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Radio Free Northwest – August 30th 1914

HAC talks about the Terrorism Industry, Gretchen the Librarian reviews a book on Icelandic women, Edgar J. Steele speaks in defense of anti-semitsm, and Harold has a Viking moment.

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Can Somebody Help This Guy?

[Can somebody help this guy? This is exactly the sort of thing I can’t be dropping everything else to deal with–multiply it by a dozen or so others like it per day and you’ll see why. – HAC] I’m still wondering how I can move to the Northwest. I do NOT want to join the […]

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Radio Free Northwest – August 23rd 1914

HAC raps on street-walking, Idaho attorney Edgar J. Steele dishes on Martin Lucifer Koon Day from 2007, and we discuss the meaning of the Northwest Tricolor flag.

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HAC In Hollywood

Mr. Covington, Funny you talked about making a movie.   I work in Hollywood and someone asked me a similar question, and I gave them the same answer – no chance. My union sends me notices of productions not to work on for violations or organizing reasons.  You better believe they would for one of your […]

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Radio Free Northwest – August 16th 1914

HAC raps on the Michael Page incident, Gretchen reads from Freedom’s Sons, Edgar Steele lays a Philippic on us regarding the Holy Holocaust, and HAC talks about his new work schedule.

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Come To The Dark Side, Harold

Harold, As despicable as your writings and your podcasts are, I have to concede that nonetheless you often display an incisive intelligence, a biting turn of wit, and an intuitive grasp of political and social issues that any progressive would be proud to have at his command. I have, of course, familiarized myself with your […]

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Michael Page

Dear Harold: Here’s something I noticed  I’m just curious about. When the feds’ guy J. T. Ready went nuts this spring it was a really big deal. You emailed us about it, and Sally had to do a special podcast. When the Jew Jared Loughner went nuts in early 2011, you also did a special […]

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NF T-Shirt Site

New Café Press site: You can get a T-shirt and one for your dog as well.          

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1,142 On August 8th

1,142 unique hits to this site on August 8th. (That’s actual visitors as opposed to pageloads.) Not sure, but I think that may be a daily record.

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Radio Free Northwest – August 9th 1914

HAC talks about what the Northwest Front is and what it is not, Edgar Steele says “If you see black, don’t go back,” and we have another Weird Aryan History Series reading.

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