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The Thick Plottens

I have found out that my older daughter, the ex-River Dancer in Ireland, canceled her Facebook account recently due to obscene and threatening messages she was getting on there from “Patrick Hwang,” whom I am informed by those who bother to keep up with this horse shit is in fact Reg Natarajan hiding behind a proxy server in an unsuccessful attempt to disguise his IP address.

My older daughter has been married to a serving soldier in the Irish Army for some years. I really would like to know how Natarajan obtained her married name and identified her. This indicates to me that he has access to American or Canadian e-mail intercepts or wiretap or other surveillance and intelligence material, which in turn would tend to confirm that he is a CSIS or Cass Sunstein asset, or possibly ADL, who could have obtained that intel from the multifarious secret police who tap my computer and passed it on to Natarajan.