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Radio Free Northwest – June 26th 2013

HAC on what should and should not be discussed on here, plus the Edward Snowden melodrama. Olivia on Recovering Whiteness and Lord Lucan rolls out an old conspiratorial classic.


  1. Anonymous
    Jun 27, 2013

    Harold, can we have more comment on the problems caused by dotheads, East Indians, Hindoos and Sikhs, etc.? I live in New Jersey, and they are all over here like cockroaches, worse than Jews.

  2. Charles of Wales
    Jun 27, 2013

    Comrade from Australia, actually!

    I personally love the Irish tunes you play, I don’t know who wouldn’t.

    Sure, I know a lot of the IRA are reds. But whichever side you are on, you know the idea of Irish independence didn’t begin as a commie plot. It’s not an inherently enemy idea. I don’t think there is any problem listening to Irish rebel songs, or anything that captures the spirit of White men resisting.

  3. Anonymous
    Jun 27, 2013

    A friend of mine turned me on to the NF. I am highly impressed and will be in contact for a talk about the Northwest Republic and my own role in it.

  4. George Lint
    Jun 27, 2013

    No Gretchen this week?

  5. Lewis Hall
    Jun 27, 2013

    Hey, Harold,

    You’ve known me for 20-odd (very odd) years and you know my situation: I am totally stuck here in North Carolina until my parents pass on, and with all the crap I have to settle probably for several years after that, by which time I will be way too old and probably just say fuck it, I’ll run out the clock here until the niggers or mestizos kill me. Pathetic, but there it is.

    But if I WAS migrating, I certainly wouldn’t be so stupid as to consider rocking up at the airport and calling somebody to pick me up and put me up in their guest room.

    Is it just me, Harold, or are these kids getting even dumber than we were back in the day?

  6. Dothraki
    Jun 27, 2013

    Great podcast!

    I was thinking about reaching out to more people.. And there is a very simple way of doing that.

    Create a Northwest Front newssite – online. News sites are a great way of attracting people of all creeds and introducing them to NF and NF ideals. And keep them coming back everyday for more news.

    Now you may say : “Newssite? That is preposterous, I cannot afford fancy writers and huge sites costs and such and journalists.”

    But actually online-news sites are very cheap and simple to make and maintain and does not need fancy writers or journalists. In my country Sweden, there are 5 anti-immigrat newssite.

    All have hundreds of thousands of vistors each month, most above 500k. And all are run by 1 or a few private individuals writing articles on their free time without getting paid for it.

    The most “extreme” one a “holocaust denial” site Nationell.nu, gets hundreds of thousands of unique hits every months. Reporting mainly about jews, holocaust and racial issues.

    It is a simple WordPress temple and is run and maintain by a single individual, while at the same time he is running the site he studies one of the hardest subjects in Swedish university, the site is hosted on a server in USA for an irrelevant sum.

    All you need is one or a few tekkies to set the newssite up, which should be very simple, using a clean good looking wordpress template perhaps like this site has.

    Then you need a few volunteers to write the news articles from a NF perspective, and I am not talking about writing huge news articles, only basically summerizing what another articles says from an NF perspective.

    For example some jewish newspaper might report that 50%+ of israeli jews view black refugees as a cancer(true).. And the writer would just summerize that and add how hypocritical it for a jew to say that when the same jewish that support Israel rants about how good interracial marriage is in USA.

    And a “suggestion” box where readers can send linsk to interesting news.

    And so forth, and update the site with perhaps 3-5 news articles a day. With everything from conservative news like “millions march against gay marriage in France” to racial and jewish related news. And every week when a new podcast is release it would be the main news story for everyone to read. This would mean more listers to RFN and more educate conservatives that will read about racial and jewish issues as well as conservative.

    It may sound hard, but it is actually quite easy and safe compared to distributing 10k leaflets. It is a proven concept in Sweden : Clean nice looking news site + 3-5 new articles everyday. = Hundreds of thousands of unqiue vistors each month.. And that is in Swedish, which probably has like only 20 million speakers world wide.

    An english site like that could probably draw tens of millions.. Or at the very least tens of thousands each months, which would still boost RFN vistor rating.

    Here are three such sites in Sweden.

    Nationell.nu ~150k unique vistors/monthly
    Realisten.se ~550k unique vistors./monthly
    Friatider.se ~750k unique vistors./monthly

  7. Fred Yow
    Jun 28, 2013

    The Diana Mosley piece by Gretchen was interesting, but a bit long. Am I alone in not quite getting what Lord Lucan is talking about?

  8. White Portlander
    Jun 28, 2013

    You mean that when people get off the bus with ten dollars in their pockets and the t-shirt on their backs, we won’t put them up in a Holiday Inn with full room service? My God, Hurrold, you must be uh CON MAN and uh FBI INFORMANT!!!

  9. Jack
    Jun 28, 2013

    Sorry, re-uploaded here:


    (YouTube shown as removed. – HAC)

  10. Gerald Richter
    Jun 28, 2013

    Titus Oates and the Popish plot live!! Oh, yeah, baby!

  11. Sally Yow
    Jun 28, 2013

    Another good one, Harold. RFN makes my week.

  12. Giovanni
    Jun 29, 2013

    Around where I live, Indians are taking over now setting up little markets and
    Blacks gradually are moving in too.

  13. Mighty Whitey
    Jun 29, 2013

    RE: Dothraki, I agree completely. I also recommend posting on Truetube, Malevolent Freedom, b14. There is also a listing called NS88 Top WN sites. Talkshoe.com has live interactive WN programming. My son refers to my internet communication skills as
    being a form being “Computer Developmentally Disabled”, so I am struggling w/figuring out how to take advantage of these sites.

  14. (Redacted)
    Jun 30, 2013

    Good podcast as always. Nice to hear that more migrants are showing up, keep ’em coming! Its very important that you do have enough money to come and visit the Homeland. Comrade Ragnar from Sweden did it last year. I know the situation for jobs are bad and that it isn’t easy to plan a trip like this. The costs do add up. Put some money aside everyday and plan, plan, plan and you will be able to make a scouting trip. The NF will help you as much as possible but can’t provide money or housing. Harold has mentioned in the past that learning a trade is a good idea. It is, for more than one reason. Not olnly do you leawrn something but you get pad doing it. It’s also good to work with your hands. You can help out not only yourself but the NVA when that comes to be as well as in the Homeland itself when we make that happen. First, you need to get your asses to the Homeland as Harold likes to say.

    Jack, removed by the user, which is crap, jewtube deleted it of course. We need to make multiple channels, put things on not only youtube but Dailymotion and Vimeo as well as TruTube http://www.trutube,tv/ There are free programs on the internet that allow you to download the video directly from the source. YTD Video Downloader for instance. http://www.youtubevideodownloader.com/ it downloads from more sites than youtube. The free version is mroe than adequate. Remember to send Harold those CD’s of audio recordings.

    Hail Victory!!

  15. Don’t worry the NSA knows my name.
    Jul 01, 2013

    You speak the truth HAC. “Career Victims” need not apply; the NAR is a land for Heroes. And “taking the gap” is every White Man and Woman’s first heroic victory against the monopoly of power. I wish, pray, and hope that we all Come Home in time.

  16. Nfrith
    Jul 01, 2013

    To those of you that says BNP promotes racemixing and it an anti-white party and such

    Nick Griffin : Russia is the last bastion of the white race.

  17. Cato the younger
    Jul 01, 2013

    Another fascinating post. And the Northwest novels are great reading. Whoever hasn’t read them needs to.

    All should consider several concepts, in accordance with the Old Man’s points. First, the Northwest has a economic redundancy that other areas do not. Its many quarries, timber, tech, farms, vineyards all allow for multiple economic resource development in the event of the dollar becoming negated. Also, an arising arms industry will make the Northwest the gun capital of the country.

    The ports are many and significant. They not only can project and receive economic industry outward but inward as well. Their are river deep water ports that can move merchant vessels through Idaho and Canada. Once the usurpers truly collapse, and we are able to manufacture and export again, then the Northwest will be a colossus.

    Here will be a combination of the Midwest and new England combined. The demographics ensure law and order, and strong communities. Only Tacoma has poor minorities who are disgruntled and hostile. The rest of the region is 97 percent white and very patriotic to their communities. The countryside is dominated by armed loyal folk. People here are so easy to get along with and work with. The leftists in Olympia and Portland are weak ones, who sycophantically seek favor from powerful leftists around the country but lack the ruthlessness and hypocrisy to actually effect anything outside the I-5 corridor. A large former military population is here too, all who are passionate about their freedom and rights. Many hold on to the deep south but the south will become isolated pockets of whites who defend against gangs while the government sides with the gangs to disarm the whites.

    Come to the Northwest. Mr Covington, I haven’t revealed myself to you, but I’ve been listening for a year. I believe the Northwest will inevitably become economically independent long before it does politically, like the the early American Colonies did. The economic conditions are essential. The economic system, based on the dollar, is what holds the loyalty of almost all government workers.

    Unless the dollar suffers severe trauma the government will never culminate because of their ability to flex power in any area needed, hence any challenge will be ineffective. I suggest a strong, redundant and locally reliant network of industries is the key to success in the never ending cycle of freedom. An organizer or department to the NW Front that focuses on that will likely be of value. For the listeners, Come up to the NW, it really is a better place and has the potential thrive as a result of the turmoil to come. And to those who see HAC as evil, especially the government folks listening in: Look in your own souls. Think about the oath you took, one shared by many of us, and think about what it really means.

  18. Mighty Whitey
    Jul 02, 2013

    Cato the Younger had done very well in his assessment of The NW Homeland’s assets, & it’s ability to sustain a large number of White folk, regardless of their particular talents & skills. There will be plenty of work for all, as our new sovereign homeland is built. I cannot think of anything else on this planet as exciting as being a part of such an endeavor. If I live long enough to pick up my Grandson from school. & seek out his face among a tide of beautiful White children, I would be willing to pass on that night. I say this from the deepest part of my being, Even imagining it makes my heart swell & my vision cloudy. I have loved the Northwest ever since I first saw it w/my own eyes.The Northern climes are what made our folk mighty warriors & great innovators, while the endless summers of Africa bred a lazy, indolent sub-species, throwing sharp sticks & digging wild roots to carry home to their dung covered hovels. Our White ancestors needed great strength & larger brains to survive in a hard & often hostile land. Thank God, (or the Gods) for the hardships they faced. It was the source of their strength & perseverance. We will need the gifts they passed to us by blood & by culture. We are the stuff of Warriors. It is time to shake off the stupor brought on by easy lives & the corrupt & evil culture we have wallowed in for so long. As overwhelming as the prospect may be, we have no choice in undertaking this task. The future of our race is in our hands.

  19. Nancy W.
    Jul 02, 2013

    I think that was a lovely gesture that guy in New York did sending you those photos of your Confederate ancestor’s grave with the flags. I saw the copies you sent out.

  20. Jack
    Jul 02, 2013

    I made a northwest propaganda video here:

    It seems like I’m on someones list and I’m getting swamped with downvotes, it jumped by 400 views in a day and I got a bunch of personal messages from Israelis so something must be up.

  21. Srewolf
    Jul 02, 2013

    Alpha males are not gone!
    We just can’t expose ourselves or be beaten down by this politically correct society, that says heterosexual, aggressive or dominating behavior, is wrong. Some have even suggested that it’s a mental disease!!
    And then you got the feminists… dear god what a freakin mess they have made of the current pool of white women. Working with them is impossible, any “Alpha” behavior from me, and I run the risk of being sued for harassment.
    Sometimes I feel as though I’m in a twilight episode.

  22. crazy cracker
    Jul 02, 2013

    Hi Harold! Any chance we could have a gun theme show, with that song the IRA sang about that AR variant they liked, and maybe that Mr. Saturday Night Special song, and mmm I dunno what else. Just a thought. I get that darn kangaroo song stuck in my head thanks to you!

  23. Steve Elder
    Jul 03, 2013

    There are plenty of Alpha males left and you can find us at gun shows, shooting ranges and martial arts dojos amongst other venues. we are not going to foolishly go into the gap (attack the beast) alone but we are ready when the time is right.. timing in a fight is the main key to victory. And tactical regrouping to the PNW is the first step

    We daily win small victories all across this land by shooting scum criminals.. legally in most states now.. but it’s not enough.. collectively it’s like shooting a grizzly bear once a year in the butt with a .22

    One thing not fully touched on in the discussion so far is agriculture.. it’s huge here from apples to greens and tomatoes, organic combines and also hothouse growers. Also there are vast tracs of bottom land in WA State and Oregon that are being wasted, covered up by vast housing systems inhabited by mud peoples.. once they are gone we can bulldoze these dens of filth and begin growing there

  24. Mighty Whitey
    Jul 03, 2013

    Well said, Steve Elder. We not only exist, I for one have done faily well being exactly what I am. In spite of the media propaganda to the contrary, there are numerous white women who have no desire to be involved with the socially neutered semi-males portrayed in TV shows, movies, & so called feminist publications. They are the genuinely strong women of our race, & need no permission to obtain the respect they are due. Of the women I have had the honor of sharing multiple year relationships with all would not only have refused to engage w/these submissive, “sensitive” semi-males, they would have crushed their fragile egos in a heartbeat. If an actual Alpha male is to have a truly strong & capable companion, or to gain the respect of other men, especially if he would aspire to leadership, he can not, in any way, shape, or form attempt to disguise his nature from those around him. Our beautiful White women demand & deserve men who can & will stand with them, not lie at their feet like whipped dogs. I am fully aware that it is possible that I could receive some flak around this post. If so, I think I can handle it. WPWW/14

  25. Pirate Thunder
    Jul 03, 2013

    More lord Lucan is always welcome.

    and what does old man have to say on spengler, Evola, Nietzsche.

    and also a speech by Jonathan Bowden could be a good idea.

  26. Bryan
    Jul 04, 2013

    I might be a beta male. My woman is my teacher and my student and I am hers.
    I don’t understand the British lord guy on RFN But WTH..
    Happy 4th and forefathers day everyone. The founders live in us now.

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