should think in terms of our genetically extended White or Aryan Race as our very ancient extended super family or our very ancient extended White Family or very ancient extended Aryan Family based on our “familiar” and shared common genetic and cultural history and heritage.

    Moving to the Homeland in the Pacific Northwest to live and to work with your extended White Family or your extended Aryan Family has an appeal based on the very “familiar” and shared ancient common genetic or racial and cultural history and heritage of your extended White Family or extended Aryan Family. Not to be warm and fuzzy all over but instead to be less clinical and more defined as a “family” and a very ancient extended family or extended mega or super family.

    Of course there is nothing wrong with the terms White Race or Aryan Race, although the terms extended White Family or extended Aryan Family does give a notion or thought of a very ancient extended family or a very ancient super or mega tribal family heritage and history.

    Of course, Negroids, Mongoloids, Turco-mongoloids, Siberian Amerindians(including Mexicans, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Mestizos, etc.) South Asians, Arabs and Jew Kikes, etc., etc. are not members of our White Aryan “Family” and should never be tolerated and should never be permitted to exist in any White Aryan Family Homeland.

  10. Ray Geiser
    Apr 04, 2015

    If White People had a country of our own this wouldn’t be happening.

  11. Grumpy Old Geezer
    Apr 04, 2015

    2 days ago

    As difficult as it would be to do all that reading, and time-consuming, I think audio books of the Northwest novels would be a really great tool for the independence movement. If you’re going to start with one of the First Three, may I suggest A Mighty Fortress?
    Kat, I recently finished Ian Kershaw’s two volume work on Adolf Hitler, adding up to over 900 pages. Also, in the mean time reading books on history, fiction and language totaling another 700 or so pages. This is at one time and then I start something new when I finish. Takes me about a month to get through the books I’m reading at the moment at get new ones.

    So, really, just read ’em. Harold’s books are very good but hardly the most lengthy or highest reading level books you can find. I read “Freedom’s Sons” in three days (damn good too!).

  12. Steve the Elder
    Apr 04, 2015

    White People HAD countries of our own and in spite of that incredible inheritance, sold their birthright for a bowl of stinky multicultural jewish soup

  13. Latmijbinnen
    Apr 05, 2015

    Great broadcast, as usual.

    Could someone please inform me about the title and the artist of the closing song? It’s amazing.

  14. Harold
    Apr 05, 2015


    It is the closing theme to the movie “Red Lights”.

  15. Bill Gilbert
    Apr 06, 2015

    Maybe you can read a segment from your novels on every RFN every week.

  16. Old NA Guy
    Apr 06, 2015

    Definitely up to Piercian standards, Harold. Keep it up.

  17. Kenny Lane
    Apr 06, 2015

    Speaking of songs, Arland Brand’s song “White Man” that was played on this podcast so far is the best one of his I’ve heard yet. You are truly a song writing genius Arland, keep it up!

  18. Latmijbinnen
    Apr 06, 2015

    Thanks for the title. Also, indeed Arland Brand’s song was great as well.

  19. O.C. Oglevy
    Apr 07, 2015

    I have been listening for about 6 months and have almost all podcasts saved from August 2014 till now, and all of 2010. This was a very good. I have taken to immediately seeking out info on Gretchen’s literature and was captivated by the excerpt from Distant Thunder. I have had tears come to my eyes while reading the Northwest Novels, and specifically, I cannot stop from tearing up when I think of Trudy Greiner’s letter in conjunction with her walking across the border at the beginning and end of Hill of the Ravens. I can’t come home yet(yes, I know what you will say HAC), but your encouragement of promoting the slogan “If white people had a country of their own this would not be happening” hit home from me. With your permission, I will be distributing flyers with the message along with the tricolor and the party URL. Thanks for all you do HAC. I need to take the next step and contact you with an address, and will continue to take the steps necessary to come home. In the meantime, know that you have my full moral support(for whatever that is worth) and I will do what I can where I am – with full knowledge that my efforts will be amplified in the homeland. Hail victory! Michael.

  20. Agraryan
    Apr 07, 2015

    As for the audiobooks (again) I do not think Harold should necessarily read them if he has no time at all for that. Maybe somebody with the skills and the know-how could do the job. Just like people regularly volunteer at librivox.org. Something like that. Maybe a couple could impersonate masculine and feminine characters in the same novel.

    Just an idea.

  21. Barney
    Apr 07, 2015

    DOC – I don’t like to criticise a fellow White Man, but you do like to use a lot of words, and your message, whatever it may be, is buried under a mountain of (my words) “This or this or perhaps that, possibly something else, sometimes known as … or then again …”

    We’ve all got our own style, but if it was me, I’d have said all that once and then reverted to the generic “White” as understood by everyone here rather than endlessly repeating the same long string of words.

    Within reason, the fewer words we use, the clearer our message becomes.

    Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your underlying message, but you seem to be suggesing that we should re-classify the lighter non-Whites, such as those from India perhaps, as our racial brethren.

    NO! That would amount to racial suicide.

    IF that’s what you’re saying, you’ve obviously never lived among them, as I have.

    They may LOOK more like us, but just like the nigger, their savage behaviour and sense of entitlement are hardly any different to that of any other wild ape.

    One final point. Our new country is to be for WHITE people ONLY. As soon as we start widening the definition of what constitutes “White”, we may as well roll over and die in zog’s Amurrica.

    It may be tempting to think we can boost our numbers by recruiting muds to the NVA when it comes into being, but the inferior races are NOT like us. They don’t think like us, they don’t share our high moral standards, and we’d better not turn our backs on them if we want to go on living.

    (Please overlook any typos. My eyes aren’t working very well today.)

  22. DOC
    Apr 07, 2015

    @ Barney,

    Yep, Barney you are a prime reason why I posted the previous comment that I posted last week. It is not easy to flush out and forcefully remove all of that toxic Jew brainwashing and indoctrinated disinformation and Jew Lies from our White minds, but we must continue deprogramming ourselves non-stop, everyday if necessary, until all of our White minds are cleansed and free from the Jew filth.

    Barney, you have completely misread and or misunderstood my comment.

    A teacher once told a class that repetition is the best tool to teach all students because repetition is just like using a sledge hammer to repeatedly hammer an idea home again and again and again and yes again and then some until that idea or information permanently sinks in and is permanently superimposed on that student’s brain.

    Unfortunately, the enemies against our White Race have been using their own sledge hammers to brainwash, to subvert, to indoctrinate, to mind control and to thought control the brains and minds of most White People beginning in the public elementary schools and continuing on a daily basis 24/7 by using the Jew controlled and manipulated mass media brainwashing, indoctrination and mental subversion machine as just another Liberal Progressive Multi-Culturalist Marxist sledge hammer to hammer in their Jew orchestrated and Jew authored disinformation and LIES into the brains and minds of all White People.

    My purpose to post the previous comment last week is to suggest that perhaps we White People do not place enough emphasis on our White or Aryan Race as our largest and most extended “Family” that should be protected, defended, nurtured and grown or propagated by any and all means necessary for the survival and preservation of our White Race.

    Barney, ask yourself this question. What is race really all about and what does the word race really mean? For us White People, I suggest that the word race is really a word that describes your extended White or Aryan “Family” based on all of our shared common White or Aryan genetic or racial and cultural history and heritage during the last several thousand years.

    We White People are much more than just a race of White or Aryan People. We are a very ancient extended White or Aryan Family. And we are still a huge extended White Family of at least several hundred million pure White People or possibly more. One billion? Maybe we are slightly less than one billion pure White People scattered around the globe.

    And of course physically moving to the White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest States, to live and to work with your extended White or Aryan Family in the Pacific Northwest White Family Homeland is the very first step to insure the survival and preservation of our White Race as in the 14 words, but you already know this and that’s why the sledge hammer needs to be used on our White minds again and again, especially to cleanse, to permanently remove and to deprogram the Jew BS from our White minds.

    We are much more than the White Race. We are a huge extended White Family.

    Barney, you must have missed or not read the very last paragraph listing the South Asians along with the other Non-Whites who should never be tolerated and who should never be permitted to exist in any White Aryan Family Homeland or Nation such as the future Northwest White or Aryan American Republic in the Pacific Northwest.

    South Asians are Indians or Indo-Dravidians and are dark skinned people who evolved in the hot tropical latitudes during the last Pleistocene Ice Age and those South Asian Indians are not genetically related to White People.

    And those South Asians or Indians, already have their own homeland that they inhabit that is known as India or the Indian subcontinent.

    The ancient Aryan White Tribes who migrated to India are long gone and do not exist as a distinct people, but millions of other Aryans who remained back home in the old country in South Russia migrated west to Europe to become what we White Aryan People are today in Europe, North America, Australia and the few surviving White People in South Africa who are being brutally genocided in South Africa by millions of niggers at this moment as a result of the end of White separation from niggers in South Africa.

    So Indian or South Asian Indian Towel Heads or Rag Heads are not White People and are therefore not welcome to exist in any of our extended White Family Homelands including the future NAR in the Pacific Northwest.

    And remember, the Russians and other Slav East Europeans and many Germans had their fill of almost 500 years of racial diversity and cultural diversity kicked in their faces when the Genghiz Khanite Mongols invaded and conquered Russia and other parts of Eastern Europe which was followed by more than 300 years of routine Mongol slave raids to sell Russian Slavs and other East European Slavs into slavery at the slave auctions in Turkey and in the other Turkic and Arab countries in the Middle East and North Africa during the 300+ years known as the “Mongol Yoke” in Eastern Europe. So common were Slavs captured and sold as slaves by the Mongols and Ottoman Turks, that the word describing White People who are ethnic Slavs became known as the word to describe a “slave”.

    Unfortunately, we White People are being invaded, subjugated, controlled and enslaved again by the current tens of millions of Non-White Multi-Diversity and Multi-Culturalist Marxist Third World Mestizo Spic Beaner, Negroid Ape, South Asian Indian Towel Head, Arab Rag Head and Chinese Slant Eyed Hordes of Black, Brown and Yellow Mud people led, supervised and controlled by their Jew Kike handlers accompanied by a few White Race Traitors who will sell their own White mother’s down the river to the highest bidders(meaning tens of millions of Third World Mud People illegal alien Invader Insurgent Multi-Culturalist Socialist/Communist/Marxist Voters) to acquire political power, money and wealth.

    But we all know how to punish all brands of traitors. The justified punishment that was served and carried out to the two Jew Kike Traitors named Ethel Rosenberg and Julius Rosenberg can be repeated many times, again and again, as long as the will to do so is there.

  23. Harold
    Apr 08, 2015

    @Barney and Doc

    Okay, I’ve posted you both so you can’t scream and holler that I am “censoring” you or “denying your right of free speech.” Now knock it off or take it to Stormfront.

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