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Organization Or Organism?

[This was received today on the Homeland blog. Any comments from the rest of you folks? – HAC]

I think the next big ‘steps backwards’ will be A) as Covington says, amnesty for illegal immigrants (which will then surely reveal the true extent of the non-Aryan invasion) and B) restrictions on gun ownership, probably starting with the restrictions on certain calibers (I.E. the restrictions will be staggered over tine).

I think the Northwest Front is going to have to start living up to its name and make the evolution-step from organism to organization. Being an unofficial agency for Aryan immigration to the Northwest is not working to the necessary degree and the domestic citizenship is not being utilized enough.

It’s about time the Northwest Front becomes a bona fide political pressure group aimed primarily and ultimately at bringing about secession. Existing sympathetic Northwesterners have to be sought out and brought into the ranks. Members have to work on promoting the cause of PNW secession in every and any way possible. Encouraging non PNW Europeans to emigrate to the secession zone should still be done, but as a division of the general stratagem, perhaps through setting up and inter-party Northwest Immigration Agency.

There needs to be more organization; a party should exist that is run like a well-oiled, disciplined, and committed business, focused like a laser on promoting, popularizing and realizing secession of the Pacific Northwest.

The existing idea just isn’t working in my opinion. The cogs have rusted, the engine has cooled.

Though it’s not perhaps the best example, the people of Russia were roused and rallied into eradicating that nation and forming the USSR in its place. More needs to be written on the obsolescence of the USA for European-Americans and that secession of the PNW is the logical answer and that European-Americans will gain the most from the realization of that goal. NW Revolutionaries WILL have to commit themselves to spreading the word in the PUBLIC forum. Internet conversation should only be allowed for those who pay a fee to do so. Local businesses that insist on hiring foreign workers should be picketed and demonstrations should take place to effect their reputation (the equivalent of Jews pulling advertising from newspapers that print commentary they don’t like). The Northwest Front needs to be seen by the public as an organization that actively works to improve the lot of Europeans in the PNW. Besides, it’s the only realistic way to combat the Jew media’s brainwashing bias. Ask the Golden Dawn.

All of the above comes from the point of view of a Briton. I expect all of the above will make almost all Americans (who’d rather waste time making pointless internet videos) squirm in their cushioned chairs with discomfort. If that’s truly the case, and I’m not just being pessimistic, then you might as well wrap up the Northwest Front now, Harold.