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Can Somebody Help This Guy?

[Can somebody help this guy? This is exactly the sort of thing I can’t be dropping everything else to deal with–multiply it by a dozen or so others like it per day and you’ll see why. – HAC]

I’m still wondering how I can move to the Northwest. I do NOT want to join the service (Army). I have read you guys’ White Book you sent via mail  & understand to NOT show up & say “howdy there I’m an racist”, but I have no $ nor transportation to get up there for sanctuary & future revolution.

I was hoping to pull OUT of this cesspool before hell breaks out. What do you suggest I do ?

I just turned 22 a few days ago & can find no work & going to be kicked out of home :-( How’s employment in the Northwest ? & how exactly is this organization going to have headquarters all over and fly your flag all across the Northwest ?