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Freedom’s Sons Is Finished

Hi, guys:

Okay, I have completed the fifth Northwest independence novel, Freedom’s Sons. I have done so by making Section V a grand total of nine pages in length. The total word length will be around 420,000 words now, although I haven’t put it all together yet.

 There are two reasons why I have ended the book earlier than I thought I would.

 First off, as you all know, I have for some time been confronted with a dilemma that can be summarized as follows: I can be a writer, or I can be National Organizer for the Northwest independence movement. I cannot be both. I simply don’t have the time to devote adequate attention to both tasks, with the result that I have been neglecting both.

There is a massive amount of stuff, a backlog, some of it which amounts to clerical work, but stuff that requires my full attention, or else what little we’ve been able to create will fall apart. I can no longer slough it off. Until someone is willing to step forward and assume the role of National Organizer, I’m it.

Writing is good, but it is time for the writing and fantasy to stop, and way past time for this thing of ours to be brought into the real world.

Secondly, I have to be brutally honest, guys: I am really burned out on this NVA thing. I’ve been having to force it for some time. I think Section III and Section IV are adequate and will improve with the final edit, but only adequate.

I mean it, guys, I’ve had it. The NVA well has run dry. You’ve got five novels now, and you’re going to have to make do. Enough. Time to get this show on the road. You’ll still be hearing a lot about Freedom’s Sons in the coming weeks, regarding online and book publication, etc., and I will still do one full edit from beginning to end, and make any changes I feel need to be made, but basically, this is it now, guys. Done and done.

Someone once wrote that any novel that doesn’t take two years of the author’s life isn’t worth reading. That’s what this one has taken almost to the day: I began it on Thanksgiving Day of 2010.

I’ll let you know when I have a finished product for you, even if only .pdf. Hope you’ll find it worth reading.