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Radio Free Northwest – September 20th 1914

In this podcast HAC dishes on the elections, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a biography of Ezra Pound, Lord Lucan and HAC rap about cannibalism in England and whether or not Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II is a covert Satanist, and Harold talks about the coming Iran apocalypse.


  1. Headstrong
    Sep 19, 2012

    If it doesn’t happen before the election I would guess that the next most likely time period would be around March 20th. Iraq, Libya, and I think a couple other conflicts kicked off right around this date and if I remember correctly it has something to do with the death cult religion of our peace loving overlords. This is just my guess though. I thought it was going to happen last year when I was reading about Iran trading oil in other currencies than the dollar (just like Saddam and Gaddafi).


  2. Theodore Karavatsis
    Sep 19, 2012

    An outstanding podcast once again, Harold.

  3. Miss White
    Sep 19, 2012

    Excellent song, Comrade Brand! You have a very good voice and sense of pitch, and the piano is tastefully played. Harold, I liked the mix of Brand’s song. The piano in the foreground at the beginning of the song sounds like it is talking, because there is a quiet voice emerging from its notes. The quiet voice is like the weak voice of our people who know somewhere in their minds that something is wrong. On the words, “…it’s time that we FOUGHT BACK!” the voice grows strong, as we hope that the voice of our people will do soon. And the chord progression does not resolve in the end, because we have not yet fulfilled our destiny.

    Songs like the Italian one you played bring tears to my eyes, because I feel like a neutered animal who knows what it has been denied in life. I can only hear the voices and music of the kind of people I belong with, but can never be with them. It is an endless longing. I truly was born in the wrong time and place for me, but perhaps it must be this way for the good of the Cause. I like to think about the possibility that I consciously made this decision long before I was born. Because I would make the same decision again.

    I listened to the story about the teacher Ezra Pound with great hopes that his life would parallel mine in some way, and I would find answers as to what I should do with my life in the long run. No such luck 😛 If anything, at least I heard about some things I should NOT do to end up regretting everything.

    I just want to clarify to you guys that although I am a teacher, I am indeed wild and free. My decision to remain a teacher at this time is a conscious one that was made after some contemplation about what is better for both me and for the Cause. Both paths led to the same conclusion. Things like having savings instead of being broke are valid reasons for remaining at a job, as far as I can tell. It’s been so long since I had more income than I needed to spend on food in a week that I really need to save something up now. Being a teacher includes everything that goes with it, including (barf) political correctness. I don’t name names unless I really think I can get away with it, but I know the truth in my heart and who knows – maybe among some others too 🙂 And you who speak freely don’t have to trust me. Heck, I don’t trust anyone either. But I’m not only here for me, so that’s okay. If we can learn anything from each other, then it is worth my being here.
    _______end of declaration________

    Just as an afterthought, there’s so much potential for funny and awesome songs when you CAN speak freely and name names. Maybe someone here can take that and run with it? A certain word I am thinking of rhymes with so many other things, if only one could say it… I’d say use it, and one time save it for the end of a verse so that it really surprises people what you chose to rhyme the other word with (whatever that not particularly meaningful word may be.)

    “Anger can be good but only if you control it and use it appropriately. It is like fire. Used wildly it is basically suicide.. can you gain self mastery?”

    This brilliant quote is from The Brigade, right? It did strike me as brilliant. Yet I would like to modify it, if I may. Change the word “wildly” to “carelessly.” There is a difference. Please realize that wildness is a GOOD thing! Wild animals are not crazy, but just the opposite. And we can learn from them. Wild animals do not permit themselves to be controlled by man. They make their own decisions. If you try to cage them in, they would rather jump through a pane of glass toward freedom than remain your prisoner. Then there’s the classic case of the wild animal kept as a pet. When you try to cuddle with it, it may decide it’s had enough of you thinking you love it just because it’s furry, and thinking you have a right to touch its proud fur without its permission. If you really don’t know it or respect it and its freedom as it believes it deserves, it may very well then take the opportunity of the close proximity to bite you and reveal a hate that it had previously been scared to show. Wild animals are who they were meant to be – free animals. Why can’t our kind think as wildly and freely as they do? We were meant to be wild as well, but I fear I may be the only one who actually knows what wild really means! For us it means:


    Civilized? Yes. (Why not, if we make the choice freely and naturally for the benefit of all our kind, as wild ants work together to build their community homes?)

    Working together as a race? Yes. (Think: species.)

    Territorial? Yes. (I think there is only one race of humans that is not naturally territorial. The rest of us are extremely weak and vulnerable when we are not united as a country. And when we are, we are almost undefeatable.)

    Able to be controlled or manipulated by any other race? NO!!! Once this describes the Aryan man, he is no longer wild, but domesticated. This is about the most humiliating thing that can happen to a man, yet he is always totally unaware of it. Can that which is domesticated be made wild again? Yes, domesticated beings have been successfully reintroduced to the wild. It isn’t easy, but it can be done.
    _____end of definition_____

    Using the fire of anger wildly is exactly what we should be doing. But we should never use it carelessly.

    What is the freedom that Comrade Brand sings of? We must define it, or it has no meaning. It means that we long to be wild, united, exclusive, territorial, voluntarily civilized and great… indeed we long for the freedom to know and to be who we really are!

    This post makes me feel like singing two songs:

    Get Off Our Land

    Hey! You! Watcha doin’ here, “yo”?
    Look! Now! What’s that in the sky?
    It*s not a bird or plane. It’s not a super hero.
    When you see the tricolors, you know you can’t walk by.


    Turn! March! It’s time for you to go.
    What? No? I warn you, I’m not shy.
    We said this is our land. We meant it, as you know.
    Since we said don’t come here, only fools still try.

    Yeah! Scram! My face is all aglow 🙂
    Bye! “Peace!” That’s incidentally why.
    That’s why you had to leave. There’s peace where this flag blows.
    Blue and white and green; it’s easy as eins, zwei, drei!

    Wild White Men

    Think a moment about the ads with which we’re always inundated.

    Think of how the truth is confused in our schools and in the news.

    We think being domesticated is really very overrated.

    We don’t want our thoughts abused, and we don’t want to share their views.

    Not confused by the news,

    Not domesticated.

    We are free cause we want to be

    Even if we’re hated.

    If you don’t already know, that TV has got to go.

    Channels claiming to be free are still approved for you to see.

    When a wild white man’s computer tries to chain him down,

    Pretty soon that damned computer may come crashing to the ground

    No TV or seldomly,
Not chained to a mouse.

    Anything we can’t control

    Has no place in the house.

    When your thoughts are truly free, then you’re wild, you’re complete.
No chains, real or otherwise. You don’t buy into any lies.

    Wild white men are like wild ants except with creativity.

    Together we are civilized, but we can’t be compromised.

    Truly free and complete,
    No chains for our minds.

    Yet selfless like the ants

    With comradeship that binds.

  4. Germania Jim
    Sep 19, 2012

    Unfortunately, I have to agree and say the nigger will be making another term in the White House.

    I also found Ezra Pound a truly inspiring and extremely interesting person to read about as well.
    Thank you Gretschen.

    I remember reading about that case in Belgium, I also read about one of the surviving children who lived to tell about how she had lived and survived to tell her tale. They went after this little girl to say she was nuts and made up the whole thing which was far from the truth. She even took them to a room where she was held and described certain rich men whom I am quite sure were mostly filthy jews.

    I had to think of Harold when I heard about that teenage terrorist that was ‘caught’ by the FBI.in Chicago this past week. I knew even before they said so that the FBI was paying an guy to buy a bomb that was a dud and then most likely drove him right to the mall he had planned to bomb and just before the moment of truth , had him arrested. I thought of Harold when he has said on so many occasions about the FBI having to arrest ‘terrorists’ in order to maintain their budgets and make sure the money keeps coming in to guarantee them their work. Its always some dumb sap who pays the price. I have lost all sympathy for these morons as if they dont know by now the FBI is involved or at least smell the bastards before hand then they shouldn’t be doing what they are doing to begin with.

  5. Steve the Elder
    Sep 19, 2012

    Actually that tidbit came from my own little noggin, Miss White. I like your enthusiasm so hang in there

  6. Taut
    Sep 19, 2012

  7. OSI
    Sep 19, 2012

    Great song from Mr. Brand. We need to get that up on ye olde JudenKanal and start spreading it around.

    I vaguely recall the Dutroux case primarily, I suppose, due to the apparent ethnic makeup of the perp & co. I’m not inclined towards conspiracy theories normally but when it comes to criminal networks and children I’m more than willing to consider the possibility. http://bit.ly/T5UiMk

  8. ReCheck UK
    Sep 20, 2012

    Israel Paints Iran as Enemy No. 1 Since 1992

    Great show as normal..

  9. Dragontracker
    Sep 20, 2012


    Gretchen, keep up the good work, liked the ezra pound report! you did good!!!


  10. Big Sid
    Sep 20, 2012

    ReCheck UK: No offence mate, but my country is called Great Britain not farty UK.

  11. Big Sid
    Sep 20, 2012

    Forgot to say Harold, Great Podcast as usual.

  12. Miss White
    Sep 24, 2012

    Why do we have so little to say about the impending world war? Is it because we know nothing about it and are nervous about it?

    It’s really something how some things never change, isn’t it? We as a people are still every bit as able to be blindly led into war as we ever were.

    I guess they let us live because we are useful around the world as warriors, as well as inventors. We always step up to do the dirty work of fighting and dying. Then we are permitted to thrive again for a few generations so that there will be more of us to fight and die in the next war. And we never catch on …that is, except for an unlucky few of us who can only watch in disgust as the whole cycle plays out again exactly as it always has since our old continent was first infiltrated.

  13. donothingwn
    Sep 26, 2012

    I’ve had that song stuck in my head since the podcast. I hope its played again!

  14. Brandon. Ingle
    Sep 26, 2012

    off topic- last night i was flipping channels and stumbled across a tv show called “Sons of Anarchy” the program was supposed to be about a white biker club, but what i witnessed infact was nothing but scene after sickening scene of whites being brutally murdered in various disturbing ways by blacks.. in one scene it actually dipicted a young white girl being burned alive by a group of blacks while her father was bound and forced to watch, at this point i was sick at my stomach and quickly changed the channel, wishing for the rest of the night i had done so immediately upon stopping on this channel, but i remember thinking about how true to life this tv show was, every day there’s some sort of blood curdling murder of a white by a black or groups of blacks and there is no justice naturally and as always the only white person who seems to care or even notice this disturbing trend is me… its amazing how even television programs depict what is happening to us and yet still not so much as a handful of whites will speak out about it.

  15. polarbear87j
    Sep 26, 2012

    great music selection old man and good to hear lord lucan again 🙂

  16. Jason from Oklahoma
    Sep 27, 2012

    I always particularly enjoy Lord Lucan.

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