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Radio Free Northwest – September 13th 1914

HAC talks about NF propaganda’s no-nudity policy and the Chicago teachers’ strike, Gretchen the Librarian talks about jobs and finances, and murdered north Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele speaks on illegal immigration.


  1. Douglas Pearson
    Sep 22, 2012

    Well, first off I;d like to say Hi John, haven’t recieved an email from you in awhile. Paul wrote about my dealings with customs. Wish you two would get along. I believe David Duke to be true and honorable, however he made mistakes in the past which can never be forgotten. Miss White put it best, evil and misguided. What reasons might a racist have stepped out of line or do something risky? That is a good question to ask. We must be honest and open but any problems must be handled internally. Wilfram, you;re not afriad but these website have to be careful which is why people are kicked off of them othersise known as banned or in some cases suspended. More importantly we need to get OFF the internet and back into the REAL world. Harold, I hope you mend fences, you need to. Get it right, do it rightm ake it right or there will be no Northwest. Get that straight Old Man! For fuck sakes Harold you know what you have to do. We all have to do that.

  2. Douglas Pearson
    Sep 23, 2012

    Looks like Trevor is on his way. Trevor, your email doesn’t work but I will try to get in touch wtih you on my alternate email account. That should work, I hope. Don’t take the Greyhound bus, take a flight and ship your things or alternatively rent a car or truck like a U-Haul and drive. Thanks for the computer advice everybody.

    Sep 24, 2012

    U krakkaz got sum artilery? U beta have sum fuckin wit me

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