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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

Radio Free Northwest – September 27th 1914

In this podcast Andy Donner speaks on Northwest Migration, Harold gives permission for anyone to use his work in advancement of the 14 Words, we hear Cyndi Steele’s speech on the courthouse steps after her husband’s convictions, then Gretchen talks about working for RFN and Harold babbles on for a bit.


  1. Germania Jim
    Sep 27, 2012

    You sound pretty awesome out there Andy. Here is hoping you can do a few more shows with Harold.

    Actually Harold, I for one will never tire of hearing about Edgar Steele and his voice on his numerous recordings. Im quite sure Edgars’ rare metals are sitting in various wall or floor safes that the silk suits so love to hide away with the rest of their ill gotten wealth they stole from the various ‘jobs’ they were assigned to.
    Edgar Steele should be considered as a modern day Paul Revere as he kind of is. The problem is that everyone who could make a difference are glued to their damn TV’s and their stupid nigger sports. Their outburst of protest will be laughed at as they are carted off to Obongos’ Fema camps by the men in the weird commando getups who tell them, ‘You had your chance”!

    I can tell you of one General who won’t be happy with this coming war of Armageddon and that is Gen. Dempsey, He flew over to Tel Aviv to tell the joos personally that he knows about the USS Liberty, he knows about 911 and not to bother trying another false flag . He won’t have it and he won’t be keeping it secret in the slightest. I can’t help but admire this guy. He’s got guts.

  2. NorthWest Patriot
    Sep 27, 2012

    I have this year left in school Harold, in Texas(Going to cry for this place when it falls) atm. Finishing up my degree is computer engineering. Will be up there by the summer of 2013.

  3. Douglas Pearson
    Sep 27, 2012

    Andy, I’d like to move within the month. I’d like to keep in contact if that’s alright with you. How is Trevor doing from Arizona? I’d like to hear more about him on the podcasts Harold. Everyone send in those files! I need help creating some of my own, can someone please help me do so? I need administrator access on this computer also, can anyone help me do that? I need to be able to do so without the cd key for Windows XP.

    I’ve got a message for all of you who are too scared to move that have houses that you can’t pay off. If you think things are going to get better, they’re not. Pack your things and move before it’s too late. If you honestly think that you have a chance where you are then you haven’t been listening to the podcasts have you? prepare for the final push for freedom. It is coming in October.

    Harold, you know that we need to talk, this has to happen, it is your duty to follow what you say so do it. I am sick and tired of waiting here in hell and I want out but I’d like to talk to the leader first, that is who you are and it is you job to deal with that and the duties that lie therein. I’ll be waiting. Anyone who would like to contact me can do so by asking Harold which email address I use on the list. Please do so, I’d like to see what we can acomplish together.

  4. practical guy
    Sep 28, 2012

    I love this initiative. But i’d like to take a step further than just moving west. I mean, in practical terms, how you might help to make it financially and practically possible for young whites to do this.

    What would be great to have here would be a guide on how to manage practically. I mean, lets say your 22 year old and live in arizona, you have a low payed job and not alot of savings but took a trip up there and found a job in oregon or idaho so you can get started. First off, do you take up a huge mortage to buy a home when you arrive? Or do you do anything you can to stay out of debt? Looking at the economy, i wouldnt dare going into debt now, i’d rather be in arizona a year or two, save up for a piece of land and a solar panel and solar water heater setup and aim at building an earth bag home or earth ship house with the goal of living off-grid, this can be built with very little cost since building mathereals are free and you can do the work yourself as long as you dont mind physical labour. How are laws regarding this in the different states up there?

    I belive debt is slavery and that your money should be saved in firearms and precious metals rather than look at housing as an investment, a house is where you live and you want as much comfort and independence for as little money as possible. This is not only a way of living very financially sound, but its also “green”, so it would appeal to the liberals up there as long as you dont waive the nazi flag, which im glad you dont do. I live abroad and its hard for me to move there in my situation, maybe some day in the future if immigration laws gets more laxed in your region, lets hope the hispanics and blacks hate us so much they want us to go to the northwest.

    If you have unemployed white guys that can do physical labour, this is a way of building might be what you might need to get a real community going there despite poor finances, both from immigrants and the local community. It could be a way to start a business. The only problem i see with this, is the local laws, you need to make sure everything you do is 100% legal.

    I highly recomend you look into this, first only for practical advice for immigrants, and maybe later on, as a business model and source of income. I dont know many businesses that do this yet, but as people adapt to a worsening economy and realize a “normal” house is something they will never aford or should risk going into debt for as purchasing power decline, i think demand for this way of living will grow.

  5. Billy B
    Sep 28, 2012

    Really enjoyed the podcast! outstanding as always.

  6. Steve the Elder
    Sep 28, 2012

    Texas has already fallen and is majority mexican. Don’t mess with it, righto

  7. Benny
    Sep 28, 2012

    In his UN speech this week, Benny said “we” have till next spring or next summer at the latest to start the Iran war. “We” isn’t going to just be the US and Israel. It’s the World against Iran. The UN and EU already has Iran under severe sanctions and 0b0ng0 is already putting the old Jugears war “Coalition of the Willing” back together. A US led alliance of dozens of nations have just finished up the largest naval exercise ever in the Persian Gulf.

    Yes, Iran is bigger than Iraq, but it is still just another sandnigger country with outdated imported equipment and crap that they have “sandnigger rigged” themselves. They will be crushed in no time. A pro-Western government will be restored to Iran as it had before the 1979 revolution not to long ago. Gas will shoot up a couple bucks for a few months at the beginning of the war, but then after Iran is defeated, it will drop back down to less than 2 dollars a gallon where it was only a few years ago.

    Even when 0b0ng0 is reelected, the G0P will still hold the House, and there will still be a deadlocked Senate with neither party having the 60 vote super majority needed for full control of the Senate, so the US will limp along for another 4 years with a divided government that doesn’t do anything else major one way or another.


  8. Frank Raymond
    Sep 28, 2012

    The “balloon” is closer than anyone thinks, but the mainspring behind it is the coming economic collapse, not the highly probable attack on Iran. That will be a reflexive reaction to the economic crisis. For over a century, the globalist powers that be (PTB) have created an artificial boom-and-bust cycle, the bust being depressions, and have in other ways looted the western economies, notably the US economy. Whenever the looting has rendered the social-economic unsustainable, they have had only one solution: another war. Hence this new Iran war.

    However, the fundamental issue is the economy. All white nationalists should understand that the US dollar has been the world’s medium of exchange. So the US federal reserve could print money, foreigners would send goods to the US in exchange for this pretty paper, confident that the pretty paper would buy goods for them in the international market. China has been sending goodies to the US consumer and using the greenbacks they get in return to, say, buy copper from Chile. But now the Ponzi scheme is over. The greenback is so debased that the foreign powers have dumped the dollar, and it is no longer the world’s reserve currency. Very soon, the newly printed greenbacks will not buy foreign goods, and the flow of goodies to Walmart will stop. This is the economic crash.

    A de-industrialized and socially dysfunctional US cannot meet the challenge of fixing house, despite the immense resources in the land. The PTB knows this, and has no solutions. On Sept 13, the Federal Reserve announced its bankruptcy: QE Infinity. It will print 40 billion dollars banknotes per month for an infinite period. THIS IS WHAT PEOPLE SHOULD LOOK AT. These are insane measures by an inept, desperate regime buying a few weeks of time. It is preparing for the civil unrest that will follow. On Sept 18, the homeland security department ordered 1.6 billion rounds of super-deadly ammo, as highlighted in the alternate media, such as Russia Today. The PTB has given up on keeping the people happy with bread and circuses, or at least bread, and is getting ready to rely on the mailed fist. It is seriously considering an Iran war, but this time it will not buy any time or temporary economic relief. The economic and social rot is too deep. The war component of the Ponzi scheme is over, no longer effective.

    Immediately after the elections will mark a new phase and historic change to a time of austerity, social chaos and heavy-handed repression. If there are actions against organizations like RFN, that is when they will take place. People will not get their pensions, and savings will have been wiped out. Solutions? Rely only on gold and silver, live close to arable land, and grow your own food. Form local communities that are self-sufficient. There is only one asset that is truly yours, and that is a skill, such as carpentry or electrical jobbing. Once again, the balloon is the collapse of a system that was sick and blood-sucked to death, and needed artificial life support and blood transfusions from abroad to sustain a decent standard of living. Like the sudden and devastating strike of a meteorite, the collapse has long been in the making. But, as QE Infinity signals, it is imminent.

  9. James
    Sep 28, 2012

    I’m not sure if it has been mentioned, but I think Steele himself might have offered the best explanation as to why he was targeted. An Idaho news reporter was given access to Steele for a video interview in which Steele claimed he sennt a copy of his book, Defensive Racism, to Eric Holder. This was in response to Holder stating their needed to be an open and honest debate about race in America. Steele suggested maybe he was being sent a message.

  10. Barney
    Sep 28, 2012

    Practical Guy – I like your thinking. Your proposal comes close to what the original pioneers must have done. Unfortunately, there’s one major obstacle. It’s called zog.

    I know nothing about building control in the US, but it’s probably similar to the kind of crap we get here in Britain. First you have to buy the land from the jews that stole it in the first place, and then you have to apply for planning permission. That means having detailed plans drawn up by some kind of jew “expert” (code for rip-off merchant), and then pay the jew council to “approve” the plans. If they don’t like them, you’re back to the planning stage.

    There’s likely to be a lot of “legal work” too, which means some kike charging a week’s wage for every hour “or part thereof” that he spends sitting on his backside twiddling his thumbs and thinking about your project, while his secretary does all the “work” (writing a few letters) in her tea break.

    Depending on what the land was used for prior to your purchase (farmland for example), you may not be allowed to build at all.

    Foundations have to be laid as specified by zog. Walls have to be of certain approved materials and built to specified heights. Steel joists (RSJs) have to be used wherever zog says, and of the size and thickness zog specifies. The steels have to sit on a special type of stone on top of a wall, not on the wall itself. Timbers of a specified size have to be used. Drains have to be installed, whether you want them or not. There has to be a mains water supply whether you want one or not, and if there isn’t one, you won’t be allowed to live in the house because it will be condemned as “uninhabitable”.

    I could go on, and I only know a tiny fraction of the obstacles zog puts in people’s way.

    Not too far from where I am is one of a number of sites where people were allowed to build their own homes as an “experiment”. That was probably just after WW2 when there was a housing shortage. Still there were regulations of course, but the experiment was so successful that zog changed the law to prevent it ever happening again. They don’t want people building their own homes because there’s less money going into jew pockets when that happens.

    I’d love to live in the republic when it exists, with it’s sane laws, and I’d join the NVA if I could, even if it meant being killed in the war of independence. It would be worth it to have been able to help make it happen. Unfortunately I’m too old and stuck on the wrong side of the Atlantic.

    I do what I can though, even if it’s only spreading the word and sharing ideas. We can all play our part, however small.

  11. Steve the Elder
    Sep 29, 2012

    Hey Bennie, you better make fast tracks to look up (on Google) the Sunburn and the Onyx ship killer missiles and the new cruise missiles the Iranians have. So many experts, so few military tech students

  12. Miss White
    Sep 29, 2012

    Germania Jim said, “…Everyone who could make a difference are glued to their damn TV’s and their stupid nigger sports. Their outburst of protest will be laughed at as they are carted off to Obongos’ Fema camps by the men in the weird commando getups who tell them, ‘You had your chance”!”

    Very true. You can count on them rubbing our stupidity in our faces as they drag us off to live a short, painful captive life where we will spend every moment regretting our lack of action in previous years.

    “Why were you so dumb as to trust us?” they’ll say.

    The same people who laughed ALL conspiracy theorists off as lunatics will laugh at us for being so dumb as to think the evil people of the world would not band together against us just because SOME conspiracy theorists actually are wrong or visibly crazy.

    The same people who vehemently denied that any one racial – excuse me – “religious” group controls the media, the school curriculum, and the legal system will laugh at us for believing them when the truth was so obvious to anyone willing to research the question ever so little.

    Indeed, once we are beyond hope, we will all see the other side of them that only a few of us have already seen today.

    You know they’ll just steer clear of that general now, right? I think the really gutsy thing to do would have been to prudently remain silent and wait to actually blow the horn when they try something. By making his intentions clear, he let them know he is no threat to them as long as they make sure he isn’t around when they do their thing. He may as well have said, “Go ahead, just don’t get me involved.” Maybe he is playing the role of white comrade, and doesn’t want to have to rat them out to keep to his agenda. If so, he has done well by letting us see him as a hero while he warns them to steer clear of him so he can continue with his mission, whatever that may be. If he is one of them, then he took no risks by saying what he said. It only appears so.

    I second what Douglas Pearson said, Harold – we’d like a Trevor update. Please tell us that he made it up there alright.

  13. Miss White
    Sep 29, 2012

    Practical Guy, you give very practical advice. We need to make the whole idea practical. How should we go about this? What would a young country need to make it in the world? We need hard work and perseverence.
    We need allies.
    We need oil.
    All three of those things. Let me elaborate on ways to get these three critical things.

    1. Hard Work and Perseverence
    Listen to Harold’s pod casts often. He is good at giving us our daily kick in the pants to get moving and get active. As far as hard work, most work does not have to be hard! The trick is getting started and having the right frame of mind to enjoy your work. Forget everything you learned from your teachers with an agenda or who were brainwashed themselves about how you hate work as much as they do. You don’t. It isn’t your racial nature to hate work. You may hate it out of habit when you start it, but if you can work with some comrades who have a healthy love of work and have their eyes on the prize, you will soon find that it feels very good to work!

    2. Allies
    A small new country realistically needs more than just some forests to supply what it needs. We shouldn’t turn our land into Haiti through complete deforestation in our attempt to win. That won’t earn us anything but a new desert we can’t even defend. Read about Haiti if you want to know how that worked out for the black Haitians. They would all be dead if the white man wasn’t shipping food and other resources over there every day to make it look like they didn’t fail after they murdered their white leaders. We need skillful diplomacy. We need countries who are our allies, who help us, and whom we help in return. Russia is a great option, in my opinion. Russia, along with other countries, has pledged to help Iran in the event of an attack. So if Iran is attacked, it won’t just be Iran against the world, but rather it will be World War III. Iran is not powerful alone, but with its allies, it has some hope of survival. With that said, if you don’t know any Russian, begin studying it today.

    3. Oil
    Without vast amounts of oil, we have no chance. We can work very diligently and build a massive amount of machinery, but without oil, it will not move! So again, we should make it our goal to be friends with the Russians. In return, they may sell us some of their abundant supply of oil. Study Russian! Become obsessed with Russian, and make friends with Russians. Russians make great friends. Many of them are Nationalists. They are just across the sea, so they will be able to reach us with their beautiful oil barges. And they have lots of gold. Perhaps some is up for sale to friend countries.

    Without an ally who has oil, that factory employing young whites will soon stop running. But we do need that factory too. So after you have done your daily Russian studies, please consider whether you may be someone who could start such a factory.

    Let’s assume we don’t already have a few factories. If I knew about factories that we already have, I certainly couldn’t say it here. That would ruin them. But the point is, we need factories. So please give it some consideration. As far as I know (and I rightfully don’t know much,) Harold’s surface team urgently needs a factory. This will offer jobs to those coming home through him who are in need of work. It will also greatly inspire more whites to come join our ranks. Help start a new factory today and give many noble comrades a chance to start a new life. Any factories intended for Harold’s surface team need to go through Harold.

    Practical guy said, “Do you take up a huge mortage to buy a home when you arrive?” NOOO!!! No one should be buying things they can’t afford. Get a residence you can afford to live in. Whites around the country foreclosing have opened the doors wide for foreigners around the world to purchase American homes cheap and come live in even our newest, largest homes. Somehow these homes are offered to them and not us. I suppose they can’t bar us from attending foreclosure auctions, but they don’t let us know much about them. The foreclosed homes must be shown in beautiful color image on their third world televisions or something, because somehow they get the homes and not us. If you can afford to live off the grid, that’s wonderful.

  14. Miss White
    Sep 29, 2012

    Benny, Iran has allies. It is an Iranian Nationalist country. Its president is openly anti-Zionist. That’s why CNN cut his speech very short and said he was spewing hate speech. Anyone who listened to his whole speech (instead of reading what CNN put on the screen as they showed him briefly) could hear that he spoke of a peaceful UN without Zionist monopoly. So Iranians in general, even though they are dark desert people, have not earned to be referred to as sand niggers. They are potential oil-rich allies, and must be respected if only for diplomatic reasons. We can’t rely on fighting off the world. We do need friends. We won’t have their babies, but we can fight with them for freedom. Study the Waffen SS. It was not all German! It was made up of Nationalists from about 30 different countries. Each man was fighting for his own race and nation, but together they made up a very powerful army. Germans and Muslims fought together for the righteous Cause of Nationalism. Together we stand; divided we fall. Together we could fall too, but at the very least we’ll put up one hell of a fight!

    Russia is Iran’s ally. Do you think Russia will be our ally if we insult their ally Iran for no other reason than that we are diplomatically ignorant? We need Russia’s help. They don’t need us yet. Keep that in mind and save the “n” word for appropriate situations. Learn the meaning of diplomacy so that you can begin to speak in terms of the world and its past and future instead of in terms of your own spontaneous inclinations. Telling your daughter why not to procreate with Iranians is one thing. Publically insulting the Iranians should only be done if it is diplomatically expedient. It isn’t.

  15. Kenny Lane
    Sep 29, 2012

    Once again great podcast Harold.
    I’ve been thinking very hard about the comments you made concerning the fact that it seems more white people outside the United States are making greater strides to relocate to the American northwest than U.S. citizens themselves. I myself am wanting and planning to move their soon. In fact I have a job already possibly waiting for me if I’m willing to take a little temporary cut in pay. Here’s what I think the problem is based on what I am currently going through right now. My wife and I for the last 3 years have just now finally gotten our heads above water financially. We both have really good payng jobs in spite of the Obama depression. Our oldest daughter is about to start college, and we finally feel comfortable and settled after moving around several times earlier in our marriage and constantly struggling with a huge debt. We’ve been to the northwest, in fact I lived in British Columbia when I was a kid. We love it up there and we ARE planning to move, but it’s been really tough. We keep going back and forth on it, but we know deep down that’s where we’ll end up, because we know if we don’t hurry the fuck up and get outta here our grandkids will most likely be darker than us and speaking Spanish. And of course my wife’s family are real adamant about how we have a “responsibility” to stay close and be part of the family even though most of them are in extremely Ill health or dead.
    The fact is in my personal experience things as they are for me personally ar just to good right now. The part of me that wants to hang on to everything I have FINALLY been able to gain for myself wants to stay in spite of the blatant reality I see right in front of my face glaring at me like a cobra ready to strike. I see the danger all around me yet it’s so easy to want to stay comfortable in my nice house with my beautiful white wife, my beautiful white daughters, my two cars and even my two dogs. I’m finally living the “American Dream” after all the struggle I went through but my neighborhood and city is rapidly turning into a ghetto. I feel I have no choice, I have to get my family to the northwest if I stand any chance of my daughters marrying white men. When my wife and I were in financial hardship it wasn’t that hard for us to move, because we were always moving to some place we thought we had a better opportunity. But now it’s different, and I think a lot of the listeners are middle aged white people like myself who have finally become racially aware but they’re comfortable and settled where their at and the thought of having to uproot again just plane scares them.
    Believe me I get it! I get it just as much as the Canadians and Europens do, but it’s been really hard for me to want to give all this up, especially since I haven’t really had it that long. And I know that things will be even better in the homeland once I get established there.
    I don’t know if this is anywhere close to what other American listeners are dealing with but this could be a valid explanation. Most of us already financially struggle and I think a lot of us are afraid that making a move like that will only make things worse. What I have to do for myself is keep reminding myself what it means for my family and race, and if I don’t make the move I will be helping contribute the extinction of my race.

  16. Amenophis
    Sep 29, 2012

    I’m proud on my countrymen. They have rejected great kike from Tinsel town which wanted to talk to their cildren about his experience in Auschwitz. Parents boycotted that in our king’town Knin in Croatia /Europe/. Jews are now raving and screaming about, but young mayor /girl/ of Knin said the parents were right, because the Jew-producer (branko Lustig, honnored by his red sea pedestrians wiiith oscar) have talked that God did not exist.
    There are many fronts dear brethren Northmen. A little battle is won, here in south-eastern Europe.

  17. Sven
    Sep 29, 2012

    Speaking of NWFront videos, please check out the latest NVA series youtube clip:


  18. Steve the Elder
    Sep 30, 2012

  19. cabbage head
    Sep 30, 2012

    Hey everyone! Is anyone listening from NC?

  20. Mike
    Sep 30, 2012

    Benny, there are so many factors that you haven’t taken into account that it really boggles the mind. For starters, Iran is not just another ‘sandnigger’ country. Please read up on your history reggarding their ethnic composition. Also, no mention of Russian and Chinese business interest in the region? Their selling of weapons or technologies to Iran. The fact the a defensive prolong war is in Iran’s favor. What about the collapsing American economy? The total ‘third worldization’, police state conditions, etc, etc… Many of the so called “Coalition of the Willing” need Iranian oil. How long can they last without it? So many factors are in Iran’s side to just brush them aside.

  21. Miss White
    Oct 01, 2012


    See if you can wrap your mind around this, because it means the eventual loss of your home unless we create a safe land in the Northwest:

    So the Federal Reserve will be buying $40 billion of US housing debt from banks every month indefinitely. It will not be buying it with money, but with electronic dept. IOU’s on the computer.

    Seem like a good solution to you? They aren’t printing money, after all, just letting themselves be considered many billions of dollars in debt. So why is this a problem?

    The banks will act as though they have actually received that money. So they will issue loans to the common man for that amount plus interest. In other words, the debt will be passed onto any poor fool ignorant enough to take out a loan from today’s banks.

    There is no shortage of ignorant fools willing to inhabit a big house they can’t afford if they don’t have to make any big payments on it for a long time.

    Since the Federal Bank did not print the money, it doesn’t exist. It isn’t in circulation. So that poor average Joe in “his” beautiful house with his family will foreclose, and our country will be that much more in debt. If he doesn’t foreclose, it will mean he actually did make enough money, and someone else is without a home. Because the money has to come from somewhere, and it wasn’t printed.

    The Federal Reserve will own lots of US housing debt, along with the foreign countries that already own it. But it will have created more, and can buy that with non-existant money too, because the $40 billion in housing debt purchases per month are not scheduled to ever end.

    This will, of course, lead to drastically lower wages all around, higher food costs, etc. until every home in the US forecloses. Because attempts will be made to pay back the Federal Reserve with real money in exchange for the fake money it loaned out. So we will simply have less to go around.

    And once the Federal Reserve owns ALL the homes in the US, we will be at its mercy as far as being permitted to live in one of the homes. No one will own a home anymore.

    I suppose when buying $40 billion per month of housing debt isn’t enough for the Federal Reserve to artificially inflate our economy and add more excrement to the pile that will end up shattering the fan, it will simply increase this to $80 billion per month.

    Q: Why do they want to own all the homes in the US? And why are we letting them do this?

    A: Why wouldn’t they want to? Power seeks power. We are letting them do it because we are shamefully uninformed.

  22. bluegrass
    Oct 01, 2012

    Hey everyone, I find a short video that may give you a small injection of racial pride.

    Sometimes, modern America thoroughly drains my spiritual strength. The constant faces of non-whites in the streets, the plethora of swaggering negro men and their brainwashed white women at their hip, the tasteless Jewish filth on T.V.: I’ve had to learn an almost meditative style of earthly indifference in order to keep these things from breaking me.

    Instead, what I cannot fight is that creeping sense that we’re just gone, that it’s all over. That feeling that we’ve reached some critically low-proportion of racially aware Whites and that it’s the point of no return for the greatest race to ever exist. I used to be a political wind-bag to my family and friends, but I just can’t do it anymore. That want to argue politics, but I’ve simply started to say: “there’s nothing I can discuss with you”.

    They ask why, to which I reply with something along the lines of: “Any White man willing to let his children grow into a non-White world is a man lost to me.”

    I can’t argue with these people anymore, I have nothing to say to them. The “rose-colored glasses” excuse doesn’t cut it anymore. Perhaps their T.V. shows a post-racial utopia, but they still fear driving through the negro part of town, still despise the A.A. minorities in their colleges, still despise the mestizos driving down their wages.

    So, they’re simply lying. They’re lying about accepting a world and a future that they ultimately fear.

    Then, I watch videos like these: (http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=K5uQcU92x2o) and I know that the spark is not dead yet. It is a whimper, yet it is there, and no matter how dim it shines in this darkness, it is still fueled by the same source that made the Norse and the Celt.

    In the eyes of the enemy, their objectives will not be complete until we are eradicated both physically and spiritually. Thus, we need only stand our ground and keep our minds pure for us to continue this fight.

    Ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

  23. Barney
    Oct 02, 2012

    Amenophis – I don’t remember now exactly when it was, but I was in Slovenia the year before they declared independence, and I was impressed by the people I met and the country itself. I could live very happily in a place like that, and I’m sure Croatia would be equally pleasant. I can identify with your people, and I wish you well.

    I was proud for the Slovenians when they had a (fifty mile?) column of (Serbian?) tanks trapped between a couple of land mines defended by snipers. All that artillery neutralised by just a few real warriors who didn’t even have to kill people to do it.

    We can learn a lot from the people of the countries that collectively used to be called Jugoslavija (Yugoslavia).

    For those who don’t know, the story, admittedly as reported in the lying British jewspapers, was that the column of tanks was halted by a mine in the road, which was defended by snipers to prevent it’s removal, and then another mine was placed behind the column, again defended by snipers.


    Miss White – I’m not disagreeing with you about the need for oil, but once the republic is established, hemp is a superior alternative, whether for use as fuel, lubricants or plastics. It can also provide textiles. Best of all, it is said to be easily grown (apparently it was once grown on a large scale here in Britain) and is non-polluting.

    We’ll need oil for a while, but hemp can ultimately free us from that Rothschild (wrath-child) monopoly.

  24. Steve the Elder
    Oct 02, 2012

    Miss White.. peak oil is a scam.. like the diamond market. Alaska alone has a 500 year supply for the USA (at our current rate of use) tapped and being hidden, and oil is abiotic, meaning it is renewable. It is created by geothermal processes and drained and capped wells usually refill, given time

  25. Miss White
    Oct 02, 2012

    Barney, I too have heard that the hemp plant is incredibly useful. Of course until we have everything under control and have some years to study things like how to make cars, planes, and tanks that run on hemp, we will be relying on the old style ones, which can’t run without oil. So it would be very good if we were friends with the Russians.

    I really haven’t studied a lot of the alternative oils people talk about, but I have learned that at least some of them require lots of energy to refine. This energy comes from an oil-powered plant. So technically nothing much is being accomplished when this alternative fuel is burned: you still needed good old oil to create it.

    Steve The Elder, what happens after 500 years? We go back into the stone age? Because the rest of the world will be burning its oil too, and even if it lasts another thousand years, it seems that something important which takes longer than we know to form in the earth should be used more sparingly. If it could last 500 years meeting our current standards of consumption, we ought to try to stretch it out a whole lot longer. 500 years is not very long if you take all time into consideration. The older generation knew how to use things sparingly and make each drop count, of whatever they were dealing with. We should save the oil for tanks, fighter planes, and tractors so that we can defend ourselves as long as possible.

    Even if we owned Alaska and you went up there personally, with tools for calculating the amount of oil in the ground, with something this critical to the eternal survival of our people, you should doubt the accuracy of your calculations. Because an error would be our death. I don’t know how much more oil the world has for us, and I don’t believe anyone here really does. Because no one has seen it. Russia has lots of oil ready to burn though, and they are very nice people. I would love to see us give diplomacy a try. We need allies, and we need oil right from the start to secure the homeland. There’s just no getting around it. No country is independent in the sense that it has no friends. The world quickly consumes any such country. The world will always be more powerful than any one country. We need friends!!!

  26. practical guy
    Oct 03, 2012

    Thank you for the replies here!

    Well, im aware the one single thing that could be a problem are local laws regarding building houses and what kind of houses you are allowed to build. That is why someone in the area should to look up these laws, and maybe make some kind of map so people can have a fairly good idea what state, counties etc you should look for land if you want to build this. Im 100% sure you will find areas this can be done, and where you basically just buy a few acres and start to build a super adobe house / earth bag home, at a property where you have the possibility to grow your own food and have access to water and firewood for heating / energy. If the house is well thought out, you would neither need air condition or much heating, because a super adobe house or earth bag house is so well insulated against the elements its not necessery, the walls are even more or less bullet proof and tests have proven it to manage well in earthquakes. It needs to breathe though, so in a very wet enviroment, you will have to adjust how you build to this fact. You would build the house differently in the dry areas of idaho compared to a rainy place like seattle.

    What costs are the land itself, but enough acres to live sustainable shouldnt be that expensive, provided you are allowed to live there. You want 10-30 acres if you want to be completely off grid, or you could get a smaller piece of land and be on-grid and still have a cheap house, but id want to be off grid myself. Building the house itself should be practically free. Solar panel prices are getting lower and lower, you can find used second hand batteries thats been in forklifts etc thats too poor for running a forklift but works excellent as a store of eletricity in a solar setup (just make sure you have the right type of battery for your solar setup), but dont save money on the inverter. You can use firewood and a gasification unit to charge the batteries in low sunlight. A solar water heater should pretty much cover heating the tapwater but you also want a firewood solution or similar in cold winters, running both it and the solar water heater system that heats a large well insulated tank of water that works as a heat buffer. The only wiring you really would need into your home, is a phone cable, unless you use a satelite or wireless internet system. The only plumming would be from a water well or other water source with a filtration unit into the house, and separate gray water out to the garden from the toilet you run out to a septic tank, hook it up to the regular grid or go the cheap old fashion way with it.

    This doesnt need to cost that much if you save up on front, not in dollars since its being inflated and will be weaker and weaker, but in silver and firearms that keep purchasing power. You should promote sustainable, enviromentally friendly living and housing, it can be done and its the cheapest way for a young family to get started in life. It takes physical work, but all the work will benifit YOU, and work is something good if theres a lack of it and what you can find of work is low payed for the energy you put into it and heavily taxed, which is how it is for young people these days. Why not put less energy into paying tax and keep the repressive system running that gives less and less in return to you for your work, and opt out to do things that benifit yourself and your family? You will have a healthy economy plus you live healthy and eat healthy, and you will spend more time at home around your family and community, rather than work as a slave at mcdonalds to pay rent on your apartment. That lifestyle gets you nowhere.

  27. practical guy
    Oct 03, 2012

    To Miss White:

    Yes, russians could potencially become allies, and i think greece, hungary and more will become potencial allies aswell because it looks to me the enthusiasm around the EU project and multiculturalism are sinking rapidly. The worse the economy gets, the more anger and resent there will be against these federalists and globalists, and the more hope it is for a project like this to succeed. People are starting to wake up, and the corrupt government reply with force, which increase resentment even more. This will be a battle to continue for a while.

    Whats most valuable now is firearms and ammunition, buy while its still legal. I doubt it will be after the election. Silver is more speculative, it will go up when you expect inflation and down when you expect deflation (like this spring/summer, now its up again from $26 to $35 last i checked and it will continue up as long as theres QE3), but in the long run, allways gain value against the dollar, because the supply of silver is limited, while they print more and more dollars, so it will take more and more dollars to buy silver. This, and for the reason it actually is money and excellent in a barter economy you should build your community around (legal and tax free), is why you should buy silver. Its stable and will only be more valuable in a world of financial chaos and destruction. And it will allways have value independent of laws, because the russians and chinese accumulate it, since it makes their economy more stable and less easy to attack with economical warfare, like what americans do to the iranian currency now. It also seem to go towards a global currency, probably from china, replacing the dollar, and it will be backed by gold, and have silver as a stepping stone up to gold. So while prices will go up and down, and not as much up as it has to now since its bottom, but it will still be a good investment and continue up further in the long run. Another good investment now is simply food, if you simply stock up on freezedried, because you can expect food costs to go up dramatically.

    And i say hard work because most people are used to office work etc, not manual labour. You shouldnt need to harm your back though, theres not much heavy lifting involved. The super adobe houses was made by scientists for everyone to copy, and exactly to provide a way of building normal people and families can do themselves. And if you have a family and involve all of them in you on building project, let them decide how they want the house to look etc, it will be more enjoyable and strenghten your family bonds, as well as with community that might help, and you help them in return.

    First thing is to move there. But this is how you must start in practical terms. You need to look hard at how to build a community and an economy among yourselves that benifits you, take advantage of having friends there and get help and give help. If your a mechanic, fix cars for your friend, and if your friend is a carpenter, he might help you with your roof in return. And there are libertarian types / survivalists / preppers in the area you can trade with and learn from aswell that will share alot of your mindset and goals.

  28. H. Scott
    Oct 03, 2012

    Hi. I’m the asshole at IP address who always signs Hadding’s name, even though I’m not really him. Nobody ever told me that my IP address shows up when I post here, and that Harold can locate me (or at least locate my computer) from that IP address. I’m pretty dumb, if you want to know the truth.

  29. Steve the Elder
    Oct 04, 2012

    Look into Insulated concrete forms if you have the money to build one.. not much more than stick construction, fire and bullet proof

  30. Amenophis
    Oct 04, 2012

    @ Barney:thank you. The life here really could be very good and easy but it is not. We almost have not any niggers but 2 of them already work on national broadcast company. We have perhaps couple of thousands of kikes but they are every day more and more important, and so it is with all of things. PC and ZOG mind try and in general succes to prevail and to shape opinion of the masses. H. P. Lovecraft put this possibilities of downtrod of one low developed country in greatest literary works and HAC recognized it nevertheless briliantly. Maybe there is a hope. Couple of months ago a kike wanted to buy the great wineyard factory and was rejected. When I inquired about that in the society of completely racial unaaware people, it was obvious that they, althought unaware, had a instinct against that allien predators. But that nerve is completely lacking in our politicians who only want to get some Brussels (EU) price for themselves.

  31. Reg Natarajan
    Oct 05, 2012

    Harold, you have called me a homosexual Communist wog. I am not a Communist.

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