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Promotional Idea

Hal, I got this from a mens’ rights forum.  The guy promotes his website/ideas by putting stickers everywhere with a “QR code”, which is readable by a smart phone.  I don’t have a smart phone myself so am behind the curve on all of this.  A QR code is one of these things, you’ve probably seen them around:


 Here’s what the guy on the forum says:

 The way to promote it is to be subversive. My favorite is to get inkjet or laser labels and print QR codes onto them.

 The advantage to this is that

 1. Most young chaps have an iphone or Android with a scanner that will be able to read it.

2. Ordinary people who may have a vested interest in removing such contraband are less likely to and leave them there.

I’ve personally experienced this in one of the areas I went to where I put up QR codes linking to the misandry bubble. Stuck them up on the electric hand dryers in the men’s toilets. Came back a couple of weeks later and they were still there. Every one who goes into those toilets has the opportunity to see those things and if they have one of the above phones may be curious enough to scan them. There can be placed any where. A label 30x30mm will do the trick.

I try to leave them behind in any public toilet I use.

If someone knows how to make these code stickers, they can be put all over with the NWF website and be less likely to be removed as the guy says.