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Michael Page

Dear Harold:

Here’s something I noticed  I’m just curious about. When the feds’ guy J. T. Ready went nuts this spring it was a really big deal. You emailed us about it, and Sally had to do a special podcast. When the Jew Jared Loughner went nuts in early 2011, you also did a special podcast. You did pretty much the same for Joe Stack. Yet not a peep about Michael Page?


Numero uno, my RFN time was pretty much filled up this week.

Number two, I have already made my attitude towards shooting sprees clear.

Number three, I was waiting for the dust to settle and see if Page popped up on anybody’s radar. He hasn’t. No one in our circle seems to have met him or heard of him at all. This is usually the case with media-described “white supremacists” (sic) who do this kind of thing—none of us real “white supremacists” ever seem to have heard of them.

I may or may not say something on next week’s show, depends on how the news cycle goes. By then Obama’s media probably will have forgotten all about it and they’ll be blaming Mitt Romney for South American earthquakes. (Apparently he causes cancer now.)