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Should We Revive The E-Mail Contact List?

Hi, guys:

Okay, question: should we revive the old e-mail contact list? 

Some of you may remember what I’m talking about, the list where people all over the country and indeed as far as the U.K. and New Zealand voluntarily published their e-mails as potential contacts for local meetings and local support from other White Nationalists? Should we bring it back? Especially in view of the Edward Snowden revelations? 

The purpose was essentially to alleviate the phenomenon of the lone White Nationalist who is sitting all by himself and completely isolated from (White, non-liberal) human contact in some rural small town, or some crappy furnished apartment in one of Amurrica’s appalling cities. The idea was to begin to form cells and support groups of real people, off-internet, for Northwest Migration.

We ran this list, frequently updated, for about three years, and I do know that some people used it to have productive meets with other White comrades, so some good did come of it. I also know there were a lot of gamers on the list who wanted their addy on there just to see what kind of funny e-mails they’d get, and who never responded to initial inquiries or actually attended a meeting, or in some cases blew off meetings they themselves had set up.

Then about two years ago, the Movement inevitable happened. A couple of assholes started abusing the e-mail contact list in ways I won’t get into, and we had to drop it, because the wrong kind of people were being attracted. We had instances where some of the contactees were indiscreet, they let their guard down, they let certain other people know where they live, and strange people (in every sense of the term) started showing up on their doorstep. Plus there were a couple of other incidents that made my spidey sense tingle; one briefly listed contact was later revealed in the media to be a wire-wearing FBI informer, and another man—well, to this day I’m not absolutely sure about him, but if you look up “bad vibes” in the dictionary, you will find this guy’s picture.

Look, I will grant you, the risk is not small, and only about three percent of the NF’s total contact list ever took us up on it. Then, as now, most of our people were simply too “security conscious” or else too raving paranoid, depending on how you look at it. Risk-takers of any kind are very thin on the ground here in our wee little Movement. 

On the other hand, since then and more and more in recent months, as the NF’s audience widens on the Net, I am being pelted with e-mails, most of whom I know are totally legit, from White people who are screaming, insofar as you can scream on a computer, for someone local in their area to just meet with them and let them see a friendly White face. One of the worst problems we face is the chasmic loneliness of being the only one-eyed man (or woman) in the country of the blind, the crushing sense of isolation that makes us eventually doubt our own sanity.

“Hey, if everybody else around me says that black is white and up is down and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, maybe it is me who’s out of step. Maybe the liberals really are right, and all of this is in my imagination. Maybe the real world really is on television and not out here. Maybe I really am crazy and I need professional help. Maybe Arianna Huffington and Chris Mathews and Jon Stewart really do speak with the Voice of God.” 

Right now I’ve got a kid in Michigan and a middle-aged (I think) man in San Francisco and a woman (I think) in Southern California and intermittent other people literally sobbing on their knees at my cyber-doorstep, begging and pleading for someone who will just meet with them in a McDonald’s, so that for a few hours they can talk and say nigger to another human being.

Plus, as the NF grows (and it is growing) this could potentially be a valuable tool to work people into the migration idea, so long as we can keep the dysfunctionals and the Goat Dancers away. (Always that proviso in our wee little Movement.)

Comments? Suggestions?