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Tricolor Postage Stamps

Here’s an idea for some of you who want to proselytize and support the Party in a more creative manner than just sending money.

There are a number of web sites like http://www.zazzle.com that will allow people to print postage stamps with their own graphic designs on them. One of our comrades has produced some Tricolor stamps, and I can tell you, it’s a thrill to get a letter with our flag on the stamp in the upper right hand corner and not the Masonic dishrag!

Why don’t some of you invest your monthly dues or financial contributions in legal-tender Tricolor postage stamps, send some to me, and keep the rest yourselves for your own use? The Northwest Tricolor is one of the most powerful propaganda symbols we have and will feature prominently in all our future work; we need to get people used to seeing it.