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Radio Free Northwest – June 6th 2013

HAC on his “dirty books” and the importance of the Bill White case, Gretchen reviews Bill White’s Tradition of the Mother, Andy on solutions versus non-solutions, and Olivia dishes on White women.


  1. wascatsred
    Jun 05, 2013

    Okay guys, I said this last week and I will say again; trutube.tv. This is a preaching to the choir type of thing but it has a real purpose. essentially truube.tv is a way to speak with those who already know which way is up. In other words we are only dealing with White Nationalist, National Socialist, etc.
    This is the youtube of the White man and we need to make this into the youtube of the NF. Make a channel, post up bright colored icons of the NF and then post videos, pictures, podcasts of RFN.
    Get it done. These are White minded people looking for a answer. We are that answer! Give them the answer, Northwest Front! trutube.tv , lets flood it with NF material! 14.

  2. GTRman
    Jun 05, 2013

    Come to Germany to work and find love, British are told Germany has launched a £120 million drive to entice young workers from Britain to come to the country and work as apprentices by offering generous all-expenses-paid schemes.

    By Rosa Silverman


  3. Stephen
    Jun 05, 2013

    Great comments by Olivia. I could only wish I could articulate the topic so well.

  4. L.A.
    Jun 05, 2013

    The review Gretchen was reading really is a great topic.

    My wife and I decided years ago that she was staying home no matter the sacrifice, We were determined not to allow others to raise our children .

    There truly has been a relentless attack on the Mother sense the beginning of Gods creation,evil always works threw or attacks the most vulnerable and though there is nothing stronger than a women in some senses they are exploited as a vantage point. All is aimed at the destruction of the family unit . Men stopped protecting there women, in the name of political correctness and started teaching there little ones they can be anything they want, without teaching what they should not want to be.
    I believe we must get back to these fundamentals , All is not relative.

  5. John Martorano
    Jun 06, 2013

    I handed out over 100 NF business cards through the neighborhood yesterday, even if it is in Jew York. Let me know if you get any response.

  6. Aryan
    Jun 07, 2013

    @wascatsred: I know that Trutube.tv seems to be only preaching to the choir, however many of the videos there are viewed by a large number of people not necessarily involved in the “movement.” There are many more viewers from all over the world than there are accounts or videos posted, per the Trutube.tv site admin, Mike Delaney. So you are right about using Trutube.tv to help get the word out, with the benefit of knowing that it will not be censored as in the way that JewTube operates. BTW, you may not recognize me here but we are friends on Trutube.tv, ORION Media (CJCC/AN). Hails! 14/88

  7. Terry in Florida
    Jun 07, 2013

    I agree with all the points that Olivia made concerning interracial relationships.

    To expand on a point, not only is a large dose of societally induced self loathing involved, but also the thing of it being the “cool” thing to do. If someone, especially a young person can be made to think something is cool, no matter how ridicules, they will bust a gut to do it. I’ve often said that if you could make young people think that eating dog shit is cool, there wouldn’t be a puppy turd safe anywhere.

    Most people are herd animals even if the herd is disease ridden, and they are kept in the herd by following the herd’s current zeitgeist. We must establish an alternate, healthy zeitgeist.

  8. Terry in Florida
    Jun 07, 2013

    Sorry for the misspelling, I was in a hurry, that is RIDICULOUS, of course.

  9. Another Loony Rant From Reg
    Jun 08, 2013

    I’m really off my meds tonight!

  10. Red Eye
    Jun 08, 2013

    Somebody contact me. I am in, just show and tell me how. I have good info. My family history goes back to Austria, Germany and I and my American based family I are related to you know and I can prove it. We are in the NW. I am a proud white college educated genius (not to brag), is this a proud to be white association.

  11. wascatsred
    Jun 09, 2013

    @ Aryan; I know you komrade! And you are correct. Not every individual on trutube.tv is aware but we are speaking to a larger volume of our volk. We must push the NF everywhere possible ASAP! If we even bring in one soldier, one warrior it’s well worth the little bit of effort of typing on a keyboard. Who knows maybe that individual will be our next 18.
    I digress; All that’s important outside of a physical act which outweighs the importants of our propaganda is deemed necessary.
    We need more “boots on the ground”. ASAP. And trutube is a viable option to deliever either one or a hundred. We must take advantage of what we are given. to operate with in the screen/box world. of the computer. 14!

  12. shane guidry
    Jun 10, 2013

    Does anyone know the name of Olivia’s intro song?

  13. Barney
    Jun 11, 2013

    Red Eye – You say (and I realise you’re not entirely serious in that) “I am a proud white college educated genius“, but your knowledge of the English language leaves something to be desired. I’m not knocking you. You’re very welcome. HAC has recently been emphasising the importance of good English in our propaganda though, and he’s right. The enemy will sieze on any little thing to attempt to discredit us.

    As I used to say in response to semi-literate commercial advertising, “If they can’t even spell, what else can’t they do?“. Bad English doesn’t inspire confidence.

    Perfect English isn’t essential in all things, but it’s an asset.

    You ask whether we’re proud to be members of the Noble White Race, Nature’s finest. I certainly am, and though I’m stuck in zog central, the homo-infested, mud-infested, kike-infested sewer that was once England (and will be again), I’ll fight to my last breath for the fourteen words.

  14. kinsman1of3
    Jan 28, 2014

    wanted to comment on Olivia’s question as to why more and more white women are mix breeding now. It’s mostly the fact that mixing with muds is actually actively being marketed towards white females at an extremely early age. The most important factor though is the primal need of a woman to feel protected and “safe”. (I’m aware of the irony) Society has mutated the image, and rather effectively I might add, of the white male into much less of a man than he should be viewed as. So much so, that I think most white men are actually starting to believe it.

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