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My Homecoming

Dear HAC,

I know you have always wanted somebody to narrate their migration. Well, since nobody has done it yet other than Andy Donner reminiscing on his migration, I suppose I should give my two cents from the perspective of an 18 year old kid.

First off; I guess you should know who you are talking to. I’m the kid who was asking your opinion on whether I should accept an ROTC scholarship to get to the homeland or not (you read my email on the February 28, 2013 episode of Radio Free Northwest).

I suppose I should have been more specific about which ROTC scholarship was offered to me, but in light of the fact that my ticket home is service to the regime and I am going to be living for four years in what is essentially the regime’s main indoctrination center (a.k.a a university), I was and am vague on purpose. I still won’t say which branch of the military the scholarship that I took was from but, let’s just say its not Army or Marines, and in fact; I would have to be an extremely unlucky fellow to be put in any kind of combat situation once I’m actually in the service.

Another thing I need to address is that I know there are no active service units anywhere in the Homeland, when I wrote that in my previous email I was referring to any and all local comrades in the part of the Homeland I’m going to. 

I recently took my scouting trip to the part of the Homeland I am moving to. It was really more of a college visit but I think it counts because it was my first time actually being in the homeland, and I took a day to tour the area. I was impressed by how nice the people there were, the difference was black and white compared to where I live. Even when I was just entering the state and was stopping by a fast food restaurant to eat, an elderly couple was waiting for their food at a table and instead of them having to get up and get it themselves when their order was up, another customer brought it to them. It’s the little things like that that really stood out to me. Another example is that people stopped to let you into the road when you are at a stop sign even though they have the right of way.

Something else that caught my attention was how clean everything was. Mowed lawns at nearly every building, absolutely no trash on the streets, clear air, I didn’t think any place existed nowadays. I was hoping political correctness hadn’t spread to this part or the homeland or any part of it except for Portland or Seattle, but that was a childish delusion at best.

When I got to my university to get a briefing on my major I was told I would be required to take a “diversity” class, and that all classes were taught from a multicultural point of view. Needless to say, the diversity classes were nothing but Red Indian and non-white worship with a mix of feminism, but to give the college credit, they had French and German culture, language, and history mixed in.

One thing that gave me hope was that the PC diversity classes were taken as an alternative to the French and German classes, because when I went to sign up for a class called intro to German culture it was maxed out as was the French equivalent. Meaning that the local people there generally don’t buy into all the PC BS.

There is definitely a lack of liberalism in comparison to other universities I visited, where there was “Obama 2012 he’s our only hope” written in chalk on the side walk, but there were still yuppies walking around much to my dismay. One of my roommates for the upcoming year who was from the same state I am dropped a few comments about liberals and their hypocrisy, and even though the NF is a small movement right now I couldn’t help but wonder if he was there for the same reason I was.

All in all it was a good scouting trip, I learned quite a bit about the area and I can’t wait to get there in the fall. I won’t act like I was not scared out of my mind though, I am after all just an 18 year old kid who is about to be all alone in the homeland. But folks, if I can find a way to come home all by my lonesome, you certainly can. At the very least do it for yourself and your family because time really is running out. All it takes is a sobering trip into the downtown area of a major city to realize how far America has fallen from its former self. Words can’t describe the sense of peacefulness, community and above all: safety that can be found in the homeland. All you have to do is get there.