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Hi, guys:

Somebody has finally done it!

Someone has begun collecting all the “old stuff” from our Movement. They have undertaken the monumental task of typing it all onto manipulable, cut-and-pastable computer files off of the faded. tattered, garage-mimeographed newsletters of decades long past (a monumental task that must have taken them years; God knows whose collections of old publications the webmasters must have begged, borrowed, and stolen to get the originals) and then publishing these articles and these full books on the Net.

No Covington material there I can find—I guess I don’t qualify as an “elder”, or else the project managers are of the school who consider me to be Howwible Hawold Who Says Bad Things We Shouldn’t Talk About Or Think About—but that’s fine with me. If a snub was intended, none taken. I don’t consider myself worthy of inclusion in such august company.

My hat is off to whoever has done this. Many thanks indeed. This material must never be lost to our people, and what you’ve done here is like ancient monks copying out old works of classical knowledge in the scriptoriums of the Dark Ages so that the ancient wisdom would survive.

Again, my gratitude.