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Hoax Site Falling Flat

Wedgie’s latest hoax site seems to be falling flat. Amazingly so; I’m surprised the sewage flow has dried up as quickly as it has.  People just don’t seem to be interested. I don’t look at it, and haven’t done since a day or so after it appeared, but one of our guys looks in every now and then and he says the comments section is nothing but the five or six Usual Suspects.

As far as heckles directed against this site and Thoughtcrime, it’s only coming from three IP addresses, the usual two and one new one, 68-something.

Looks like there’s only three people involved in it, one being Wedgie himself, one being my brother who’s still using the name “Harlan Markwalder” after the old coprophage who died in Greensboro about 12 years ago, and the new guy.