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Proposed Official Motto For Northwest Front

Hi, guys:

One of the things I need to get done before the publication of the Fifth Edition handbook is the creation of an official seal or emblem for the Northwest Front itself as a party. We have one that a supporter made for us several years ago, but several people aren’t quite happy with it, including myself, since our territorial aspirations may change like they did before when we had to add Montana and if that happens, we will be stuck with a lot of invalid art work.

Not the fictional NVA (done that, on The Brigade cover.) Not for the at present equally fictional Northwest Republic (done that, back cover of the Fourth Edition White Book), but for the NF itself.

As part of that new seal or insignia, it has been suggested that we need an official motto. Not Ex Gladio Libertas; the NVA already has that one and the NVA is fiction, for now. The consensus of opinion so far seems to be:

*No Latin, German, Irish Gaelic, or anything else obscure and foreign that we will have to stop and explain to Amurrican dumb-asses. No acronyms like O.R.I.O.N.

*Nothing sectarian, either Christian or National Socialist or pagan or conservative.

*Something simple and punchy, easily remembered and understood,  but not corny or hackneyed with overuse until it’s become meaningless, like the term “White Power” or “14/88”. Besides, the “88” is sectarian.

The Fourteen Words themselves are too long a phrase for a seal or emblem. I personally like “Our Race Is Our Nation”, but as several of you pointed out, that’s five words, and a slogan of even five words crowds a seal (Ex Gladio Libertas is only three words) and it can get gooed up and gunked up in the typical Amurrican skull full of mush. Yes, some of our racial brothers and sisters can recite baseball stats and soap opera plots from 20 years ago, but they really can’t remember five political and racial words in succession without jumbling them. Their minds resist thinking about such things, as they have been conditioned to do.

The Proposed Motto

A proposal has been made, although not by me. Although this thought did occur to me, I didn’t want to appear to be imposing my own weird ideas in an issue of this importance, since we’re sloganeering for the ages here.  I won’t say who proposed it, because I know this Induhvidual only by internet, and until I know him in person we don’t want any GUBU surprises surfacing.

The proposal is this: the English translation of the Irish words “Sinn Fein” is Ourselves Alone. Why not adopt the two-word English slogan “Ourselves Alone” as the Northwest Front’s official motto?

Simple. Two words instead of five, and with what passes for White mentalities these days, that can make a hell of a difference. Not obviously foreign. Easy to understand even for American skulls full of mush. Proven track record of success, Sinn Fein in Ireland having defeated a major Western liberal democracy once and fought it to a bloody draw on the re-match, leaving the British 0 for 2.

I am sure somewhere on this site there is some way to set up a poll, but I don’t know enough about WordPress to do so, so you can vote here. Any e-mails containing comments and “votes” sent to me directly at nwnet@earthlink.net will be transferred here so we can look at all the results together.