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A New Contact Writes

Dear Mr.  Covington:

Thank you for your time and resources. I was happy to receive the packet in the mail and I was surprised at the contents. Not at the topic but at the extent you have gone to inform us about what NF stands for, and it is heart-warming to see how much effort has gone into reaching us.

On its arrival today there was a bit of a confrontation between me and my wife about her not knowing I had contacted this thing she had heard me talking about and I had to get her calmed down and myself calmed down to finally get across that we did not join anything, but we were born in it. I read a few of the first Fundamentals then the E&E. Then I opened the White Book and all of a sudden we were on the same page.

Now I know this may sound hokey or goofy, but it really did happen that way. We are separatist already and have raised our daughters that way (15-18 years of age) So there is no big surprise in our house as to racial awareness and I do not want you to get the wrong impression, we were not arguing over racial attitude but more along the lines of expressing concern about so-called White racial groups. Never been a member of any, but have had a few introductions to some ideas and my wife in her youth had some experience with the typical redneck mantra, so I am sure you know where it was all heading. But your packet helped us find our common ground and i just had to share it look forward to more contact.  

Thank you,

-L. A.