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Proposed Official Motto For Northwest Front

Hi, guys:

One of the things I need to get done before the publication of the Fifth Edition handbook is the creation of an official seal or emblem for the Northwest Front itself as a party. We have one that a supporter made for us several years ago, but several people aren’t quite happy with it, including myself, since our territorial aspirations may change like they did before when we had to add Montana and if that happens, we will be stuck with a lot of invalid art work.

Not the fictional NVA (done that, on The Brigade cover.) Not for the at present equally fictional Northwest Republic (done that, back cover of the Fourth Edition White Book), but for the NF itself.

As part of that new seal or insignia, it has been suggested that we need an official motto. Not Ex Gladio Libertas; the NVA already has that one and the NVA is fiction, for now. The consensus of opinion so far seems to be:

*No Latin, German, Irish Gaelic, or anything else obscure and foreign that we will have to stop and explain to Amurrican dumb-asses. No acronyms like O.R.I.O.N.

*Nothing sectarian, either Christian or National Socialist or pagan or conservative.

*Something simple and punchy, easily remembered and understood,  but not corny or hackneyed with overuse until it’s become meaningless, like the term “White Power” or “14/88”. Besides, the “88” is sectarian.

The Fourteen Words themselves are too long a phrase for a seal or emblem. I personally like “Our Race Is Our Nation”, but as several of you pointed out, that’s five words, and a slogan of even five words crowds a seal (Ex Gladio Libertas is only three words) and it can get gooed up and gunked up in the typical Amurrican skull full of mush. Yes, some of our racial brothers and sisters can recite baseball stats and soap opera plots from 20 years ago, but they really can’t remember five political and racial words in succession without jumbling them. Their minds resist thinking about such things, as they have been conditioned to do.

The Proposed Motto

A proposal has been made, although not by me. Although this thought did occur to me, I didn’t want to appear to be imposing my own weird ideas in an issue of this importance, since we’re sloganeering for the ages here.  I won’t say who proposed it, because I know this Induhvidual only by internet, and until I know him in person we don’t want any GUBU surprises surfacing.

The proposal is this: the English translation of the Irish words “Sinn Fein” is Ourselves Alone. Why not adopt the two-word English slogan “Ourselves Alone” as the Northwest Front’s official motto?

Simple. Two words instead of five, and with what passes for White mentalities these days, that can make a hell of a difference. Not obviously foreign. Easy to understand even for American skulls full of mush. Proven track record of success, Sinn Fein in Ireland having defeated a major Western liberal democracy once and fought it to a bloody draw on the re-match, leaving the British 0 for 2.

I am sure somewhere on this site there is some way to set up a poll, but I don’t know enough about WordPress to do so, so you can vote here. Any e-mails containing comments and “votes” sent to me directly at nwnet@earthlink.net will be transferred here so we can look at all the results together.



  1. Mike Cee
    Dec 26, 2013

    I like “Sinn Fein” or “Ourselves Alone”, as an alternate how about “By Us, For Us?”

  2. Elizabeth
    Dec 27, 2013

    I like it.

  3. Art L.
    Dec 27, 2013

    With all due respect to the creator, I don’t like “ourselves alone”, it sounds to me like something a leper colony would use. Or kids in a punishment room. It’s almost negative. So, what about:

    “our race – our nation”

    A little simpler form than our race is our nation, yet bold and positive, exciting, and easy to remember.

    Regards, Art

  4. Ragnar from Sweden
    Dec 27, 2013


    Why not simply “White Freedom”?


  5. Anonymous
    Dec 27, 2013

    Mmmm…there would be that little rough edge of “furrin-ness” to it if people KNOW what it means in advance, i.e. the Irish precedent. As long as you don’t have to stop and explain what Sinn Fein was/is, I think it would do quite nicely.

  6. Mighty Whitey
    Dec 27, 2013

    “OUR RACE is OUR NATION” or Art L’s version

  7. Hank
    Dec 27, 2013

    ‘Alone’ isn’t a good word attached to a white nationalist movement. Its would make the average ‘murrican think of white nationalists and white separatists as toothless inbred hillbilly nazis living in their hillbilly shacks in the mountains. I’m thinking something along the lines of “We Shall Endure” or “Our Race Endures”.

  8. Jesse
    Dec 27, 2013

    Shouldn’t the motto be original? Or at least not used in contemporary times. By Us For Us is just a rearrangement of the black For Us By Us, FUBU.
    Our Race, Our Nation- comes very close to what is needed.

  9. NW Native
    Dec 27, 2013


  10. "Yay"
    Dec 27, 2013

    I think it evokes a connotation of the homogeneous society we-will to create, and at the same time individual self-reliance. I also interpret it as the necessity for selfless-service from the collective whole.

  11. Ishkabibble
    Dec 27, 2013

    Wow, it must be a full moon tonight, because the loons are out in force. This one is a guy who is either Brad Griffin or trying to make me THINK he’s Brad Griffin just to stir some shit. – HAC

  12. FarrenWhyde1
    Dec 27, 2013

    I think that if you use “Ourselves Alone” then it may sap confidence from Protestant supporters who might be worried about a bias favoring Catholicism (with the Irish connection), and National Socialists may suspect deeper ideological commitments to Sinn Fein – that the Party might be crypto-Marxist and maybe even a ZOG cointel op.

    No, I think you should have a motto that is original and your own. I recommend: “Victory Through Excellence” – because it is vital to be constantly mindful of the necessity for Victory, and the only way to achieve this is by pushing ourselves beyond our limitations through excellence of conduct. In my view, these are the most fundamental considerations for development of a tone-setting elite.

    As a motto, “Victory Through Excellence” doesn’t favor any particular sub-group over others – it’s no ‘respecter of persons’, applying to all equally at all times. From our earliest records, it was the ancient Greeks that conceived of ‘excellence’ (Gk: arete) as a major ethical principle. Even present day dumb-asses might make a connection to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and still get a good idea of this principle with their “Be excellent to one another!”

    Hail Victory, Comrades! (-Olivia’s?: it’s a good one).

  13. BoloMK30
    Dec 27, 2013

    My THREE word slogan, that “myself alone” created:


    It’s what we’re after, and there’s no “expiration date” implied. What more could anyone ask?

  14. Dave
    Dec 27, 2013

    “Our Race Is Our Nation” works for me.

  15. Claire De Loon
    Dec 27, 2013

    Hi, Harold. I’m a nutcase who for some bizarre reason thought that you would allow me to hold a cackling, screaming hissy fit on your blog. Why on earth you would allow that, or why I thought you would, is something of a mystery, but then I’m not just a silly wee man altogther, I’m not very bright, either.

  16. Andrew
    Dec 27, 2013

    “Victory Through Excellence” is excellent. It’s the best one so far.

  17. Fri
    Dec 27, 2013

    I really like “Ourselves Alone” best I’ve seen so far.

    It implies separatism, self reliance, and it has sort of an aggressive tint to it, like we’d rather just be left alone with our own kind, but if we are forced to assimilation/integrate we will use violence.

  18. Bryan
    Dec 27, 2013

    I vote White Freedom.

  19. Fri
    Dec 27, 2013


    I do not like “endure” it seems to imply inaction, like we just need to sit it out and wait for better times.. perhaps it is just me.

  20. Bryan
    Dec 27, 2013

    I want to change my vote to; O.R.I.O.N.

  21. Ricardo Rodriquez
    Dec 27, 2013

    My first thought is that we must be truthful, Stick with O.R.I.O.N. — Our Race Is Our Nation, that’s a fact and it’s honest; to the point. Harold, you said that you liked it, so, stay with it, stay with your gut feeling. Note that the RNPA and others use that motto too. I agree with FarrenWhyde. “Ourselves Alone” with its origin could bring animosity to the non-christians, non-marxists, etc. And it’s sounds to exclusive, to elitist for me. Again, stay with “Our Race is Our Nation” and we can’t go wrong.

  22. Gary S.
    Dec 27, 2013

    The only problem I have with “ourselves alone” is that it belongs to someone else even if in another language. But I like the idea of it.

  23. Andy Donner
    Dec 27, 2013

    What ever happened to “Our Race is Our Nation?” It worked well enough for someone in the position I was in (i.e. having given up on Amurrica shortly before finding the Party.) Anyone who truly comprehends what we’re doing (up to and including the point of acquiescing to the method of acquiring the NAR) is going to have dropped their American identity and they’re going to need something to replace it with.

  24. Cityslicker
    Dec 27, 2013

    I like Our race, Our Nation or stick with original Our Race is Our Nation. Why change it?

  25. Hank
    Dec 28, 2013

    Yes, it does seem to imply inaction. When I thought of it, I had in my mind a great Bastion of white culture. A great redoubt for white people to rally around. But this cause needs people of action to be realized. Passive belief will not create a fortress to guard our people or our customs.

  26. Mighty Whitey
    Dec 28, 2013

    Land & kin,…… Blood & Soil…Folk & ??? I GIVE UP. Andy is probably right…. The holidays fried my brain….

  27. FarrenWhyde1
    Dec 28, 2013

    I must admit that I prefer the O.R.I.O.N. formula: Our Race Is Our Nation… Every time I look up at the night sky and see the constellation of Orion (almost every night) I am reminded of it. It simply reminds us of what we are fighting for. It’s shame you have precluded it in your above list. I find it hard to believe that average White Americans would be too stupid to understand it: Americans – on the whole – seem to me (an Englishman) to be intelligent people.

  28. BoloMK30
    Dec 29, 2013

    “Ourselves Alone” sounds like what a kid does when he doesn’t get his way – goes off to pout by himself. “Our Race Is Our Nation” is too long.


    It’s what’s for dinner.

  29. DOC
    Dec 29, 2013

    A motto should hopefully be a reflection of positive national and racial emotions that will be branded or burned into a person’s memory. A dictionary might be helpful. My two cents worth are perhaps: “White Defiance, Our Birthright”. Or “Defiance, Our Race And Heritage”. “Race Forged By Defiance”. “White Nation Of Defiance”. Perhaps looking up adjectives, nouns in the dictionary can lead to some brain blitzing. “White Defiance, Unity, Veracity”.

  30. Maybe?
    Dec 29, 2013

    How about:
    “Ours Alone, United”

  31. Ritchard
    Dec 30, 2013

    How about something simple I’ve heard HAC say often ” Come Home”, maybe “Come Back Home”, or “Come Home Aryans”. Just a thought

  32. Anthony Moore
    Dec 30, 2013

    …we need some thing to remember ,with inspiration , and something we will never again to forget

    Rise countrymen Rise

  33. Mighty Whitey
    Dec 30, 2013

    “For Kith & Kin”? Kith, Kin & Home/Land/Soil/Nation……?
    “Kith, Kin, & Kinder” “KIth Kin (&) Folk”
    I’ve always liked the phrase “Kith & Kin” much better than Friends & Family. It has a good White European ring.

  34. Maybe?
    Dec 30, 2013

    Much longer than two words but…I think it still sounds good together.
    “Ours Alone for Kith & Kin, Countrymen Rise”

  35. Dave From Mississippi
    Dec 30, 2013

    I didn’t know Harold was asking for new slogans, just whether or not to replace the one we have with a specific one, “Ourselves Alone.”

  36. DOC
    Dec 30, 2013

    In addition to a Dictionary, a Thesaurus can also help to locate some appropriate words. “White Resistance( or Defiance), Nemesis Against Slavery” or “White Republic, Nemesis Against( or Over or Opposing or Defeating or Resisting or Avenging or Destroying) Slavery”. Perhaps there are some subjects in Norse Viking Mythology, ancient Celtic Mythology, ancient Germanic Mythology, ancient Roman Mythology or ancient Greek Mythology that can be considered. “Nike” is the ancient Greek Winged Goddess of Victory. Of course for the Romans it is “Victoria”, the Roman Goddess Of Victory in war and victory over death. Of course there is “Nemesis” the ancient Greek Goddess of Inescapable, Relentless and Unmerciful or Merciless Revenge, Punishment and Retribution.

  37. Anthony Moore
    Dec 30, 2013

    our self alone ….Sounds great

  38. Terry in Florida
    Dec 30, 2013

    One Race-One People United-One Nation

  39. Terry in Florida
    Dec 30, 2013

    Unus Natio nationis – Unus Populus Iunctus – Unus Populus

    One Race-One People United-One Nation

  40. Skiddle De Doo Bop
    Dec 31, 2013

    I’m a raving loon, and for some reason I think Harold is going to approve my posts. The Voices tell me so.

  41. Andy Donner
    Dec 31, 2013

    Some of these are a little too vague to mean much, despite the feeling behind them.

    Also, as nice a ring as “Kith and Kin” has to it (and, as correct as it is,) we’re going to have to avoid that one. It’s already part of a Kinist slogan. As much as a I like Kinists as people, the rest of the White Internet is going to think we’re pushing for a Christian Theocracy if we use it.

    Slogans, in general, need to have a specific point and shouldn’t immediately invoke some sort of wild assumptions or biases (unless they’re generically racist.) The NAR has a specific purpose and the slogan needs to reflect that and ONLY that.

  42. DOC
    Dec 31, 2013

    “White Republic For (With or Of or By) Pax Aryana” or “White Nation For (With or Of or By) Pax Aryana” or simply “White Republic, Pax Aryana” or “White Nation( or Nationhood), Pax Aryana”. Everyone, please keep the coffee brewing! Caffeine will lead us to Victory!!! We are all suffering from Obamabubonic multi-cultural multi-racial marxist mongrel plague burnout in the last and final hours of 2013 Ammuuuurriiiicaaaa.

  43. DOC
    Dec 31, 2013

    What ever motto or slogan that is adapted to the Northwest Front, it should probably be something to entice or attract a person to move to the Northwest Homeland. “Our Race( or One Race or White Race), Freedom Of Unity( or Freedom Of Association)” or “Republic, Freedom Of White Unity( or Freedom Of White Association)”. Need to think motivation.

  44. V. C. Oldenborger
    Dec 31, 2013

    I like “Ourselves Alone,” although I seem to be in something of a minority.

  45. Roy
    Jan 06, 2014

    What is the message that the Northwest Front wants to convey?; the establishment of a new nation for White people where they will find Liberty from tyranny, poverty, racial violence, etc. and a place where they will advance, develop and grow, both personally and as a people/nation; ‘Liberty and Progress’. Must say though, Our Race is Our Nation is direct and to the point.

  46. Easson of Ayrshire
    Jan 08, 2014

    “Our Truth is Marching On”

  47. Mike Cee
    Jan 08, 2014

    How about back to the basics “Come Home or Home Sweet Home?” Short, simple, to the point, and no drama.

  48. Jeff
    Jan 09, 2014

    If someone can’t understand three simple words – Ex Gladio Libertas – than why do we need them? Keep it simple and powerful.

  49. Jim
    Jan 10, 2014

    IMO we have to capture the idea of national socialism in a motto.

    “Ourselves Alone” is good, but what I perhaps don’t like is that we, the greatest of all races in the world are not alone, we at the very least have destiny on our side, along with Yahweh, Odin, or any other creator figure that our kinsman wish to honor.

    The motto “Our race is our nation” also is not quite ideal for our situation, as it does not really encapsulate separatism. For example, an aryan living in Germany in 50 years time may think that his race is his nation, but for all intents and purposes he/she will be a minority in among a sea of mud.

    With the above said, I came up with the motto “Together Separate”. The together aspect reflects the socialist society, yet the separate aspect removes such socialism from a world wide common socialism, such as communism. The Separate aspect is what it is….we are to be separate from the sea of disorder and mud of the world. It also shows that we have no intention of having imperial desires, as we after all wish to be separate.

    Maybe there are other variants along the same lines, such as “Separate yet Together”, or Together and Separate”, or Separate and Together”.

    Anyway, my two cents worth.


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