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A Word To The Wise, Possibly An Urgent Word

Uh, guys…

You haven’t forgotten the most important of all rules on the internet, have you? The fact that unless someone is personally known to you through physical, real-world contact. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO. None of you have forgotten that, right?

You also have not forgotten that just because an internet poster or e-mail contact or a Facebook ID CLAIMS to be female, that does not necessarily mean that he/she/it is in fact female, right? That there is no guarantee you’re not communicating with some 300-pound Comic Book Guy wearing lace panties and a sports bra as he sits behind the keyboard,  or with Norman Bates who is hearing voices in his head, or with a cop of some kind, or with the holy rabbi Hyman Heeblebaum from Temple-Schmuck-El who’s running a sting for the ADL, right?

You are all keeping this in mind?