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Personal GUBU Note From Harold

Hi, guys:

A word in your shell-like ears, plizz. I’d like to give you a quick shot of anti-GUBU.

You know the standard accusation leveled against me by the Goat Dancers that “Harold got a Section Eight from the United States Army?” Recently, as part of one of my spasmodic efforts to get my affairs in order, I finally got around to ordering a copy of my DD-214 from the United States Army Personnel Center in St. Louis. (I lost the original long ago in my multifarious world travels.)

Nope. I got a General Discharge on September 28th, 1972, under Honorable Conditions, which means I am eligible for all benefits except I would have required a waiver from the DOD for re-enlistment. The form is signed by one Lieutenant Dianne Bayer, whom I remember as a particular fine-looking WAC (as they were called in those days) at Oakland Army Terminal in California.

Now, there is one thing: on March 8th, 1982—nine and a half years later—there was a DD-215 correction form attached to my paperwork, signed by one Brigadier General Robert M. Joyce from the Adjutant General’s office at the Pentagon, i.e. some military bureaucrat. This addendum I never knew anything about. This document states that I was discharged for “Defective Attitude and Unwillingness To Expend Efforts Constructively.” This presumably refers to my NSWPP Party membership of the time and my forming a small cell of something called the White Servicemen’s League, which was one of Koehl’s front groups.

This thingummy was attached to my file just after I had my Fifteen Minutes due to Greensboro and the Attorney General’s primary election in North Carolina. AKA the Army covering its ass when I became notorious.

No Section Eight. No insanity. No psychiatric report claiming that I was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, as my idiot brother sometimes claims. None of that shit. I was discharged for unapproved political activity, as I have always stated for the past forty years. I have told the truth and the Goat Dancers have lied, in case there was ever any doubt.

So that’s the name of that tune.