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  1. MissWhite
    Aug 26, 2012

    Cool! Just the thing to wear to a Northwest Fest! October 22 is Northwest Independence Day, and that seems like an extra good date for a fest of this sort. (Just make sure there are no big or public fests. HAC advises against that for now. We need a fest where small groups celebrate together in secret but are all united at heart.) Let’s sing!

    The Northwest March

    Verse 1:
    From the hills of Montana to the salty sea,
    From up North down to ole California,
    We’re building a place that’s bright and free
    And our fest still has a place for ya!

    It’s the Northwest Fest! These are always the best
    In the West where we bid the sun goodbye,
    And in the icy North where the bravest men go forth-
    It’s the biggest hidden fest under the sky.

    Verse 2:
    We meet friends on this day in a hidden sort of way
    To hang blue, white, and green decorations.
    And if someone can bake a Northwest cake,
    It will add so much to the celebrations.

    It’s the Northwest Fest! These are always the best
    In the West where we bid the sun goodbye,
    And in the icy North where the bravest men go forth-
    It’s the biggest hidden fest under the sky.

    Verse 3:
    Every White man you see in the Northwest today
    Looking like he has nothing to hide
    May be one of us now,
    Or may be learning how,
    And he may have blue and white and green inside!

    It’s the Northwest Fest! These are always the best
    In the West where we bid the sun goodbye,
    And in the icy North where the bravest men go forth-
    It’s the biggest hidden fest under the sky.

    Here’s the music for the lyrics above:
    For the following music notes, Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti and Do (the notes of a major scale) are given the numbers 1 through 8.
    The numbers and spaces are all the length of eighth notes unless there is a period before a number.
    A period before a number is a sixteenth rest, and the number after the period is a sixteenth note.
    7 below the lower Do is written as >
    5 below the lower Do is written as S
    || indicates the end of each line.
    ‘ after a number means that note is sharp.
    The symbol | means the preceding eighth note or notes are in a pickup measure.

    Verse 1:
    55|3 3454321 1>1 ||
    33|4 22> 112 S ||
    S|1 332 S1 3 5 ||
    44|5 3 2S2 1 1 ||

    SS|6 6 4 SS6 6.78 ||
    6.6|5 5565345 ||
    1|6.5’654 116.5’678 ||
    33|4466534>1 ||

    Verse 2:
    55|3 3454321.11>1 ||
    33|4 22> 112 S ||
    SS|1 332 S1 3 5 ||
    445 332S2S1 1 ||

    SS|6 6 4 SS6 6.78 ||
    6.6|5 5565345 ||
    1|6.5’654 116.5’678 ||
    33|4466534>1 ||

    Verse 3:
    55|3 3454321 1>1 ||
    33|4 22> 112 S ||
    S|1.>132 S1.>135 ||
    44|55332S2S1 ||

    SS|6 6 4 SS6 6.78 ||
    6.6|5 5565345 ||
    1|6.5’654 116.5’678 ||
    33|4466534>1 ||

  2. Douglas Pearson
    Aug 26, 2012

    Looks and sounds great. Very well done Miss White, I see you’re not too worried about fitting in here. Ideally people should wear them in the streets. If the niggers don’t like them bring a weapon just in case. You never know who might agree with you (probably everyone) as the 14 words are a positive message of hope for our people. I have heard from some people that it’s racist which is purely hogwash although I didn’t have the shirt on at the time. There is nothing so called racist about the fourteen words at all. You’ve really got to challenge people on the term and you’ve really got to push the message I find. As long as we’re out in force spreading our message without fear we will do well. If we are scared and subserveant to the beast as they want us to be our race dies. It is that simple.

    Thanks for checking out the site. I am planning for more, just been busy these past weekends and on weekdays I should have done more. I will do more and make a list of what to do. In a month or so I’ll be in the Northwest hopefully with a job that pays cash and one that I go to that pays well enough. I’m getting my degree soon and I hope that will help, if not, I have other skills that I can make use of. These side jobs are a great opportunity for people who want to make something even when they have a full time job. I;ve personally got a part time job and I have side jobs that pay cash as well. In my view that’s the best way to go. If you have any ideas let me know. All the best. Douglas

  3. MissWhite
    Aug 28, 2012

    Glad you like the song! We need more songs. People who repeat protest chants look like hippies. People who march and sing melodic songs with powerful messages make a powerful impression. I just love to see and hear powerful men marching and singing!!! It’s one of the most beautiful sights for any woman who likes ’em trim, tough and talented.

    I’m glad to be able to contribute some ideas here. The school year will be starting soon, and because of my living situation, I will fade away for a while. So don’t be alarmed. We teachers are politically correct at all times, you know. Free thought and education don’t go together anymore. Nor do computers and privacy. And I’m of no use to anyone under a bridge, as HAC would say.

    If people of tint (or whatever their current name is) want to wear your shirts, I would think that’s fine. Maybe they read and enjoyed HAC’s novels too, although they certainly don’t seem to be the target audience. Never heard of someone getting attacked for wearing a t-shirt of a favorite fiction novel series, but hey, there’s a first time for everything.

  4. MissWhite
    Aug 28, 2012

    Do you wear the shirt in public? If so, what have people’s reactions been?

    I know what you mean about side work being an excellent way of supplementing your income. You can hang a flyer at your local grocery store offering your services. If the bulletin board is already full, just take down the flyer of an event that already passed. In a busy store, I’ve already had to look at the time and date of one such event, and go to the store towards the end of the event to claim that spot on the board.

    I’ve done a lot of teaching on the side. It’s great because the curriculum is free. You can teach whatever the children should actually be learning without having to try to avoid incorporating the mind programming into it. If you don’t know what I mean by mind programming, take a look in some of the most modern and popular school books for children.

    When I teach on my own, I can avoid using the book with the smiling, kind-looking dark-skinned boy on one page and the angry blond white boy behind bars on the next page. I don’t have to teach children about many cultures before they have even learned about their own. I don’t have to teach them according to the hidden agenda.

    Let me give you an example of what I’m talking about so you know I’m not crazy and not exaggerating. The following song in the book features little color photos of children surrounding King. A mulatto, a black, and an Asian are all looking at the camera and smiling. Then on the far edge of the page there is a blond white girl looking downward with her mouth slightly open, looking like she is singing and/or thinking about something. According to the book series that is most popular (at least in my area,) all the fourth graders in public school are supposed to start the school year by singing this song:

    Verse 1:
    I’m the voice of the future
    The next in charge
    So this world’s up to us to
    Protect from harm
    It’s about love and peace and
    Respecting each other
    You shouldn’t judge somebody
    Just because of their color
    Yo! (Yes, it actually says Yo! in the song!)
    We’re all a little different
    Something unique
    But these same differences
    Make the world complete
    Whether boy or girl-
    Put-downs is wack!
    We need to show each other support
    Instead of all that
    Fightin’ just ain’t the answer
    We need to talk
    And get past all the hate
    So we can see it resolved
    And, adults, understand that
    We learn from you
    Everything in this world that
    A person should do
    Peace works for everybody
    Meaning me and you
    And we can make Dr. King’s
    Dream really come true
    Take time, spread love
    And believe in you
    And together we can learn to
    Put love to use

    If you can stomach it, here’s the other verse.

    Verse 2:
    Sometimes I get sad at what
    I hear on the news
    Or when I see kids getting
    Into fights at school
    I know all are equal
    That means we’re all one
    Not saying there aren’t differences
    That we need to love
    We gotta learn patience
    And know what’s right
    We might disagree
    But we don’t have to fight
    Respect is respect and we
    Need to show it
    That’s why we came together
    On this song
    So you could know it
    Since we’re the future
    We’re telling you now
    All the racism and hatred
    We’re shutting it down
    We live and we learn
    And we share with one another
    And smile at the new things
    That we discover
    And it’s all from the heart
    Meaning nothing but love
    And we’re gonna make it better
    What was given to us
    It don’t matter if you’re out of town
    Or live on my street
    Just try to be a friend to
    Whoever you meet
    And make peace!

    -end of propaganda song-

    In this song children state that they believe all these things, and that their friends singing with them do too. It’s such a long song that by the time they’ve sung it in class a few times, they might have forgotten that these weren’t their own thoughts.

    Do you remember learning all this in school? I do. I wonder who I might be if I grew up a free thinker. I first learned to love my race from a friend who lives far away, on YouTube, and on this site. It would be so nice to live among people in real life who contradict all the programming. Since I can’t, I’m envious of the people who just fall in line and have it so easy. It’s like living in the novel 1984. I can’t openly be who I am. I have to hide things I write that are evidence of my thought crimes, and hope they never turn up anywhere where people can see them. I stuck some in a binder I use for school to hide them, and realized what a nightmare it would be if someone there found them. Yet I have to write such things, and have to come here whenever possible. Like the man in the novel, I find it necessary to release my true thoughts in some way. It must be only natural. If someday I am exposed and blacklisted, I’ll outwardly become who I really am. In the meantime, for the sake of the children, and to avoid finding out what it’s like to live in a box, I’ll continue to teach them and limit the programming as much as possible.

    In their brainwashing zeal, the writers of this song seem to have lost sight of the original goal of school: to educate children. One phrase in the song was, “It don’t matter if you’re out of town.” That’s not proper grammar! But how will the children know the difference if they learned it that way in school?

    -end of rant-
    Thank you for putting up with me. I’m so glad to hear you’re moving to the homeland and getting your degree! Congratulations. I wish you much success in your shirt business too.

  5. Douglas Pearson
    Sep 02, 2012

    Putting up with you? You’re freaking awesome. I’m so saddened by what I heard happened to you in the institution you were in. I’ve been in tight spots before but nothing like that. I wish I had done more in school these past months but I have been stupidly neglecting it. I actually really enjoy it but find it’s stuff I know. It’s also a fourty minute trip on the infested transit system of third world trash. No excuses though I need to go more so if I plan my days with things to do I’ll be down there when I need to be. I can take the exam in Seattle if there is a place that will hold it for me. I’m looking into it now.

    I try to get side jobs to use as my whole income, they do pay well enough without getting taxed to take care of my expenses. Being a teacher especially these days must be a pain in the butt. I remember when I was in kindergarten being made to wear a stop racism buttom. I immediately knew that racism was good and I knew I didn’t want third world filth in my country. In Canucisktan we get double your immigration including illegals. Jason Kenney, our immigration minister says he’s going to reform our refugee policy to make it half a year in incarceration instead of ffive years getting a government housing project with niggers and other such trash while the government clears the story of these illegal invaders who say claim to be refugees. If he implements this policy it will be better but still they all need to be deported. The area I’m in is a freaking hellhole. There is a girl named Kyla Pawis in Brampton, Ontario who doesn’t like Sikh’s those are the Indians who are mud colored filth from the south of India. She posted a video about it on youtube.

    The Sikh’s are hated over there by the Indians who still retain Aryan in their blood which is why their country is still running. Amazingly enough, their economy is good but only because they have the Sikh’s working for nothing and living in shitholes and the Aryans who collect on the profits off their work and the natural resources India has. They get it why can’t should be soemthing we tell people. When they run out of their resources they will go back into the stone age. They do however have nuclear power and are friendly with IsraHELL apparently.

    It’s always nice to hear from you. As mentioned before, I’m not much younger than you are. I remember in school they teach the holohoax in grade 7 and again in grade 10 in history classes. Perhaps is they mentioned Ernst Zundel or David Cole are people would start to youtube them and start to ask questions.

    I know a few teacher who were fired in Canuckistan because they went to racial events, in one case a funeral for Revilo P. Oliver that teacher is Paul. Paul introduced me into the movement and I have known a few other teacher who lost their position because of the kike lobbying as well such as Terry Tremaine who was a teacher until 2004 as an associate professor in Saskatchewan and got fired because of Richard Warman. He taught mathematics at the University of Saskatechewan in Saskatoon. Jim Keegstra was the otehr one who was charged with hate crimes for allegedly teaching students how to hate jews or some such nonsense in Alberta.

    Thanks for the good wishes on the t-shirts I send Harold out any deals so that people can purchase them at $12 each if they are on at 50% off. I also told him to wear a dog shirt extra large for a private video just so we could have a little fun. Anyhow, I hope you can move by October too, everyone should otherwise the borders will get tighter in the US and accepting traffic from Canada. Life will be hell after the kikes attack Iran.

    I’ll copy those notes tommorow ad the song and keep it on file for the future fests and celebrations we have. I’m on the email list and Paul can be reached at paul@paulfromm.com so any questions you may have about dealing with the stress as a teacher he may be able to help with as he used to teach high school in Ontario. He makes his money now by being a toutor. I’m on the list in Ontario, just ask Harold which one I am. If you are on the list just let me know which state and I’ll find you from there. Well, that just about does it for now. Wherever you are keep safe and I hope to speak with you again soon. Best Regards, Douglas.

  6. Jake
    Sep 02, 2012

    @miss white

    Politically Correct history is FAR worse in Europe than it is here.

    A new french text book has 20 pages on african slavery and only 6 on Napoleon. The only picture of Napoleon is of him on a toilet aswell. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LygJB1g8WU

    This is a history book [ http://imgur.com/ALFbq ] totally historically accurate amiright? Even worse it costs around 120 dollars if it is mandatory for your class.

  7. Miss White
    Sep 09, 2012

    True, transit is needlessly hazardous these days. There’s no shortage of people who just shouldn’t be behind a wheel even when they are completely sober.

    How did it work out with taking the exam in Seattle?

    I could possibly make enough money to survive from day to day with private teaching, but I just started a new job after a long time of making almost nothing, so I really need to save up a while to be able to afford anything at all. If I take the private teaching route, there’s a good chance I’ll find myself with no savings, income, or health insurance in my old age. But then again… if I don’t take that route, it will probably happen anyway. My students all feel that I’m a good, if not great teacher. But that doesn’t matter at all in the hiring world – it’s all about who you know. You can be any idiot who does nothing but pirate someone else’s ideas, or who stands in front of the class and talks about how much you love this one band (I actually had a professor like that!) but if you are one of them, you will have a good job doing what you want to do and make a good living anyway.

    Having been the dreaded voice of opposition in some of my college courses in certain instances where I just couldn’t hold back, I’m almost certainly on the blacklist. In fact, I had to really fight for that degree, because certain important faculty members united against me. I had to figure out who among my professors seemed like a well-intentioned mason, or who I could get to help me without knowing it. When I received my degree, my academic advisor would not shake my hand when he shook everyone else’s, because I had triumphed over his plot to humiliate me and sabotage my graduation schedule, and he had been humiliated to his brother wolves in the process.

    It is hard for many young teachers fresh out of college who are trying to find work these days. But I have to wonder if I would have that low-paying dream job as a full time teacher with substandard benefits instead of my below-the-poverty-line part time jobs if I had been more receptive to the programming.

    Mention Ernst Zundel or David Cole in public school, or even college for that matter? They wouldn’t dream of it! That’s cause for an excuse for revocation of their teacher certification if I ever heard of one. You may not know this, but once a teacher’s certification is revoked, it can never be re-attained. That teacher is all washed up. Is that enough to scare a teacher into politically correct behavior? In most instances, yes. In other instances, that teacher is no longer teaching. The teacher who mentions Mr. Zundel in class may be accused of inciting hatred. Or if they can, they may come up with some really irrelevant lie about him. And the students will receive an extra dose of brainwashing and bashing of that teacher to make up for it.

    I hope HAC doesn’t seriously put on a dog shirt. Let someone else do it. Can you recall any images of great leaders wearing dog shirts, or doing any other such silly nonsense? I can’t. Because great leaders must embody strength and dignity at all times. No one is afraid of a man in a dog shirt. Let the jester wear one. Jesters are people who submit themselves to indignity for the betterment of their people, because we all need entertainment. The jesters out there know who they are. They serve an important role, as do all functional members of society. But great leaders never let themselves be mistaken for jesters. That would be more foolish than anything a jester could come up with. It would render them ineffective and useless as leaders.

    It would be unwise for me to contact you at this time. You know I have no money yet, and you know my profession is particularly at stake because of who dominates it. Would throwing away my teaching position be valuable to any cause? I don’t see how. In fact, I recall a teacher being valuable as a teacher in The Brigade. I can continue to teach at this site and elsewhere for now, until it is more beneficial to act otherwise. Right now I seem to be able to inspire some people here, so it seems like the right thing for me to be doing. HAC said we should have professions. Right now I have what could turn into one if I can manage to shut up when and where I need to. Having a teacher here means you having to put up with my aloofness and my forced little nods toward political correctness.

    That being said, I really enjoy corresponding with you too, and intend to do so whenever possible. Like I said, if I ever seem to disappear, do not be alarmed. True, it may be that I have been permanently silenced. But more likely it will be that I could not visit this site and compose a post in private. In any event, we’ll just be soldiers about it and go on with life until we meet again.

  8. Miss White
    Sep 09, 2012

    Hi Jake. The image of Napoleon on the toilet is a perfect example of why HAC should not put on a dog shirt or do anything else ridiculous. The masses laugh at jesters but don’t take them seriously. If HAC is successful, there will be no shortage of artificial images of that nature without him voluntarily adding to the collection. When a leader presents himself in a sincere and dignified manner at all times, any attempts at creating mocking images of him reflect the crude lack of taste of the artist rather than serving to effectively mock the object of the image. Can anyone think of a good example of such a leader? Raise your hand.

    …and if you can’t think of one, then raise your hand anyway, and it might come to you.


  9. Buck
    Sep 10, 2012

    How do we know that NF is not part of the “Hegelian Dialectic”/”controlled opposition” that the Jews have used against White People almost since the beginning of this Great Nation???

  10. Miss White
    Sep 10, 2012

    Buck said, “How do we know that NF is not part of the ‘Hegelian Dialectic’/’controlled opposition’ that the Jews have used against White People almost since the beginning of this Great Nation???”

    A: Because this opposition is not controlled. It cannot be controlled. Not everyone who joins it unites with the main NF leaders. Small groups just do their own thing everywhere, using HAC’s books and NFR as their guides. No one knows who all of us are, or how many of us there are, only that there are more and more of us. If anything happens to HAC, new great leaders will simply emerge from our scattered ranks. It won’t even matter whose side they are on, because it’s only their voices we need, and we will only follow the voices that remind us of what we already know we need to be doing. Those who mix truth with deceit will be called out for their flawed logic, and ignored. We will continue on the same path no matter what. The Northwest Front is a fire that is only made bigger with water and other methods of extinguishing a fire. The more they try to stifle us, the more we grow. The Northwest Front is exactly what they were hoping wouldn’t happen.

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