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RFN Music Note

Dear HAC:
Thank you for playing my song ‘Awakening’ on RFN #139.
I do not have anymore material like this at the moment; but if I do record any more I will send it to you. I am mainly playing folk songs from Britain and Ireland on the flute, and hope to form a band to promote indigenous White culture.
Best wishes

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  1. vanatori
    Oct 05, 2012

    if your gonna make a band about indigenous aryan culture, count me in. i probably haven’t been playing as long as you, but I do play alto saxophone. I know this is discussion for the future, but I just came back from a game, so this was definitely intriguing.

    (of course, not to mention the white race INVENTED the rules of music….. and all the instruments, and composed pieces using those rules, and played those pieces….need I say more? indigenous white music might as well be just called music)

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