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Secure Mailing Address

Hi, guys:

A communication of a kind I have received time and time again down through the years:

Dear HAC:

 I’m fifteen. If your parents are liberals, be very careful when ordering Northwest novels or literature. My parents intercepted my White Book when the parcel was at my door while I was at school. They were infuriated with me and ripped it up along with my copy of The Brigade and A Distant Thunder

For me, how can I send money to the Northwest Front? I’m thinking of opening up a checking account. I’ll try and get a job at the local fast food restaurant to earn some dollars. When I send checks, who do I send them to? The GHQ?


Okay, first requirement for any involvement in any kind of alternative politics is a secure mailing address where you can receive mail without anyone intercepting it, overlooking it, getting curious about it, demanding explanations, etc. Anybody who will attempt to hack or read your e-mails and who will also interfere with your mail. This includes not just parents (I had my first post office box at age 16) but nosy spouses, nosy kids, nosy landlords or landladies, employers (getting mail at work is a bad idea) etc.

If there is going to be the slightest problem, or if you’re one of these paranoid people who are afraid of the mailman, then spend the money and get yourself a post office box or UPS Store box or another private mail box. First step before anything else, so you can access alternative ideas off-internet without idiots crabbing and bitching at you.


  1. Dave Paxton
    Dec 01, 2012


    J.C. brings up a good point. Privacy is no longer available unless one knows what to look for and how to avoid pitfalls. To begin with you now have t have a state issued ID to get a drop box for mail. A minor cannot do this after the Patriot Act. My parents when I was his age would have never understood or cared if I got some books in the mail unless they were Playboy. Now the all seeing eye ideology has transcended the family just like a Stasi state.

    My suggestion to any youth is to get used to the technology that is available to them. Use TOR browser so that you have no issue with network watching. Others may want to use a keyboard recorder but that can be easily defeated. As far as money goes it would be wise to get a Bitcoin wallet. All of this can be kept with personal files in an encrypted folder on an SD card. These are small and even the supreme court has said that passwords for encrypted files transcend all warrants. All of this works on even a cell phone. This month silent circle will be out for Android and this will make all of this easy.

    Just my input as I do not get a warm kumbaya feeling if I am required to at dinner tell every detail of my day only to have everyone get up and put it on face book. Maybe with video. A society that acts as though there are no real individuals with original ideas is doomed to its own closed dogma and demise.


  2. James W.
    Dec 02, 2012

    Some good advice there HAC…

    I am sorry to hear about this guy’s misfortunes. I’m 17 myself and I know what its like being an underage white nationalist with left-wing family who are hostile to white nationalism.
    If this guy is interested in some correspondence with a European white nationalist please forward this email to him, along with my address. it would be nice to converse with some people sympathetic to the cause.

    – James
    (from England)

  3. Conor In Australia
    Dec 02, 2012


    J.C’s actually lucky this wasn’t worse. You might want to pass this on to him. Feel free to give him my email address too. Down here a screwup like that could theoretically get you a visit from the coppers if it really went south. The Brigade’d make interesting reading for a local magistrate, that’s for sure.

    Hey Mate,

    First off, you’re really lucky it was your folks who found that parcel. Don’t let it happen again – getting a post box was the first thing I did when I contacted the Party. They’re cheap as chips. Seriously, getting material delivered to your home address is utter madness. To hell with parents, what if some thieving antifa scumbag with dreads and piercings guts your package at the post office looking for money, and finds all this wicked ‘racism’ inside instead?

    They’d have your FAMILY’S address and YOUR details. Your parents’ house could be targeted. Your family defamed through a leaflet-and-poster campaign. Your school could be informed, leading to your expulsion or compulsory, ‘diversity training’. It’d all be very public, and there’s every chance you’d be targeted by pissed off, ‘minorities’ who’ve been programmed to hate you by the, ‘love and tolerance’ crowd. Regardless of how you really feel, they’d assume you despised them personally and wanted to hurt them. They’ve been taught to loathe you for your skin colour – ironic, huh – but if they learned what you are, you’d be in mortal danger of a kind you’ve never known.

    There’s a reason your parents tore up that material. They fear for you. They’re right to – you’re their son. They love you and want you to be safe and have a prosperous future. That you aren’t safe, that you cannot hope to be prosperous in the same way they were, is something they cannot bear to contemplate. It’d hurt them too much.

    In addition, their personal reputation is at stake, not just yours. You’re still a minor, so they’re perceived as responsible for your actions and ideas.

    They’d be socially ostracised for, ‘raising a monster’, unless they subjected you to serious censure. As in, something life wrecking.

    Your parents have their reputation to consider, not just yours. Your father could easily lose his job if some NGO was feeling vindictive, or the anti who pillaged your package become obsessed. That sort of thing can destroy families, and if your folks have a mortgage, they could lose the house. All because of your simple mistake.

    It’d haunt you for the rest of your natural life, mark my words. Be glad they just tore up your literature. If they wanted to, your folks could send you to those horrifying ‘brat camps’, where you’d be treated to the same, ‘denazification’ shit that the Germans endured at the end of the war. Probably worse – those camps are built to break people, and their methods are tried and tested.

    The most painful part is, your parents would do this awful thing because they loved you, and wanted, ‘what was best for you’. They are from a different world, mate. It’s morally inverted and has little basis in reality. Keep that in mind before you judge them. They adore you and their hysteria is born of love. Love is more powerful than hate. People like us are defined by love – love for our own people – so you know first hand how powerful love can be. For better, or for worse.

    Think of your family and think of yourself. Above all, THINK. Don’t be paranoid, but for goodness sakes, be discreet. How the hell do you expect to last a single day of hardcore activism if your parents can catch you red handed?

    This is not a game. Slips like these can have serious consequences. In the past, similar intelligence failures have landed comrades deep trouble. Note the plural – we rely upon each other for our collective safety and survival.

    Hail victory kinsman,


  4. Jay
    Dec 07, 2012

    Okay, after a week of searching for a job, I’ve had no luck. It seems white teens are barred from jobs in the cities nowadays because good ole Abdul Saleh is deemed more qualified with his inability speak English. I will continue to try and overcome this plight of white teens in terms of employment.
    To Dave Paxton,
    Just downloaded TOR and am pursuing the other security software. Once I get some cash flow, I will look into the Bitcoin option. I appreciate your suggestions.
    To Conor from Oz,
    My two independence novels came and I got them, and read them. It turned into a right mess when my father noticed the “NF” symbol on the white book parcel. He linked that to the National Front and read through it, and found the tricolour flag in the literature and linked that back to my books. It went south from that point on. I appreciate your concern.

  5. Harold
    Dec 07, 2012


    You need to get that secure mailing address, post office box, whatever. E-mail me when you get it and I’ll send you all the books, which I presume by now you have learned to conceal from your keepers.

  6. Douglas Pearson
    Dec 08, 2012


    My mesage before screwed up due to my computer being so slow and inept and my other one just failed. My bad luck sucks. However, I recommend that you contact the following leagues. we can talk about this more ofver email. I recommend that you become a referee or a timekeeper. In Toronto you can contact the Greater Toronto Hockey League and the North York Hockey League. I would also recommend the City of Vaughan Hockey Association whom I work with as well. I am currently timekeeping in the GTHL and I also work for another houseleague near me which pays so well. They pay better than the GTHL in fact. Anyhow, please get in touch with your local leagues as the minor hockey leagues for rep and select hockey are filled as it is right now, unless they fire someone in which case people within the league will take their place. If Harold doesn’t get this comment up its on him and he knows it.

    I’m very much like Harold as I don;t take the bull shit. Stay the fuck out the the system and learn a trade as well that will help you make alot of money for yourself without paying a dime to the government.

    I hope to meet wtih you soon. Hail Victory Comrade! Looking forward to that email. Just in case Harold chooses not to post it I will post it here again douglaspearson42(at)gmail.com let’s talk soon. I’ve got a P.O. Box and so does Paul so Harold can send copies of whatever to that address. I’ve got the money now so I can send Harold whatever he wants for them. You can also borrow my White Book and I can send you the files I have for the books. Looks like Harold is getting another comrade to Come Home soon.


  7. Jay
    Dec 09, 2012

    Hey Douglas,
    Thanks for your suggestions of reffing hockey. I have the certifications to ref soccer so i’ll try and get into that.You seem to have quite extensive knowledge of Toronto. Any chance you live here? if so we can definitely arrange to meet up. I’m very close to downtown. We could meet somewhere along the TTC line. I’ll contact your email address.


  8. Douglas Pearson
    Dec 10, 2012

    Perfect, yes I unfortunately as hell do live here. Sorry to hear about your parental issues. Soccer is great as well,. hockey registratioin is expensive and rthats why I timekeep, if I were to stay I woudl take the referee camp again that is on every year at York Univeristy with the GTHL running it. I can get anywhere on the subway. If people think this is a joke then their nuts, Everyone shoudl arrange to meet and follow this young man’s example. The NF is the real deal. Hope the area you live in is alright, there are some real race traitors in Toronto and race mixers for that matter, I’m sure you;ve seen them, it;s disheartening at times. It hurts and we’ve been fighting it for a long time. Since I have a printer that works now, I can send you the filers I have in .doc format for Microsoft Word. The issue is that my compuiter just went on me so I will look through my email and see if I don’t have copes that I sent to comrades, worst case I can always request that someone send them back via email and I have a number of them saved on this computer. If you haven;t met Paul yet I am supposed to meet up with him tommorow. I’ll ask him if he’s alright with someone coming along, he will be I’m sure. If you;re uncomfortable with that, we can just meet.


  9. dave paxton
    Dec 13, 2012

    You will have to decide. We do not have privacy as we thought we should have. As long as we decide to have a controller we will be told by the TV what to do with our time. I am sure you can figure out how to be private and get the mailing address worked out. You have some friends that can get a package in for you.

    The work thing is a different ideal then what we were told in school. If one thinks they are old enough to have kids then you should have your own tool box. This needs to start young. Everyone telling you to get in debt and get a Liberal Arts degree because you will have a higher paying job has failed. My oldest son who has massive debt is learning how to put in gutters. ( this was not my idea or suggestion from the start.) The only help he can get financially is from his family. Do not go down that road.

    What you will probably need to do is get in touch with locals that have the same ideal. Not sure how to do this but you may get a job out of that. Then start to find what you think your passion is for life. Work on that and read. This may change over time and that is fine. You may know how to build a house when you are done. Anymore if you want a degree you can get it for free. Use the tings that are around you and find it.

    Dec 27, 2012

    The response posted by Connor from Australia was great!

    For many years I used a private mail box as my official address. I used the street address w/my box number shown as my apartment number. It worked just fine, even on my driver’s license & registration. On one occasion some agents of the state tried to contact me at my “home”. They were unable to kick in my 3″X4″ aparment door. The lady working when they came in called me about it. I had my Att’y take care of it.

    As a former postal worker I very strongly suggest avoiding the use of ANY govm’t agency or connected system for security/privacy delivery. The Postal Inspectors will cooperate w/any other fed or state agency. They could not care less about you or your rights to privacy & security. WPWW

  11. Barney
    Jan 16, 2013

    James W – I’m a bit of an old fossil (just turned 65) and crippled after a lifetime of working my (censored) off to make the greedy even richer, but I’m in South-East England if you fancy getting in touch.

    barney_r [at] bt internet.com

    I’m sure you know what to do with that. Just replace [at] with the appropriate symbol and take the spaces out.

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