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Religion Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Hi, guys:

Okay, here’s the scoop. Some of my choices for Radio Free Northwest and Northwest Observer now have both Christians and anti-Christians screaming at me. The pros don’t like my publishing Revilo Oliver and Katrina Vanderpool, and the antis don’t like me running clips from Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Coughlin.

That hasn’t happened for a while. The Christians attacked me for The Hill of The Ravens, which they said was too pro-pagan, and the anti-Christians attacked me for A Distant Thunder, which they claimed was too pro-Christian, but after that everybody seems to have gotten caught up in the Northwest Mythos and it settled down. I was expecting some flak over the character of Danny Tolliver in Freedom’s Sons, but it didn’t happen. Yet.

This is often the way it happens—they’re not screaming so much because of what I myself say or write, as they are because I have dared—DARED, SUH!!!—to publish something written by someone else which contains either adverse or favorable comments about Christianity. As is so often the case with religion, it’s not about promoting a particular theology or point of view but about silencing those who disagree and demanding that others do the same.

This is the basic problem I have with Christians: other than the actual preachers who are sex-and-money-mad hypocrites, they are almost all good and decent people personally—but they cannot be trusted with political power because if they get it, before you know it they are forcing everyone to follow their religious beliefs (closing businesses on Sunday, etc.) and forcing women to wear scarlet letters, burning people at the stake, so forth and so on.

The problem I have with anti-Christians is that many of them don’t really seem to be racial at all—they’re just Jesus-haters, and a lot of them seem to be slightly off their chump. This probably has to do with their parents making them stop playing or watching cartoons on Sunday mornings, put on scratchy clothes and hard shoes, and go to church week after week where they were bored to bloody tears, or maybe (as in my case) losing a young love to Jebus, but for whatever reason, they’re not about uplifting the White race, they’re about destroying Christianity.

Anyway, I’m going to dig up my one official commentary on the subject from the novels (A Mighty Fortress) and re-run it, maybe on Thoughtcrime where we can have an official scream session. I find it’s a good idea once every eighteen months or so to let the two extremes bellow insults at one another for a week or ten days or so. Clears the air.