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GUBU Comes To The National Alliance

Hi, guys:

I’m not going to comment on Heather Gliebe’s recent TMZ.com-like outbursts on the internet, nor will I take any satisfaction in seeing the Space Madness engulf the shattered remains of the National Alliance. Bird-brained yammerheads to the contrary, I really did have a profound respect and admiration for Dr. Pierce, and it shames and revolts me to see his genuine legacy (not the residue of boodle and real estate the buzzards are fighting over) profaned and contaminated by registered sex offenders and multiple sluts.

(Mrs. Gliebe isn’t the only one; I got an earful from Suzanne Flynn back in ’02 and ’03 as well as Bill White’s light-0′-love Erica Hoesch, who was also ex-NA, not one word of which I ever repeated, nor will I ever repeat. However, my understanding is that they’re waiting in the wings.) I believe Rodney Martin and Jim Ring are correct when they say this is some kind of co-ordinated campaign to undermine any serious attempt to revive the NA, manipulated by the Little Man Behind The Curtain.

I have to say, though, that I find it gently ironic that some of the same people who have spent decades vilifying and abusing me, and doing their best to poison the atmosphere around my name and make it impossible for me to function politically, are now having their own tactics turned on them. What goes around, comes around, dewds.

As I of all people can tell you, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned with internet access.” Enjoy, guys!