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Radio Free Northwest – October 3rd 2013

HAC drones on about the Golden Dawn incident and why he plays so much “Fenian music,” Andy and Gretchen respond to comments on the “What Do You Want From RFN” post, and Conor from Australia raps on feminism.


  1. Fri
    Oct 02, 2013

    I do not agree with the claim that Greeks, and I assume in extension all south Europeans are not white, nor I believe does genetics, alla Europeans are very close genetically, in fact Europeans are the most genetically homogeneous race on earth, and admixture is very low to non-existant, the myth that south Europeans are mixed with arabs and black moors is just a myth and disproven with genetics. Certainly some Greeks looks like turks, but it is demograpically the opposite, it is the turkish looking Greeks that are a minority and the white Greeks that are a majority.

    They look pretty white to me. 🙂


  2. Fri
    Oct 02, 2013

    “The Golden Dawn will rule Greece, and through this, they will guide the European race into a new Golden Age. God and the Universe have decreed it, and so must it be.”

  3. Steve the Elder
    Oct 03, 2013

    The ancient Greeks were white/Aryan.. no longer, same as any white nation that has been invaded

  4. Richard B.
    Oct 03, 2013

    Golden Dawn is a strong Nationalist and anti-Communist and anti-immigration movement, true, but you’re right, they’re not an Aryan racial movement. Kind of like Mussolini;s Fascists but brown.

  5. Kevin Hester
    Oct 03, 2013

    I see you finally grasped the racial nettle, Harold. Better you than me LOL

  6. Rosalee Martin
    Oct 03, 2013

    I too like most Greeks I’ve met on a personal level, but MOST of them are indeed a dark-skinned people. I think you hit the nail on the head with the South American analogy.

  7. Anonymous
    Oct 03, 2013


    So are they going to fight now? Will there be an IRA-style insurrection in Greece?

  8. Red Green
    Oct 03, 2013

    You realize, don’t you, Harold, that you have (maybe inadvertently) at long last given the Goat Dancers the stick they can beat you with about how you have betrayed and insulted our glorious “comrades” in the Golden Dawn, dusky-hued and coal-black-haired though they may be? Of course, that puts the idiots in the position of having to defend the proposition that modern Greece is at least predominantly White, which is going to make a lot of people who know Greeks scratch their heads. I love it!

  9. Harold
    Oct 03, 2013

    @Red Green

    Yeah, I know, Red. I’ve always tried to avoid the whole “who is White?” thing because it’s pointless and it generates heat rather than light, but events forced my hand and dragged me into it. I had to choose which side I wanted to get the flying shit from, and so I just said to hell with it and told the truth, a truth that everybody pretty much knows but many find inconvenient.

  10. Goliath of Gath
    Oct 03, 2013

    I’m surprised you got sucked into the whole “Who Is White” thing? The Joos have been trying to use that shit for decades to get us spinning our wheels in an utterly unproductive and pointless and endless debate of the how many angels can dance on the head of a pin variety.

  11. Andy Donner
    Oct 03, 2013

    I really took heat online this weekend for daring to point out that current day Greeks aren’t White. I was told I’m supposed to be pro-European and all that good stuff. I got the usual diatribe about southern Europe and how I must think not all of the people there are part of our heritage. Far from it.

    The fact is that we’re for White people, not geographic Europeans just because their countries used to be White. If that were the case, I’d be pro-African because Egypt was a White civilization at one point and I’d all be pro-Asian because White people started out there.

    It seems like the “take back America for White people” crowd has become the “take back Greece for the non-White people” crowd just to avoid the Northwest Imperative.

  12. Harold
    Oct 03, 2013

    @Goliath of Gath

    Yes, I was acutely aware of the danger and I am fully cognizant of the enemy using it as a wedge issue to insure counterproductivity. But like I said, I had no choice. Events supervened.

  13. Mack The Knife
    Oct 03, 2013

    There are some White Greeks, mostly they are a Near Eastern hybrid mix. Golden Dawn probably has both in its ranks, which makes it a fascist and not a racial movement.

  14. Fri
    Oct 03, 2013

    “So are they going to fight now? Will there be an IRA-style insurrection in Greece?”
    -I hope not, you do not do that until you are left with no choice, first you grow, gain support, organize, get money. Once the kulturmarxist state gets afraid and bans you, then you start to fight.
    I think this will backfire on the Greek PC goverment and make Golden Dawn even more popular.

  15. Brian
    Oct 03, 2013

    I don’t expect you guys to publish this. It comes from a place of good intention. There is a tendency in the Nationalist movement to have a “my way or the highway attitude”. It is the essential reason we have so much division and infighting. I would hate to hear that trickle into these wonderful programs. It is much better to avoid dissention (Greeks aren’t White for example) and instead project positivity and gently promote your point of view. Helping people to arrive at the point of view you want, while making them feel it is their own idea. That is effective propaganda! Berating and cajoling will only turn off the listener. You must remember, most of your listeners are non lemmings. They don’t like “the system” telling them what to do and they will be resistant if you are perceived to be doing the same. God bless.

  16. CI Gal
    Oct 04, 2013

    There are some Greeks who would pass the “blood in the face” test, but the majority not.

  17. […] my recent entries on Ancient Greece, “Were the Greeks blond and blue-eyed?” On today’s Radio Free Northwest podcast Harold Covington said: “These Golden-Dawn guys aren’t actually white” and that they “mostly […]

  18. Cesar Tort
    Oct 04, 2013

    See how I have just responded to Covington’s critics on the subject of this podcast (here).

  19. Anonymous
    Oct 04, 2013

    Damn, Harold, you’re usually so good at avoiding these imbecile minefields that the Jew use to get us all shouting at one another and ripping our own guts out and eating one another like mice in too small a crowded cage! How many of these people will now start using, “Oh, Harold says the Greeks aren’t White, therefore I cannot possibly support him!” as the excuse for their own laziness and cowardice and not doing a damned thing to help the NF now? They need an excuse other than the fact that they’re chickenshit, and now you’ve given them one. Shame on you!

  20. The Cheshire Cat
    Oct 04, 2013

    The GD are kindred spirits, yes, but white racial brothers, no.

  21. Harold
    Oct 04, 2013


    I say again, I was backed into a corner where I had to say something, if only to point out Golden Dawn as an example of where following democracy and democratic rules gets us.

    If I had yelled “Yaaaaay! Golden Dawn! Golden Dawn! Sis-boom-bah!” I would have had equally as many InterNuts yapping and nipping at my heels pointing out their largely mestizo coloring and swearing that nobody whose name ends in a vowel can be a White man, which is the other extreme.

    So I just said what I think the majority of us know in our hearts to be true, but which we don’t say because we’re all so desperate for some kind of foreign country and people to do what we don’t have the balls to do and come down from the sky and save us all.

    I used to feel the same way about South Africa and Rhodesia that some of “our” little group of hysterics feel about Golden Dawn, only there were actual functioning White states there. It was only when I got there that I could get close enough to see the flaws.

    We Americans will do, say, or think ANYTHING not to have to put our asses on the line right here, in our own country, and go up against our own tyrants and their muscle men.

  22. Cesar Tort
    Oct 04, 2013

    There’s no shame in telling the brutal truth about a Southern Europe that has been miscegenating for centuries. I’ve myself lived there and my own genes come from there.

    I urge those readers who are tearing their garments to read also the ongoing series “Were the ancient Greeks blond and blue-eyed?” starting: here.

    In the following days I’ll add twenty more short entries proving that, unlike modern Greeks, ancient Greeks were indeed Indo-European (“Aryan”).

  23. Andy Donner
    Oct 04, 2013

    I see that, once again, people deliberately missed the point in bringing up the (lack of) Whiteness in the Golden Dawn ranks. It has nothing to do with arguing who is White and who isn’t. The point is this: Those among us who don’t have the ability to look at a picture of half-Turks and tell they’re not White weren’t ever going to amount to anything on behalf of the White race.

    We’re not criticizing Golden Dawn – we’re criticizing you. It’s silly to deny that there are people of Latin (i.e. countries in Europe who speak Latin languages) descent who are quite White and you all know for a fact the Party isn’t trying to cut off a large part of our racial tradition, especially since the Latin and Mediterranean portions of (then White) Europe had some of the best political and cultural identifiers of Whiteness to match their skin (at the time).

    As a very large, but very fair, generalization, the Party is regularly told we don’t make ourselves clear enough or hold people by the hand through a process. When we do exactly as you request, we get an absolute train wreck of opposition from the more sensitive among us who don’t like the result.

    I said it on this RFN episode and I’ll say it again: It’s easier for everyone involved if you’re willing to do your own self-examination since having it done over the airwaves (or wires, nowadays) results in grown men crying in a fetal position because their feelings got hurt.

    If you don’t like the rough talk and uncomfortable dialogue, then grow up so the “mean and negative” stuff doesn’t apply to you anymore.

  24. Walter White From Breaking Bad
    Oct 04, 2013

    This whole Greek thing is nothing but a teapot tempest, since as HAC had pointed out, it’s nothing but internet. We’re all howling at one another in a vaccuum.

  25. Kenny Lane
    Oct 04, 2013

    Excellent job Conner from down under! Keep em comin!

  26. Harold
    Oct 04, 2013

    @Walter White

    Like I said, we’re mice confined in too small a space. I have worked in real-world Movement groups where something was actually HAPPENING and the difference is like night and day. During Operation Skokie and Greensboro we didn’t have this kind of self-absorbed navel-gazing or pin-dancing flapdoodle. That’s why I’m so desperate to break out of the bubble.

  27. Harold
    Oct 04, 2013

    @Andy Donner

    Whiteboys don’t handle uncomfortable truth well.

    In point of fact, I repeat, I wish the Golden Dawn all the best. Greece is their country and it’s up to them to save it, if they can find the courage and the will to do so. But Greece is simply not a White country anymore, albeit I concede freely that they have some White inhabitants and no doubt a few blue and green eyes. Hell, I get in all kinds of trouble for saying that I consider Argentina and Chile to be more-or-less White countries, so it’s not like I’m some kind of puritanical Nordicist. Nor do I have a problem with Italians, although there are some Sicilians who would be mulattos in anybody’s book. The situation in Greece has just gone too far. Those goddamned Turks were there for almost six hundred years and the last of them weren’t driven out of what is now Greek territory until the Second Balkan War of 1913.

  28. heretic
    Oct 04, 2013

    OK on Section 2, I haven’t taken any political science courses so I request some clarification on these:

    2.IV. Is there something called a “citizenship roll” that isn’t in my vocabulary or is that supposed to be “role”?

    2.xvi. What does “constant session” mean? Does that mean a handful of neer-do-wells could put through a bill at 2am on a Sunday while the rest of the convention sleeps?

    2.various. Please define “full session” in regards to the Convention.

    Also, do you plan to publicize the supporting communications, and the full list of the men involved, for the basis of the wording of the Constitution for review by the Constitutional committee and future generations?
    (Yes, I am aware of the hypocrisy of asking about that from behind a pseudonym and a darknet email.)
    It seems to me it may have helped America to have some more evidence available to support the spirit of it’s constitution. Or not?

  29. Bryan
    Oct 04, 2013

    Brian is right. We have a great history here of the founders struggle for freedom against tyranny. This is not Greece. And as a reminder, it took seven years for the constitution to be written and agreed upon by the colonists of the new nation.

  30. Big Al
    Oct 04, 2013

    Instead of liberating Greece from both the immigrants and the EU, the Golden Dawn is eager to join the WW2 reparation-racket. That is all I have to know about them.

  31. heathenhank
    Oct 05, 2013

    “[Golden Dawn] don’t have anything to do with us.”

    Harold, here, wrong wrong wrong. You’re views on the Greeks within the European racial paradigm is fine, but we really must understand that GD is so important because it has been the only non-marginal, successful and openly racial-nationalist movement in the Western world since the fall of Nazi Germany.

    Things fall apart first in the periphery. Outposts of the empire are overrun before the barbarians are battering at the gates of Rome. Greece is a backwater to London-Washington-Tel Aviv power elite, but it clearly scares the shit out of them, as seen by the squealing propaganda pieces of the European newspapers. They know that if ever a single example of a Nation that runs on the ethos of “for the blood of the people, for the future of the children,” came to be, the entire facade of totalitarian humanism would rapidly begin to fall.

    We’re kidding ourselves thinking they have “nothing to do with us.” This is a global war for European extinction, from Athens, to Oslo to Seattle. So, is not the first battle of this war more important than any other? We cannot stand aside of the battles of our European brothers today in some hope that we’ll be “saving ourselves” to fight them in our lands in the future.

  32. Whiteguy
    Oct 05, 2013

    What do you think about AIDS? Some of the far right and conspiracy crowd, such as the VNN guys, say that AIDS is a scam, that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS; but others, such as various KKK grouplets, believe in AIDS and call for quarantining AIDS people.

  33. Kenny Lane
    Oct 05, 2013

    Of course modern Greeks are white Aryans! Why do you think they keep producing such magnificent architecture, and art? Why do you think they keep producing such great thinkers the likes of Aristotle, Plato, and Socrates, and military geniuses like Alexander the Great? Oh wait! They haven’t done anything like that in over 2000 years! Damn Harold you’re right again!

  34. 26:00 she nailed it perfectly. This is not entertainment. And, every noble cause needs more input from women. In my case, it’s 10 times more important having a woman involved in Fathers Rights/ Equal parenting. And the same holds true in the White advocacy movement. Also, although this movement is still merely via Internet; most people were completely unaware 5 years ago. So, we’ve made strides. Finally, I agree with Fri. We must broaden our definition inclusive from Portugal to Siberia. Hell, I’ve seen beautiful Solutrean girls from California with golden brown skin. Their physical features are most definitely Euro-Caucasian.

  35. Old Movement Vet
    Oct 05, 2013

    Okay, Harold, here’s the skinny, which those of us like you and me who have been there will recognize:

    One of the first things one notices when one gets into the Movement is the fact that the blonder and more blue-eyed people are, especially the women, the worse race traitors they are and the more cowardly they are. Back in the NSWPP days it was always the darker and more-olive-skinned and black-haired types, Greeks and Italians, who would actually get their butts out into the streets while the pale blue-eyed and light-haired cowards trembled and held back from the physical stuff, “Mr. Peabody” Pierce being a case in point.

    I think for some reason the more advanced racially and genetically White people are, the more they are susceptible to becoming “overcivilized,” i.e. scared shitless of their own shadows and afraid to face down the police and the power structure.

    I find it no coincidence that the olive-skinned Greeks are actually FIGHTING i.e. beating non-Whites and Reds with clubs and knives and shedding their blood, while their pale English and German cousins are simply waddling through the streets tamely and maybe, just maybe, every now and then gently tossing a small rock or two toward a window. The fact is they ARE somewhat lower on the racial evolutionary scale, they have kept their culture and religion intact and their women are still marrying and having babies, and therefore they will ACT wherein us pale specimens will not. Then you get to the Greeks’ Arabs cousins, who are lower racial specimens still but who will actually for real FIGHT.

    We all know this even if we don’t articulate it. This has always shamed and embarrassed the more “pure Aryan” among us. We are deeply ashamed of what we have become, trembling in terror at the rattle of some policeman’s handcuffs, as indeed we should be ashamed. We don’t know how to deal with the fact that in many respects, our olive-skinned and pure-black-haired cousins are “Whiter” than we are.

    Not even sure what side of the discussion this puts me on, but I thought I’d point out what we all know and see if I can get an amen.

  36. Cesar Tort
    Oct 05, 2013

    “We must broaden our definition inclusive from Portugal to Siberia.”

    With all due respect this is nonsense. Some of the Portuguese have nigger blood in their veins, enough to make them non-Aryans. Please read the article, “Portugal and the one-drop rule” (here).

  37. Old Rockwell Man
    Oct 05, 2013

    Commander Rockwell’s assassin, John Patler (Patsalos) was a Greek who ended up killing Rockwell because he was a “blue-eyed devil.” (His words.) A lot of the guys on Randolph Street and Hatemonger Hill had a problem with Patler racially. Very dark olive skin, pure black hair. I’m sorry, whatever they may be like personally, these are not our racial kinsmen.

  38. Anonymous
    Oct 06, 2013

    Since you evidently absolutely must play the Jewish game of “who is White?” (A question answerable only on an indivdual and not national or ethnic basis) I suggest you make sure it stays in the comments section of this one episode of RFN. Don’t talk about it any more on the air; let it die the death naturally here.

  39. Harold
    Oct 06, 2013


    I intend to follow your advice, don’t worry. I was caught off guard by events; normally I wouldn’t have touched the topic with a barge pole.

  40. Lewis Hall
    Oct 06, 2013

    How long are you going to let this run, Harold?

  41. Paul Schulter
    Oct 06, 2013

    You’re right, Americans are so deeply ashamed of their own cowardice that they rush to idolize any foreign movement which seems to have the courage that we lack, overlooking the inconvenient fact that many of these anti-Communist types are not of our race, making them Honorary White Boys in our own minds or whatever. They don’t appreciate being disillusioned by anyone who points out the olive skins and coal-black hair. Remember Matt Koehl’s famous “Cuban Legion”, Harold, or was that after your time?

  42. Fred Burke
    Oct 07, 2013

    The thing is, this “who is White?” question is INSOLUBLE because it is a MATTER OF OPINION not susceptible to factual quantification.

    How olive must the skin be before it goes beyond an individual case and becomes a racial trait? How coal-black the hair, especially in a woman?

    At what point does curly hair, a common White racial trait, become a nappy head? At what point do we finally notice significantly lighter inner fingers and palms and admit to ourselves that it is not a matter of “sun tan?”

    I have my own standards, you have yours. This is entirely subjective and CANNOT be settled definitively. What CAN happen, and I have seen it happen, is for the “discussion” to go on, and on, and on, and on, getting more and more frenzied until the screaming of abuse and insults begins.

    So far it hasn’t gotten quite that bad here, although I suspect that is due to Harold’s tight moderation. Harold, how many posts have you rejected for this thread so far?


  43. Jr
    Oct 07, 2013

    Mr. Covington, it’s just reality that the Whiter you are around Turk/Arab/Paki Muslims, the more anti Islamyou are.

    Higher caste Persians – Shah of Iran, Iranian ex pacs in California, Armenians, Greeks, Serbs, Sonia Ghandi. The secular leader of Syria looks very White. The Russians now should be trusted to take the whiter side.

  44. Quarter Spaniard Whiteman
    Oct 07, 2013

    People can tell what is mestizo and what is olive mediterranian aryan, but it gets tricky considering that some latin americans have racemixed with the mayans and negro blood. An honest man can acknowledge that the aryan race is made of many subraces including the mediteranian races who naturally look different than germanics.

    The issue of Greece isn’t their “whiteness” (they are a aryan subrace to be exact), but that they are their own nation in a land separate from the American situation of european descendants to keep the land their forefathers conquered.

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