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Leaflet And Business Card Design

Guys, I’m getting more business card designs and even a few leaflets (finally!) designed and submitted for approval, and in many cases the graphics are very good. However:

1) Make sure you always have the Party’s website at www.northwestfront.org listed, very visibly, on the leaflet or business card. No point in giving people a nice little piece of art deco if they don’t know where to follow up;

2) You need to give people some idea as to just what the hell the NF is about. The word “White” (not Aryan, a word which our people no longer understand) needs to be in there somewhere. Bluntly put, they need to understand that they are looking at a piece of racist literature, not an ad for some kind of timeshare or new movie. I know that can be hard to do on a small item like a business card, but it can be done, and if the words “nigger” or “faggot” bother you, fine, don’t use them. Feel free to “positive” about it; that’s probably best on initial contact. But people need to start learning who we are and what we want.

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  1. SemperWhite
    Apr 26, 2013

    A great way to get the word out is to buy address labels that you can print info on.
    These things are a pain in the ass to get off. You can get 750 labels for 12 bucks at office max.
    They are easy to print with a standard printer. The best place to put your newly printed labels is on the doors or the TP dispenser in public bathrooms that get a lot of traffic.

    Now that everyone on the planet takes a shit while playing with their web accessible phone. They will see this:

    Diversity: Had enough?

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