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GREAT White Nationalist Resource Site!


Hi, guys:

Somebody has finally done it!

Someone has begun collecting all the “old stuff” from our Movement. They have undertaken the monumental task of typing it all onto manipulable, cut-and-pastable computer files off of the faded. tattered, garage-mimeographed newsletters of decades long past (a monumental task that must have taken them years; God knows whose collections of old publications the webmasters must have begged, borrowed, and stolen to get the originals) and then publishing these articles and these full books on the Net.

No Covington material there I can find—I guess I don’t qualify as an “elder”, or else the project managers are of the school who consider me to be Howwible Hawold Who Says Bad Things We Shouldn’t Talk About Or Think About—but that’s fine with me. If a snub was intended, none taken. I don’t consider myself worthy of inclusion in such august company.

My hat is off to whoever has done this. Many thanks indeed. This material must never be lost to our people, and what you’ve done here is like ancient monks copying out old works of classical knowledge in the scriptoriums of the Dark Ages so that the ancient wisdom would survive.

Again, my gratitude.



  1. John Martorano
    Apr 07, 2013

    I’ve known about this site for a long time. Surprised you didn’t know about it.


  2. Wade Tolliver
    Apr 07, 2013

    I have contacted them and recommended your novels and you website.

  3. Amenophis
    Apr 08, 2013

    But there are some HAC texts, are they? Under Winston Smith nick, methinks.

  4. This book collection is nothing to sneeze at either, and it DOES contain HAC’s works.


  5. The Order of Kelta
    Apr 13, 2013

    I have a fairly extensive white Nationalist library (200+). I would like to donate them to the NF so we to could start a archive. If you wish I could send you a list of titles and you could select some or all if you wish. All are PDF. Some are pretty hard to come by. I’m sure others could contribute and we could be the “go to spot” for cracker re-education. If HAC gives his blessing of course. If anyone is interested in helping let me know.

  6. JR
    Apr 13, 2013

    Thanks to everyone who worked so very hard to put up this impressive book library of American “Movement’ (hate that term) knowledge.

    We could us an editor to get this list down to manageable sizes and try to work very hard to only include relative material that can conceivably be of use here in now year 2013, vis-a-vie the Butler Plan, Northwest Imperative.

    Thus, biblical justifications defending Negro slavery in the Confederate South just aren’t relative now, this year 2013. We’re not taking back the whole country of AMURICAH, complete with restoring Negro slavery in the South.

    Also, we need to work very hard to use the best, most popular, most accessible formats, technology – trying to read scanned PDF files of hard back books is not the way to reach a mass audience or encourage serious readers.

    The best format for reading online books, is

    Kindle and related formats.

    IPads and Kindle readers have the highest market share. A good Kindle version of a book should be sold for $2-$4, the price of a cheap 6 pack of beer, and the buyer will have a high quality book, complete with good photos, illustrations in his private Kindle library.

  7. JR
    Apr 13, 2013

    Thanks The Order Of Kelta for your offer.

    Please try to get your Nationalist library in to some smaller, accesible order. “Keep it simple” Simon KISS. Generally speaking full length books are not accessible through text files viewed by computer — these are books.

    Book formats should be put in to Kindle formats, with high quality fonts, photos and illustrations and then sold for something ~ $2 on Amazon.

    Other good formats are 1 – 2 page flyers, propaganda posters with strong visuals and short, to the point text that drives home some solid porpaganda theme:

    “Us vs Them”.

    The enemy as a rapists, gangsters, anti God, anti American, anti White bad guy etc.

    Thanks for the offer to share your library.

    Let’s all get to work to do our best in the hear and now year 2013. This is the time we live in, not the best time ever, but it…

    could be worse.

    “Could be raining” (Young Frankenstein reference)

  8. Barney
    Apr 16, 2013

    I’ve got about 200 e-books, mainly racial stuff, mostly .pdf.

    If there’s a specific title someone wants, feel free to e-mail me and I’ll see whether I’ve got it. Not very satisfactory perhaps, but it’s the best I acn do for now. Perhaps later I’ll get round to listing them all.

    My e-mail user name is
    and my ISP is

    Humans know how to assemble that, but spambots don’t seem able to.

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