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Come To The Dark Side, Harold


As despicable as your writings and your podcasts are, I have to concede that nonetheless you often display an incisive intelligence, a biting turn of wit, and an intuitive grasp of political and social issues that any progressive would be proud to have at his command. I have, of course, familiarized myself with your past history, and I find it astonishing that you never even attended college. You are an autodidact, a self-taught man, and on the Right those are incredibly rare, virtually non-existent. On the Left as well, for that matter. In many ways you put out a superior product to us, with all our vast collection of university degrees between us.

Which begs the question that I have often wanted to ask, and one which I hope you will suspend your policy of ignoring me long enough to answer: what on earth are you doing over there with them? You should be over here with us. You are far, far too intelligent and sharp to be a race-baiter and a neo-Nazi. You must realize this. You are one of our boys at heart, and you have to know it.

Why not come over and spend your last years where you belong? Granted, after all the water under the bridge it would be difficult, but with the internet it would not be impossible to re-invent yourself as a progressive with libertarian tendencies. You would have to start with a blog using a nom de plume. I would be willing to offer my good offices in such a transformation, act as your covert publicist, help you make contacts and get readers. Any Great Unveiling would have to be a good long way into the future and would of course be entirely up to you, but wouldn’t it be exciting?

E-mail me, or better yet, call me. Let’s talk. All things are possible, Harold, and it’s never too late.

-Reg N.

Uh, thanks, but no thanks, Reg. I could never get past the whole serving evil thing. – HAC