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A Word To The Wise, Possibly An Urgent Word

Uh, guys…

You haven’t forgotten the most important of all rules on the internet, have you? The fact that unless someone is personally known to you through physical, real-world contact. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO. None of you have forgotten that, right?

You also have not forgotten that just because an internet poster or e-mail contact or a Facebook ID CLAIMS to be female, that does not necessarily mean that he/she/it is in fact female, right? That there is no guarantee you’re not communicating with some 300-pound Comic Book Guy wearing lace panties and a sports bra as he sits behind the keyboard,  or with Norman Bates who is hearing voices in his head, or with a cop of some kind, or with the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple-Schmuck-El who’s running a sting for the ADL, right?

You are all keeping this in mind?


  1. Roy
    Dec 03, 2012

    To be sure, to be sure, a stupid man a would-be woman will entice and lure…look out for snakes in the grass or you might get bitten in the arse…

  2. Rhonda Bishop
    Dec 03, 2012

    Let me guess: someone is using a female internet identity to troll?

  3. David
    Dec 04, 2012

    There have always been weird guys on the internet who like to pose as girls. I suppose it’s no surprise that we have some in WN. My concern would be ADL and other nasties using these “female” internet IDs to fuck with us, pardon the expression.

  4. Andy Donner
    Dec 04, 2012

    Protip: If there’s some barely-legal woman on Facebook with too-good-to-be-true model-like pictures (which are pretty clearly airbrushed or something like that) and barely posts anything at all (since women that age are notorious for abuse of such social mediums), you’ve got a monitor on your case.

  5. C
    Dec 06, 2012

    As a former troll of the vicious and prolific variety, I suggest you assume any woman who you haven’t met in meatspace is a, ‘G.I.R.L’ or, ‘Guy In Real Life’. One of the cheapest and easiest ways to mess with people over the net is to pretend to be female. I always found this method distasteful and morally repugnant, preferring other techniques when sowing profound butthurt among those who disgusted me, but it seems, ‘movement people’ aren’t quite so scrupulous. It goes without saying that antis and their ilk aren’t governed by anything much at all; certainly not by common decency. Take it as read that low order scum are going to screw with you in this sort of arena, and will take no prisoners when doing so.

  6. Miss White
    Dec 06, 2012

    Andy, nobody here knows my Facebook. But I hardly ever post there, and am not a monitor (nor a male or so-called former male.) It is possible to be a young woman and not that interested in Facebook.

    Harold, it’s good for you to warn them, for those who can take heed. Unfortunately, many people have a really hard time getting used to the fact that what they see and hear online, on TV, and in real life can be a complete lie, and that what they say online is never private unless it is encrypted – then it MIGHT be private. Everything has to be taken with a grain of salt.

    Comrades, wisdom comes from evaluation of the whole picture, not from any one source. And love is a matter of trust, which in and of itself is risky, but which is very necessary in life. Of course it’s much better to save trust for those you meet in real life, where there isn’t as much room for deception.

  7. C
    Dec 08, 2012

    Miss White:

    All due respect but you’re part of the reason why this was posted. Given how enthused you are I offered to pass on an undisclosed sum to Harold from my personal accounts to assist you in your migration efforts. What I am about to say may seem cruel but I mean no offense. It is what it is, and I think you and others like you should hear it and consider it.

    I assumed you were already in contact with the Party and that standard background checks had already been run on you through the usual channels. It turns out no one knows who you are, and that for all your enthusiasm you haven’t even grabbed a mail box and asked for an intro pack.

    I saw a lot of my own intensity and growing seriousness in your posts as time went by and was sure you’d be of use on the ground. My only condition, not that it matters now, was that you settle within 30 minutes drive of other NF personnel, preferably joining Andy Donner’s crew because he’s always struggling with manpower related logistics.

    I had no intention of you ever finding out who was responsible for the injection of funds because that’s not what this is about. I haven’t even given my list of contributions to Plasterman91 because I just don’t want the glory. I’m telling you this because I thought you really cared and were really serious about the NF and I want you to understand the perils of hobbyism, and of the net as a whole.

    If Harold had your details and your contact with the NF was formalised, your scouting trip would have been paid for by now, and a trickle of extra funds to expedite your migration would be available to you.

    But no one knows who you are, and I just don’t feel right assisting someone who needs a financial prerogative to make them trust their comrades.

    Take me for example. I risk my chances of ever making it Home every time I make a contribution of any kind to the Effort, and face terrible peril if my Northwest Observers are intercepted by the wrong people. But I still do the right thing. I still overcome my paranoia, trust my comrades, and accept that I am not the center of anyone’s universe, least of all that of the US government. Even a cursory analysis of my personality and posting patterns would reveal I am a benign white male who’d probably mitigate any danger posed by the NF with a cool head and an aversion to stupid impulsive risk taking behaviour. Not to mention a serious deficit of all that hate us wicked white males are meant to have in our stoney grey hearts. Unlike many folks here I want to be an American, not just an NFer, because you guys enjoy freedoms beyond my wildest imagining, here in this far flung corner of Empire.

    The point is, you have no idea how lucky you are, to have the Northwest Homeland just a car ride away once you get the money together. My SCOUTING TRIP will cost over two and a half grand plus incidentals. Then there’s the issue of actually GETTING to America and acquiring a green card or path to citizenship. If I went EB5, which was my original plan before events turned against me, I would have had to gamble $500,000 to $1,000,000USD for a one shot all in effort to become a Novus Homo with an ailing business in my care. As things stand I will have to totally reorder my tertiary education schedule and make crushing personal sacrifices to acquire skills of the kind America is willing to import. Whether I want those skills or will be happy with the career they deliver is no longer an issue. This is so much bigger than any of us. The boomers lived only for themselves. We don’t have that luxury. We must toil or perish together, all for one and one for all.

    But you haven’t even deigned to contact the Party. You post on here a lot but it means so little, knowing what I now know. And that makes me rather sad. Please think on this, and let it dictate your next move. It’s a wakeup call. If you are who you say and therefore think you are, prove it for all time. Formalise your contact with the Party. One missed opportunity is not the end of the world. But others may come and go if you do not act decisively.

  8. C
    Dec 08, 2012

    And for the record, I don’t make a habit of this sort of thing. I am not the secret silver bullet some of you think Harold is hiding deep within the inner workings of the Party machine. That silver bullet does not exist. You will probably have to do this thing all by yourselves. Same as I will.

  9. john sparticus
    Dec 14, 2012

    Claire Wolfe has written a free ebook on how to detect and avoid the repercussions from snitches. The ebook can be found at “rats-nosnitch.com” and can also be found at the website “copblock”. It is downloadable in 5 formats including html files for reposting on other websites. Hope this helps.

  10. The Lurker
    Dec 18, 2012

    Hi, I’m one of those stupid lurkers that Harold talks about every now and again. You know, the chickenshits who haven’t gotten up to the point of posting or joining. Yes, I’m bad. HOWEVER, I do want to share a story with you that this “paranoia” about agent provocateurs and spies isn’t just paranoia. After all, just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they are out to get you!

    Anyway, years and years and years ago I was working at Walmart Home Office in Bentonville, Arkansas. For a giggle, I would often frequent a major anti-walmart discussion forum on which there was a female poster (they’re always female, ahem ahem) who supposedly was “one of the gang”, a board “wizard” and had been around for a long time. Still, “she” often said really crazy things.

    Well, it came to pass that Walmart was doing some reorganizing at that time, must have been around 2004-2005 and they were going to a government style “pay grade” system like G-10, that sort of thing. I knew about it before it was announced to the rest of the company (and well before public knowledge was possible). It was maybe only about two or three days before it was going to be announced when I went sauntering back to that bulliten board I enjoyed reading. It turned out that someone had accused this woman poster in a long post of being a Walmart ‘mole’ and she laughed off the attack with longtime friends on the board defending her. Then she typed something that chilled me and make me grin at the same time. I still remember the phrase to this day. She typed in reply to being a mole “I wonder what paygrade that would be BWHAHAHAH!”

    Ahem… now I could be wrong, but there is NO way this “anti-walmart” woman could have known about the upcoming conversion to paygrades and payscales unless she had been at Walmart Home Office or indeed high ranking in the home office and involved in discussions about how the payscales would be applied to present job descriptions. I knew she HAD to be a Walmart mole, or just a really really wild coincidence.

    Later, I discovered in working in various IT positions that computer game companies routinely use moles and shills to post positive reviews in places like Amazon.com and such to drive up and advertise a product.

    Anyway, a long story made short, it DOES happen. There ARE people in corporations (and most certainly in government) who’s job duties include going to blogs, posts, reviews which may or may not support them and chiming in. There ARE operatives that do this sort of thing. I’m sure that this woman poster had more duties than being a spy and agent provocateur at an anti-walmart board. In fact, I’d bet serious money she was probably an admin assistant of a high ranking manager who, while waiting for her nail polish to dry, was tasked with keeping an eye on this anti-walmart board for her boss. And this woman was a “lovey” at the anti-walmart board too with friends and semi-moderator privileges.

    Another example I have is I was on a board much like this one where I posted a lot more. There was a guy who had joined recently and was coming on like Jesus clearing the merchants out of the temple, really full of fire and brimstone and I instantly smelled a “rat.” I posted this self-same story that I just told you, not naming names, not even saying that I thought there were possible agents around. Anyway, this recent poster was the first to reply and was vehemently denying being an agent provocateur and how I must be one and how dare I accuse him. But it was a clear case of “Me thinks the lady (or lad in this case) doth protest too much.”

    We all like to think we’d be smart enough to recognize a spy or agent provocateur, but just don’t get too cocky. They’re out there, they exist.

  11. It is TRUE, their are alot of assoc., guilds, orgs., clubs, groups, confederations, fellowships, assemblies, ect. ect. ect.,that reperesent large numbers of people that in truth ,really are just made up by the “rich people” with unlimited funding for the express purpose of creating disinformation and negitive feelings in the people that are interested in finding out more about what a large number of peoples interests or issues of concern are to them, thus muddying the waters of truth about the issue-(by rich people that are ANTI whatever the issue is) by changing “Just enough”, the message of what the large number of people really want to happen to make it acceptable to what the “rich people” want instead. There are whole industries based on marketing and the selling of ideas and manipulating people. I think the real orgs. assoc. guilds assemblies ect. ect. are the ones with the simplist messages of truth (about a paragraph). I would be suspect of ANY group, org. ect. ect. that has alot of volume of info. about what it wants, theres to much ambiguity in their message and most likley they orgs. grps. guilds assemblies ect.. are invented by the rich that run everything so they can control the members and the issue itself by being the secret leaders of the orgs. assocs. ect..

  12. dieter
    Dec 27, 2012

    Why the Northwest?I would like some answers.

    Dec 27, 2012

    Reply to Dieter;
    1. WATER; Large areas of the country are experiencing severe drought. Many experts believe that we are entering a 500 yr drought cycle. Much of the ground water in the primary food producing areas, such as the Oglala Aquifer are already seriously depleted. Increased earthquake activity along the New Madrid fault could result in the spliting the entire country down the middle, draining the Great Lakes, the largest body of fresh surface water in the world. Rising seawater would eventually contaminate what fresh water remained. Also, keep in mind the already critical pollution of the areas ground water by agricultural runoff from overuse of chemicals in fetilizer & spraying. Additional pollutants are the result of the current meat raising practices producing massive amounts of acidic urine runoff. NW rivers & ground water are the result of winter ice melt in the mountains. The possibility of desalinization of seawater might provide an additional source.

    2. The NW is still the home of a primarily Aryan people. The percentage of non-Aryans would be less of an issue.

    3.The NW has an abundance of natural resources, including wooded areas, both fresh water & Pacific fishing, excellent seaports, & some of the best soil in the world. The climate is (currently) very mild year round west of the Cascades, & not too harsh to the east.

    4. The NW shares alot of remote border regions w/Canada. There is a growing Aryan Homeland
    movement in SW Canada, which currently does not extradite in death penalty cases. The land connection w/Alaska (the home of a very large number of like minded folks) provides an alternative to traveling by sea.

    I hope that I have provided you w/some useful input. I can certainly emphasize w/those who consider their own areas to be best for them. I would not wish to be trapped in an enclave surrounded by a large non-Aryan population, many of whom have been dependent on goverment programs for several generations. Weigh your options, & pick what is right for you & your family. Choose well; it is a decision you may have to live (or not) with for a very long time. WPWW

  14. Ian McKinney
    Jan 06, 2013

    Does this threat refer to that weirdo wog Reggie that seems to have a sex thing for HAC? I can see him posing as a woman on the Net to try and lure us into dirty talk, or whatever.

  15. Verity
    Jan 11, 2013

    I also can understand the motivation to use the NorthWest as a new Nation. To the North, we have a non-confrontational neighbor, to the West we have ocean, to the South we have the ebbing end of La Raza taking its share of the USA (Stupid bastards, its still desert) and to the East, flat land with little for an encroaching enemy to hide behind. Minerals, Fresh Water, vast areas for planting, Tourism, Grand Cooley dam already set up for pumping water over the 2000ft (!) of fertile lava bed as well as the fact that we (forgive me if I include myself as citizen) can sell power to La Raza as they will never be able to keep up their own power infrastructure.

    But how to sell it? If I may, I would like to propose that the board consider options for the NAR that sell other destinations to other men. What makes White people want to establish a White homeland in Honduras? Or flee to Indonesia, where the language, religion and people are entirely different like the facebook billionaire; or establish “home offices” on the Isle of Man or the Cayman Islands?


    You are establishing a new Nation that people will read as Socialism lite or if I may, “Socialism White”. If you want men to fight and die for a dream, it has to be better than just moving to some backwater American town or gated community where the shreds of White normality are still breathing and the black and brown horde has not yet reached. People strove in the early years because the USA promised no or low taxes, a promise betrayed in 1913 and has gotten worse every year since. You want the best and the brightest of the White to come here? Give the promise that Jefferson did, no internal taxes. Anything made outside the NAR is taxed at the border, but no internal taxes.

    Men strive to rig the game of life to their best advantage and countries now are becoming “competitive”. If you want Whites and Capital to stream in, tell men that they keep what they earn and live free.

    I would die for it.

  16. DoISmellBacon
    Jan 13, 2013

    Whatever became of Miss White? After Mr. C called him/her/it out and there’s never been a peep out of him/her/it since. Heh, the moment he/she/it came on here out of nowhere breathing fire like jesus cleaning out temple, I smelled a rat. He/she/it was about a subtle as a trainwreck.

  17. Anonymous
    Jan 14, 2013

    Better safe than sorry. There have been incidents in the past where some very strange people indeed have posed as females behind the anonymity of the internet and provoked some unseemly and unfortunate events. Miss White may indeed be exactly as advertised. If so, good for her. But if that’s the case, it’s time she stepped out from behind the keyboard and let us get a look at her.

  18. C
    Jan 15, 2013

    Miss White had a mildly neurotic attack of the horrors and fled into a bewildering self-imposed exile on the NF forums, which you should use for chatter like this.

    They’re available via a link at the bottom of the page.

    Miss White convinced herself that she had angered everybody and finally wandered off into the mists of the net after threatening to provide a false identity as a mailing address. Her last post insisted she’d make it Home alone and start anew when she did so.

    My inner cynic has been suspended on this matter for fear of causing offense, but in my time on the net I’ve seen this sort of thing before. If sincere, she panicked because the contact process could expose her to public scrutiny. If not, she had something to hide and this simple security measure has saved the Party a lot of time and possibly money.

    The NF works, people. Contrary to what goat dancers will tell you, Harold won’t just take anyone off the digital street. We are the only show in town and if you’re American there is no excuse not to be Home right now with your family in tow. The PNW is safer for women and children, the schools are better, there are plenty of jobs and you’ve a racial duty to your descendants to do something. The NF are the only ones doing a damn thing and you know it.

    Man up.

  19. C
    Jan 15, 2013

    For the record, people who are too scared to even receive mail at a secure postbox in their own name are not NF material. Even if they Come Home they’ll still have to go through the contact process if they want to work with us. If they won’t trust us we won’t trust them. If I am willing to risk ny entire migration effort along with possible legal censure in my country then what the hell is your excuse, buddy? I’d lose my job if it were discovered that I hold my people dear, on top of the rest.

    Again. Man up.

  20. Verity
    Jan 15, 2013

    Mr C. I currently live in the NorthWest. If you need anything please let me know. I can at least be boots on the ground for you, taking pictures, looking at hotels or Apartments for you, etc. It’s not much, but perhaps it will help.

  21. Barney
    Jan 15, 2013

    Some good points about Miss White, but as HAC says, we can never be sure unless we’ve actually met the person, and not always then.

    As for Miss White, she did arrive “ready made”, which tends to start the alarm bells ringing, but I’ll personally give her the benefit of the doubt for now. She did say she’s in a precarious position (as a school teacher), so she may well be exactly who she says she is, or she could just as easily be on Cass Sunstein’s payroll. We don’t know, so we each have to form our own opinions.


    Verity – Good point about taxes. Here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), retail profit margins range from 100% to 1,000% or more. If we pay £100 for something, we can be certain the retailer’s gross profit on that item is at least £50, and possibly as much as £90.

    The reasons for this (perhaps slightly over-simplified) are twofold.

    1 – jew greed.
    2 – taxes (all forms) and “interest” (which is a tax on borrowing).

    The more “generous” employers typically pay their workers between 7% and 9% of their real value to the company, and even this has approximately 30% tax deducted before we get it.

    Imagine a company employing 100 people and paying them 10% of what they really earn. That means the employer takes 100×90% from what these people bring in to the company. For every £100 paid in wages, the company keeps £9,000.

    Fair wages, fair prices and no taxes would mean everybody could live like a king (or queen). Having so much more disposable income would boost the economy too, meaning an end to unemployment and poverty.

    Greater spending power and a shorter working week would free people to create and invent in their free time, resulting in unimaginable advances in technology.

    Bluelight projectors? Space travel? Levitating vehicles? No problem! Given the opportunity – something the jews deny us at present – White inventiveness can achieve anything.

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