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A New Idaho Settler Writes

Dear Harold:

I apologize for not responding to your last letter sooner. I’ve been quite lazy lately, but I am getting my act together. Feel free to share my contact info with any trustworthy folks in my area. I have a feeling this is going to be a good year, the year of the Fourteen Words, get it?

On a semi-related topic, I might have family begin to move up here soon. Although they are not interested in any political aspects of migration, they are at least understanding of the reasoning behind it. Even my older sibling, who had nothing but horrible things to say about the Northwest Front, is now looking forward to his own migration. I only bring this up this family stuff because it demonstrates the power of being the one to go first, just like you said.

I’ve been trying to get on a  credible individual basis with people and I’m surprised that there is already a decent understanding of the problem, at least with the folks I’ve encountered. Even this eleven-year-old girl told me that all of the bullies at her school are Hispanic, without me ever bringing up anything even remotely racial. One thing I like to bring up in conversations with humanitarian types is the point that we won’t ever be able to help the rest of the world if we can’t help ourselves first. Most people seem to get it when someone in person logically breaks it down for them.

I look forward to meeting other like-minded people in the near future. Good luck to us all and to you, Harold.

Phil in Idaho