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NF Comic Book?

Hi, guys:

Okay, I understand that among the younger generation of Whiteboys, many of you aspire to be comic book or “graphic novel” artists. Used to be astronauts or firemen or baseball players or race car drivers, but that was back in my day and this is yours.

Are there any artists on our lists who have the skills to actually draw and produce a full-length comic book for the NF? (I’m not sure what a “full-length” comic book or “graphic novel” consists of—80-100 pages?

The NA did one short comic book and Dennis Nix of the old NSWPP did a few strips; other than that we don’t seem to be able to cut the mustard here. I know us wicked evil racists have plenty of computer geeks. How about Comic Book Guys in the production sense?

If any of you want to take a crack at this, give me a shout.