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Secure Mailing Address

Hi, guys:

A communication of a kind I have received time and time again down through the years:

Dear HAC:

 I’m fifteen. If your parents are liberals, be very careful when ordering Northwest novels or literature. My parents intercepted my White Book when the parcel was at my door while I was at school. They were infuriated with me and ripped it up along with my copy of The Brigade and A Distant Thunder

For me, how can I send money to the Northwest Front? I’m thinking of opening up a checking account. I’ll try and get a job at the local fast food restaurant to earn some dollars. When I send checks, who do I send them to? The GHQ?


Okay, first requirement for any involvement in any kind of alternative politics is a secure mailing address where you can receive mail without anyone intercepting it, overlooking it, getting curious about it, demanding explanations, etc. Anybody who will attempt to hack or read your e-mails and who will also interfere with your mail. This includes not just parents (I had my first post office box at age 16) but nosy spouses, nosy kids, nosy landlords or landladies, employers (getting mail at work is a bad idea) etc.

If there is going to be the slightest problem, or if you’re one of these paranoid people who are afraid of the mailman, then spend the money and get yourself a post office box or UPS Store box or another private mail box. First step before anything else, so you can access alternative ideas off-internet without idiots crabbing and bitching at you.