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Ron Doggett

Will whoever is signing Ron Doggett’s name to comments on this blog please knock it off? Dave Speidel, former and possibly present symbiote and sock poppet for the pedophile and registered sex offender Kevin Alfred Strom,  whines about it on his bird-brained blog every time somebody does it. Now he’s got Ron himself crying about it as well.

Personally, I think it’s Speidel himself who’s doing it, but WTF gives a damn? Anyway if it’s someone besides him, please find some other pseudonym. These loons who think it’s still the 1990s need to disappear, and you’re just encouraging them. We all need to move on; the danger to our race is simply too imminent now, and I am sick to the point of up-chucking of all these silly, childish internet games from That Nineties Show. Thanks.