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Radio Free Northwest – July 5th 2012

HAC on this and that, Andy Donner on Obamacare, Axis Sally on women in the Movement, then Harold talks about Obamacare and rants and raves for the rest of the podcast on this and that.


  1. C
    Jul 05, 2012

    Pretty intense stuff. Weird that people who have to cross oceans and seas to get Home have more inclination than Americans to follow the righteous path.

    I suspect it’s because we live today with what Americans will face tomorrow.

  2. Jeff P
    Jul 05, 2012

    Now that you have mentioned Obamacare, what do you think of the requirement for everyone to get a microchip put in them by March, 2013. I forget the exact page number where they sneaked this into the law, but I could find out. Anyway, everyone is required by law to have this microchip put in their body that has all your medical records, personal information and is linked to your bank account. This way they have direct access to your money and will take the money out of your account while you are still in the waiting room. Failure to get the microchip results in a $100/day penalty by the IRS! For those of us who are aware of Bible prophecy and the Mark of the Beast, which requires every man to get this mark in his hand or forehead to buy or sell, this is chilling! The Jews are taking over every part of our life and time is very short indeed! This Zionist Occupied Government has put their communist agenda on warp speed! The next few months I believe are going to be critical and I believe we are heading for another false flag attack very soon. I would probably say London and the Olympic games. All the signs seem to point to some kind of false flag to jump start this police state/New World Order/World Government. We are very close to total control and once they start confiscating our guns in the name of “homeland security” watch out! They need some kind of big event to shake people to the core. I believe this false flag will be a suitcase nuke and will probably make 9/11 look like child’s play!

  3. Barney
    Jul 05, 2012

    I agree Jeff P. This is going to be the big one, and my thinking is that it may not be confined to London. Certainly the ziolympics will be targeted, but people in the US need to be alert too. A bomb in London won’t have the required effect in other countries, so I envisage something big in America as well.

    As for the mark of the beast, there MAY be a way to destroy the chip with an EMP. There’s no guarantee that the chip won’t shatter (I haven’t been able to test it), but if we get one of those cheap disposable cameras with built-in electronic flash and connect a flat coil (just a few turns) in series with the flash tube, it MAY destroy any nearby chips (and possibly itself) when the flash fires.

    Don’t play about with this if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing though. There are some very high voltages in an electronic flash, even a cheap one.

    Watch this video about the Verichip.


  4. Brandon. Ingle
    Jul 05, 2012

    I am currently living in Montgomery Alabama, I’ll need to fly to get to the homeland. How much money should I bring with me and where will I be housed once there? I almost left with nothing but $600 and the shirt on my back last month, but didn’t because i didn’t want to show up in an unfamiliar area homeless..I need information badly.

  5. Germania Jim
    Jul 05, 2012

    I read something along the lines of Roberts was being blackmailed. Apparently he has two adopted mud children who may or may not be legal. As for the March 2013 deadline to take the RHID chip I also was under a false impression that this was for real. It is not. I’m not saying it’s not going to happen, just not this soon is all.
    I , along with others, expect a False Flag operation during the Olympics in London this summer. Perhaps a British Airways jet or three, could fly into the stands or Big Ben or Trafalgar Square at the same time all flown by remote control.
    As for something coming out of Hollowood, I recently found an expose on The Sound of Music and how that movie fooled so many into the falsehoods swirling around the third Reich. The 15 minute video I found that exposes the entire movie as a job of quackery spun by the judentrash is quite good. I was one of those, before the internet, who was fooled into believing how evil the Austrian Nazi Party was and how it sent a family of musicians into the alps to run from the evil germans. Complete lies, they never made one step into the mountains because they hopped a train legitimately and there was no running anymore in real life. Here is the link:

  6. Harold
    Jul 05, 2012

    Regarding Brandon:

    God DAMN it, this is why I need multiple assistants! Can some of you try and help this guy? Not that I am unsympathetic, but multiply all these little crises by almost 220 times per day and you start to understand why I have only written a few-page outline of Freedom’s Sons, Part Four over the past three months. JESUS CHRIST ON A RAFT, I CANNOT be the only person dealing with all this!!!

    Brandon, do NOT come here with nothing but $600 and expecting to be fed and housed. We are nowhere NEAR that level. You must work for at least a year in your locality, stop drinking and smoking and other bad habits, and SAVE YOUR MONEY. Do NOT attempt a migration with less than about $3000 in your poke (and that’s a bare minimum) and you MUST, repeat, MUST bring a functioning automobile with you.

    Guys, can some of you who live in the Homeland take this?

  7. James
    Jul 05, 2012

    Another great podcast, one of my relatives fought in the Anglo-Zulu war. He was apart of a Welsh regiment. next week could you play ‘Men of Harlech’. it is (in my opinion) the best Welsh song around. every time I listen to it I think of my great-great uncle who left the small town of Brecon to fight the Zulus

    One day i will have to leave Wales to fight the Northwest Negros, and i hope to do it with as much valor and bravery as my great-great uncle.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. Brandon
    Jul 05, 2012

    Harold- I do NOT drink, smoke, or do drugs of any kind, never been my thing as it clouds one’s judgement.. I know you’re extremely busy sir and I apologize for bothering you, my biggest concern now is transportation, I was planning on flying there, not sure if its possible to drive to that location from Alabama or not..

  9. donothingWN
    Jul 05, 2012

    Hey Brandon-I don’t live in the northwest, but I’ve moved cross country before with few resources and we can chat about it. You have an email I can write you at?

  10. Erick
    Jul 05, 2012

    Brandon, set up an account here http://www.northwestfront.net/forums/index.php and all your questions can be answered if you have truthful intentions.

  11. Owen
    Jul 05, 2012

    The folks over at savewhitepeople.com have changed their site name to guardiansof diversity.org. Interesting thing is that they are showing the tri-color flag of the Northwest Front. In fact, they have the words “Northwest Front” above the flag. Do you know these people Harold? Best regards.

  12. Bob Rudisill
    Jul 05, 2012

    I may finally be free and clear to migrate by the end of the summer, Harold. Will keep you posted.

  13. John Reed
    Jul 05, 2012

    These podcasts are the best thing in the White Nationalist movement now.

  14. Comrade
    Jul 05, 2012

    To: Jeff P.

    There is no agenda from the Head Nigger in Charge to forcefully implant micro chips into us. I’m sure they would like to but there are so ~maaaany~ easier ways to track people; for now.

    Obongocare RFID Chip – False

    But if it’s going to be done:
    a. You’re not going to know about it.
    b. It will be done for your convenience and you will accept it as so.
    c. It will happen so slowly you will never know it happened until you’re too old to do anything about it.
    d. Jesus will rapture us all up to heaven before anything bad happens.
    e. (a,b, and c)

  15. C
    Jul 05, 2012

    Things are heating up.


  16. Jesse
    Jul 06, 2012

    Set up the account Erick told you about. I live in Mississippi , maybe we can migrate together. See you on the forum.

  17. Brandon. Ingle
    Jul 06, 2012

    Erick- already signed up on that site, my user name on those forums is *ShangTsung*

  18. robert solano
    Jul 06, 2012

    Apparently the Zionists are angry today. I can’t seem to be able to
    download or listen to today’s program…

  19. C
    Jul 06, 2012

    Comrade, don’t sweat it. Jeff doesn’t think Jesus is going to do this thing for us. That’s a Christian zionist mentality. He’s Christian Identity. They are, shall we say, realistic about these matters. Religion won’t divide us. The NF respects different faiths, so long as they aren’t telling us to sit down shut up and wait for divine intervention from Space Hitler or Ragnarok or Rapture. That isn’t religious thought, it is a political stance and it is pathetic and cowardly. No God, Gods or glorious leaders in flying saucers are going to help us if we can’t help ourselves and each other!

  20. Fred Lewis
    Jul 06, 2012

    The Northwest Volunteer idea is intriguing. Please let us hear more.

  21. Bluegrass
    Jul 06, 2012

    I’m sorry Harold, but Andy Donner’s radio section: he sounds awfully robotic and choppy, to the extent that the words seem translated from text to speech by a pretty high-quality program. It felt suspicious, unnecessary, and it feeds the small pangs of mental dissent implanted by the goat-dancers for which I think holds this movement back more than you may realize.

    I want to migrate, I want to get behind this movement. I’m convinced ideologically like so many others, but not spiritually to the extent where I will physically act on these beliefs. Please tell Donner to make his recordings more “organic” so I am not occupied by petty doubts while I search longingly for some way concrete way to save my Race.


  22. Barney
    Jul 06, 2012

    I’m sure nobody on here is waiting for the rapture, but zog may well try Operation Blue Beam as a way of weeding out the most gullible among us.

    What I usually say is that there’s no point waiting for the cavalry to come and save us because WE ARE THE CAVALRY. It’s OUR job to save our species. I’m sure the Creative Force (God if you prefer) will help us in any number of ways, but first we’ve got to get suited up and on that horse (speaking metaphorically). If we can’t be bothered to start this thing, why SHOULD God help us?

  23. Ganymede
    Jul 06, 2012

    Re microchips, they can be implanted when a patient is under anesthesia during surgery and the patient will probably not know this happened. Some surgeons and medical staff would go for this slimy policy, if paid to do it.

    Heard that if Big Bro decides someone with a chip has said bad things about blacks or Jews, they can be refused food at grocery stores and supermarkets, etc. Be starved off. Zio-Evil reigns!

  24. Erick
    Jul 06, 2012

    Owen, I had purchased a month block of advertisement on that site to see how it works out for us. I don’t know Joe personally but he has been very helpful since I have come into contact with him.
    Brandon, use it to answer all your questions I did before I went on my scouting trip back in January and it made it much easier than going out there blind not knowing what to expect.

  25. HAC
    Jul 06, 2012

    Off the religion, guys.

  26. Evelyn Hill
    Jul 06, 2012

    Who the hell is this idiot “Hadding Scott” and who gave him permission to use my name?

  27. James Elwood
    Jul 06, 2012

    @Evelyn: “Hadding Scott” is some internet pseudonym who has taken it upon himself to “defend Dr. Pierce’s reputation” against HAC’s novels and the fact that HAC is still alive and contributing while Dr. Pierce is dead and his contribution is made. No one quite seems to know who he is or why; no ex-NA people seem to remember him at all except as a name associated with the appalling Kevin Alfred Strom–you know, the asshole who liked little girls and is now a registered sex offender? Great defender for the Doc’s reputation there. Anyway, “Scott” is either a Movement kook or he’s some kind of paid Jew internet operative.

  28. Big Sid
    Jul 06, 2012

    Now seriously everyone, the likes of Ron Paul, and Alex Jones can’t save you, so move to the Homeland!!!!

  29. C
    Jul 07, 2012

    Bluegrass, I noticed that too.

    I know why he’s doing it. I did the same sort of thing for the same sort of reasons when i sent in my clip a few weeks back.

    He is worried his real voice will be recognised and is therefore using a text to speech program instead of talking. I talked but fiddled with a program that altered my voice until it was unrecognisable. Establishment retaliation is terrifying and being destroyed for talking the talk is something many of us want to avoid.

    If you want to make that a reason not to get involved then we will have to make do without you mate.

  30. Honky-Tonk Man
    Jul 07, 2012

    I saw on your other blog that Harlan Markwalder is dead, and yeah, I remember that. He died in the hospital in Greensboro, kidney infection or something of the kind. About ’02 or ’03, maybe? I didn’t know him that well. So WTF is this using his name on the internet?

  31. Andy Donner
    Jul 07, 2012

    Hello, all.

    I’ll keep this short since I loathe blog comments and forums posts on matters of principle.

    I did use my real voice, though the submission you all heard had a little editing done to it, which is fine. Upon listening to my original, I noticed a few minor technical imperfections which didn’t really help the overall product and I’m actually going to rerecord it just for my own sake to see if it gets any better.

    The feedback is appreciated.

    A. W. Donner.

  32. donothingWN
    Jul 07, 2012

    Any update on how many listeners you’re getting weekly? Just curious how the audience is doing.

  33. POLARBEAR87j
    Jul 07, 2012

    Fanastic podcast!
    @brandon –
    Before beginning, plan carefully. – cicero
    and here is more from cicero
    The life given us, by nature is short; but the memory of a well-spent life is eternal – cicero

    As I approve of a youth that has something of the old man in him, so I am no less pleased with an old man that has something of the youth. He that follows this rule may be old in body, but can never be so in mind.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    It is foolish to tear one’s hair in grief, as though sorrow would be made less by baldness – cicero

    In time of war the laws are silent.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    No one dances sober, unless he is insane – cicero 🙂 haha! i like this guy already

  34. Bluegrass
    Jul 07, 2012

    C: if that is the case, then a simple “I’ve altered my voice via a program to avoid suspicion” or “I’ve read my speech via a text to voice program” would have sufficed. I’m trying to point out something that, in my opinion, hinders the quality of what are usually Harold’s excellent podcasts.

    I’m planning my scouting trip for next year when I return to the States. The problem with the NF is that there is simply no way to disprove the doubts without actually, physically getting into contact with other members.

    Not to mention Harold’s scathing clarity discussing the general character of White Nationalists makes even a scouting trip something for which doubt and insecurity are at the forefront of my mind.

    I will stick with it however, though it sometimes boggles the mind. There are large special interests groups for senior citizens, or homosexuals, etc but none for something as profound as the the continuation of an entire race of humanity.

    But I’m young, and time only hardens my resolve.

  35. POLARBEAR87j
    Jul 07, 2012

    here more that i like 🙂

    The wise are instructed by reason, average minds by experience, the stupid by necessity and the brute by instinct.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    This is the truth: as from a fire aflame thousands of sparks come forth, even so from the Creator an infinity of beings have life and to him return again.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    Those wars are unjust which are undertaken without provocation. For only a war waged for revenge or defense can be just.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    What is permissible is not always honorable.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    What one has, one ought to use: and whatever he does he should do with all his might.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    What then is freedom? The power to live as one wishes.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    While there’s life, there’s hope.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    You will be as much value to others as you have been to yourself.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    A home without books is a body without soul.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    A man of courage is also full of faith.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    A man’s own manner and (“CHARACTER!!!”) is what most becomes him.
    Marcus Tullius Cicero

    yes i first heard of cicero on RFN 🙂

  36. Jeff P
    Jul 07, 2012

    Bluegrass! I understand where you are coming from with your doubts and fears to get involved. But the thing is things are not going to always stay the way they are now. As a matter of fact, I believe there is a time coming when you will look back and see how easy we had it. No, the reality is once this crisis starts, whether it be a WWIII situation or an economic collapse, this country will self destruct and turn into a police state overnight! When that happens, you will basically have two choices: First, you can do nothing and watch your family tortured and sent to FEMA camps for “reprogramming” and those not so lucky to be sent to the gulags will meet with a gun shot to the head or worse! During the Russian Bolshevic Revolution the Jews murdered up to 60 million people! Now, your second choice is to arm yourself, get prepared, get your white ass up to the Northwest and fight these bastards like our forefathers did who founded this great country. Now the choice is yours, but it is one you will have to live (or die) with!

  37. Kate Barker
    Jul 07, 2012

    Bluegrass, I think you’re joking, but I’ve got to stand up for Andy anyway. He’s not a robot; he’s an upstanding man of action who did something concrete to save his race rather than let fear rule him. If you want “organic,” come to the Homeland and strike up a conversation with Andy.

  38. Comrade
    Jul 07, 2012

    To: C

    I hear you C! As far as I’m concerned we’re all kinsman, kith and kin first. I respect all faiths and understand what I can from each of them to the best of my ability. Religion will never divide us we are blood; Hail Victory!

    “…sit down shut up and wait for divine intervention from Space Hitler…”
    That’s hilarious C!!

  39. donothingwn
    Jul 07, 2012

    C what software did you use to disguise your voice? id like to send in a mp3 and have a little protection. Thanks!

  40. Kenny Lane
    Jul 07, 2012

    Get the word out! There are currently white people in my part of the U.S. who keep moving to other areas of the county or city they live in to try to get away from the mud slide happening in their once all white neighborhoods. That’s not going to last! The neighborhoods they’re moving to will eventually be invaded too and their white children and grandchildren will run out of places to run to. We have got to verbally spread the word about the Northwest Front and Northwest Migration as the only hope for our race to regroup! I already am planning to spend the money on making professional copies of the Northwest Front pamphlets and cards to hand out to people I talk to. I’m not talking to other white people on the Internet. I’m talking to them in person and face to face. They’re scared of what’s happening but they don’t know who they can talk to about it for
    fear of getting in trouble and being labeled as racists. That’s why I open up to them first and slowly bring up the race problem. Once I bring up the race problem first then that makes them comfortable enough around me to really open up themselves. Then I give them the NWF website to look at. Right now don’t live anywhere near the Northwest myself, but I plan on getting there ASAP. In the mean time I’m talking to as many white people as I can. Most of them are scared, frustrated, and don’t know what to do. They feel they have no one to talk to because they don’t know who else is seeing this besides them. They feel isolated. Don’t keep them isolated by just staying on the Internet. Get out there and physically talk to other white people. You’ll be amazed at how racially conscious most of them actually are, but they just don’t know where to go or who
    to trust.

  41. Steve the Elder
    Jul 07, 2012

    OK, this is from an organic migrant from over 20 years ago.. stop frickin whining about “how will I make it if I come there?”.. I came here with nothing but some family help to move the trailer, my own courage and skills, and I lived in an RV for 6 + months without my gorgeous girl!!!! I suyrvived and we are firmly placed here and ready…stop whining or we will use the rod on you whiners!

  42. Steve the Elder
    Jul 07, 2012

    BTW I have “Zulu” on DVD and it is THE premier white nationalist DVD to own.. nothing even comes close, real white men, valor, blood and steel

  43. Steve the Elder
    Jul 07, 2012

    If I could recommend #2 (close 2nd too) it would be Henry the 5Th with Kenneth Brannaugh.. outstanding !

  44. Steve the Elder
    Jul 07, 2012

    Barney, real CI people believe we will HAVE to fight to the death before God will intercede.. think of this as your finals test

  45. C
    Jul 08, 2012


    Mate, email HAC and tell him to give you my email address, assuming you’re already in contact. I’ll tell you via slightly more secure channels.


    Outstanding posts. I’ll be grabbing a copy of Zulu asap. I’ve found that since waking up, I’ve enjoyed old movies a lot more than new ones. They’re a lot more coherent and thought provoking – the good ones anyway. Henry the 5th with Keneth Brannaugh’ll be second on the list. I think I might’ve watched that one in highschool when we had a substitute teacher who didn’t want to watch a semi-pornographic production of, ‘Othello’ for the 50th time. A lot of kids goofed off because it was slower and less intensely visual than what they were used to, but even then, I was captivated.


    It’s not just a sensible attitude to have . It’s the only attitude we can have at this point. Anything else is total insanity. It’s too late in the game for us to stand divided. We unite or we fall, and take our religions and opinions with us to lonely, forgotten graves. There might be time for us to discuss matters of faith one day, but today is not that day, and the internet is NOT the place to do it.


    I was where you are a year or so ago. Yeah, there’s some really nasty grotty stuff out there on Harold. I’ve read it and it almost drove me away from the NF. I re-read it about 3 or 4 weeks ago and it still gutted me. I asked myself how this could be the same man I’d come to admire, who’d helped me out of White Boy territory by holding me accountable to myself and insulting the hell out of me with startling accuracy. I went and listened to something called, ‘The Iron Dream’ that Harold wrote years and years ago.

    I reckon if you want the measure of the man, regardless of the stuff he might or might not have done or said in the past, ‘The Iron Dream’ is the best way to get it.

    Harold doesn’t compromise. Sure he’s wicked and nasty, sure he’s a misanthrope who has left a holocaust of injured egos and hurt WN feelings and an ocean of manchild tears in his wake over the years. Sure I disagree with him on a whole bunch of issues, because he’s an old hardliner and I’m a young idealist. I have no doubt that many times in the past he’s probably crossed the line and really hurt people who didn’t deserve it out of frustration, rage, or just indifference to their situation. He’s that kind of guy.

    But he speaks of action – LEGAL action – that would permit us to have on final hurrah, one final grass roots, real life movement like Rockwell had back in the day. Activism on the streets, with flier runs and food parcels to struggling families, with HQ buildings and men in jackboots behind the front desk. No one else does this – they’re all about talking and waking people up. What then? NOTHING. We remain atomised and weak and spread thin across an America and indeed a planet where our Folk are becoming an increasingly disenfranchised and divided minority. Harold’s plan includes every single stage of Velvet Revolution, and even has an answer to the question, ‘What if they just won’t listen?’, as tentative and open to interpretation as that answer might be.

    What scares me more than ANYTHING is the idea that our race might perish with a whimper. If you can live with that, keep typing on the internet and believe the goat dancers. If not, we’re the only show in town, and we’ve got YEARS under our belt. YEARS of buildup that a competing movement you started today simply couldn’t offer.

    That means even if we cease to be the only show in town, we’re still the BEST show in town and always will be.


    Yeah, you edited really heavily. It sounded weird – re-recording or doing a new recording for next week’d be well advised. Don’t worry so much about technical glitches. It sounded like you’d taken out space between every word or something, and the pitch shifted erratically.

    I gotta admit, people trying to use your recording as an excuse not to Come Home is pretty funny – if they came to the Homeland they could meet you in person, after all. I’m sure the goat dancers’d claim you were an actor Harold had hired with donation money or something, but anyone sensible enough to contact the NF’d know better.

  46. Charles Martel
    Jul 08, 2012

    JFC, I am really sick and tired of all this whining about the “uncertainty” of moving to the NW.

    News flash!! Life is uncertain! I ran away from home at the age of 16 with a car load of “hippies”on their way to NYC. After they burned through my $200 buying gas for the trip, they dumped me off on a street corner in Manhattan. 1st lesson, never trust a lefty.

    So I had no choice, I lived on the streets, ate at the Hari Krishna temple ( after listening to their interminable idiotic lectures ), begged in the streets for dimes and quarters, and slept in abandon buildings or in central park. Compared to my previous life of riding a horse for 16 hours a day in the freezing cold or burning heat, eating cold beans out of a can, and sleeping under a truck in a horse blanket, I thought I had it pretty good. When I finally got tired of the stupid street people, I got a job handing out flyers and sweeping the floor in some warehouse. The bosses were so surprised to have someone that wasn’t stoned out of their gourd and actually showed up for work every day that I was rapidly promoted to a full time job. Big surprise.

    I have repeated that scenario countless times over the years. You will be pleasantly surprised by how many people will lend you a hand when they realize that you are hard working, honest, and reliable. Actually, it is really a sad commentary on our Race that people are “pleasantly surprised”, because so many of our people have become worthless pieces of s**t.

    I know I repeat myself, but our problem isn’t our alleged extinction, our problem is that way too many white people have been allowed to survive in this degenerate age. Any worthless piece of human refuse can survive and reproduce more worthless refuse. Natural Selection has been totally disabled by this modern “civilization”.

    Aryans have always been a small elite that easily defeated, conquered, or exterminated vastly more numerous inferior people. Skin color does not make one an Aryan. Behavior makes you an Aryan.

    Our noble ancestors must be laughing their asses off in Valhalla at our pathetic behavior. I am sure Daniel Boone was not whining about “finding a job” when he crossed the Appalachians. Davy Crockett wasn’t demanding a “safety net” when he rode into the Alamo.

    JHC you weenies, the 300 Spartans took on a million Persians, Horatio held off hundreds of Sabines at the bridge, 300 Boers slaughtered thousands of kaffirs at Blood River, General Custer took on 5000 Sioux at Little Bighorn without hesitation. Win loose or draw, the mark of an Aryan is their indefatigable courage. We will remember General Custer for ever. How long will we remember you little weenies who are too afraid to buy a bus ticket to the Northwest? F**k you, only courages Men and Women need apply. Natural Selection will take care of the rest of you. So do us a favor and just cower in your mother’s basement until the niggers cure your anxiety disorder.


  47. Jeff P
    Jul 08, 2012

    I’ve been reading the Brigade and it sure does get me riled up! Probably because so much of it is true! From hate speach laws to rampant corruption to Jews owning everything and we have nothing! At what point do we finally say enough is enough? Are we going to wait until it becomes like Russia, with millions of our people being slaughtered? We are so close to outright chaos, that this book will become reality overnight. All it takes is one major event and we will be living in a police state where we, the White American are the enemy! If there was anything worth fighting for then this is it! Funny how the Jews can get our brothers to go off to bumfuck Egypt to die in some Zionist war to make them rich, but we have a hell of a time getting them to fight for a real worthwhile cause! It is time to wake up and get ready!

  48. Billy B
    Jul 08, 2012

    great podcast. i enjoyed it

  49. Jeff P
    Jul 08, 2012

    Charles, I appreciate your zeal, but we must be responsible and heed Harold’s advice. Moving to the Northwest is something that needs to be planned out and saved for. Some of us are hard working men with families to think about! Hell, the whole reason I will go up to fight for this cause is so my kids have a future. Now it would be stupid for us to pack up our families and move and “hope” we fall into somebody’s good graces. Chances are we would all be in a homeless shelter. No, some of us are actually planning this out, so when we do move up there we have a good vehicle, a house, a job and some good weapons and equipment. This way we are an asset and not another liability showing up expecting a hand out. Again, take Harold’s advice and plan this out, save your money, get a job and place to stay before you move. Remember we need to be smart about this and “blend in” to our communities we move to. We only have one chance at this and we can’t blow it by being impatient and impulsive!

  50. Mike
    Jul 08, 2012

    Why doesn’t Northwest Front setup some sort of Teamspeak/VOIP server so people can come in and discuss the Northwest Front in real time? It would definitely take a load off of HAC’s shoulders!

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