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Radio Free Northwest – July 5th 2012

HAC on this and that, Andy Donner on Obamacare, Axis Sally on women in the Movement, then Harold talks about Obamacare and rants and raves for the rest of the podcast on this and that.


  1. ilios
    Jul 08, 2012

    With respect to migrating,please consider that those of you in the US already have the easy task of relocating to another region of your own country.The white world is swamped by millios of desperate,needy third worlders who have risked life and limb to reach the white mans land and Brandon is faffing about driving or flying?Brando? Your ancestors reached the New World in boats no better than floating coffins,get a grip!
    As a lady friend of mine used to say, ‘where there’s a willy there’s a way’

  2. pete
    Jul 08, 2012

    So where is a nice place to live in the Pacific Northwest? I don’t think I’m gonna get a chance to scout before moving there. I didn’t know this website existed before a couple hours ago but, assuming this website isn’t part of a trap for white people set up by some nefarious organization, I’m about ready to pack my stuff and quit my job and head up there. Phoenix is not bad, the “mud people” as you refer to them have been shook up considerably due to SB1070 but its not enough to turn back the tide.

  3. C
    Jul 08, 2012

    Ilios and Charles are right. I agree in full.

    However, I feel a bit squeamish about insulting and berating potential migrants any more than Harold does. I don’t want to give people the excuses they’re looking for by screaming in their faces over the internet.

    Jeff also has a point – we do not need T-Shirt youth. We need functional people in a position to care for themselves and others. However, Ilios makes a point I’ve often made in private debates. For international migrants, an investment of over $500,000, closer to three quarters of a million USD in reality, is often required. Americans need only raise three or four thousand dollars, enough to pay rent for a month or so. The other requirement is a working automobile. This is quite reasonable.

    However, there still exist men like Charles who simply *do not fit the bill* of the modern white man. Charles has stepped from the pages of our glorious history – he is an Aryan like our grandfathers were, and he is disgusted by us and our weakness and supine flabby desires for comfort and security. Truthfully, his expectations of us as Aryans are reasonable. But there’s a problem here – we aren’t Aryans, gentlemen. We are white boys. And as sickening as it is to admit it, men like Charles must keep this in mind when dealing with even the most exceptional modern white man or woman. Simply yelling at the weak and feeble and telling them to be strong will not make them so, unless you yell at them for ages like Harold does. It’s how he got through to me. We have been conditioned by the foe to be something less than ourselves, and that is a simple, terrible reality that we must confront before we can move forward. It is a confrontation that must take place among us, but also within each of us. And the latter part is much scarier than the former for most, myself included.

    Demanding the modern white boy or girl become an Aryan right this instant is unreasonable. Indeed, it’s dangerous – many of us still have reckless fire in our bellies and may leap up and T-Shirt Youth it to the northwest. Sadly, unlike Charles, they/we will still be white boys when we/they arrive, utterly unready for the rigors of the streets and the cold winters and the unemployment and the homelessness. Even Sally got snowed in when she slept in her car one winter, and had to be dug out by a white man with a confederate flag and a gun rack in the back of his pickup truck/ute. And Sally is a bonafide Aryan warrior who trains her body and mind ceaselessly with A very deliberate purpose in mind. A perfectly legal one of course.

    That said, if people believe their feelings are more important than the survival of Aryan man, something is deeply wrong with their souls. I’m hesitant to say they are pathetic – but sorely tempted nonetheless.

    Though I’ve strayed from the flock with regards to Christianity, I look to the example of Jesus for guidance when dealing with modern white people – we must be infinitely patient and forgiving of their faults, but like good shepherds, must also be willing to kick over tables and attack the lazy bums with a stock whip and throw their greedy persons out of the temple once in a while.

    But if all we do is kick over tables and whip people, we’re unlikely to get the result we’re looking for. We might well get a few sage souls on board, but most will dismiss us and find somewhere else to bleat mindlessly. Like stormfront.

    And that’d be a tragedy – they might get banned from being a racialist for typing the word nigger, or mentioning the Northwest Front.

  4. Ganymede
    Jul 08, 2012

    Steve the Elder,
    Is that the 1964 film with Michael Caine? About the Battle of Rorke’s Drift? The Brits outnumbered by Zulus by 50 to one or worse odds (the Alamo odds were 25 Mexicans against each Texan), and managed to hold off the black barbarians, after losing maybe 40% of their own troops. Even the physician was shown shooting his revolver at the Zulus, while trying to save the life of a wounded officer.

    Great movie! Just the day before the Brits suffered a terrible defeat at the hands of the Zulus at Isandlwana, where Zulus had a decided advantage of numbers and conducted a night attack. The Zulus had assagaied all the British corpses into bloody mush!

    So Britain went from its worst beating in all its military history into one of its greatest victories the very next day, at Rorke’s Drift! ‘Like Lions They Fought’ by Edgerton is a good book on this subject.

  5. Jeff P
    Jul 08, 2012

    This is a must see video that shows all the signs that there will be a false flag attack during the London Olympics by the Jewish Freemasons (Sons of Cain). They use signs in movies and Illuminati card games to communicate their future plans for a Zionist World Government. another False Flag is needed in order to scare the masses of the world so they will accept more loss of freedom and accept a police state and surveillance society. Here is the link:

  6. Hadding Scott
    Jul 08, 2012

    Have you figured out yet whether I’m an actual, paid internet operative trying to disrupt the NF’s cyber-presence, or whether I’m simply crazy as a shithouse rat?

  7. Steve the Elder
    Jul 08, 2012

    I’d bet on the insane rat concept. I deal with phoney baloney CI hangers-on all the time.. they say they are true believers but they are frauds.. and internet trolls. This issue is endemic to all WNism

    HAC does it again. Harold give them both barrels, holding back will only encourage the wimps..

  8. Hadding Scott
    Jul 08, 2012

    I thought I was Hadding Scott! Didn’t you get the Memo, Agent Goldstein?

  9. Germania Jim
    Jul 09, 2012

    I have read on two separate occasions that Obongo nigger boy will have a false flag attack on himself, and he will miraculously survive an attempt on his life, and by who you ask? Why, the evil white racists, thats who. After that our lives wont be worth spit and what better time for Obongo to cancel the elections, declare himself emperor and initiate Martial Law, He has to fill up those Fema camps now doesnt he? They wont be filled with niggers as he needs them for slavery purposes.

  10. Brandon. Ingle
    Jul 09, 2012

    ilios- sorry if I sounded ungreatful sir, I’m just really frightened by how bad its become, just like Harold I too thought we had atleast about 10 more years before obama bin laden started readying the concentration camps for white people and to be perfectly honest I’m scared sh!tless.. I don’t wanna be left behind and watch these chimps slaughter me and my whole family knowing had I just found a way to the homeland this wouldn’t be happening, ya know? its bad enough i don’t even own a firearm because I can’t get a stupid gun permit so if a day came when these blood crazed monkeys were kicking in my door the only thing i would have to fend them off with right now would be a baseball bat, a can of mace, and a pair of brass knuckles.. I’m just worried sir.

  11. Hadding Scott
    Jul 09, 2012

    Hey, I just learned how to use a proxy server to disguise my IP address and try to sneak comments on here, but I just can’t find a way to conceal the fact that I’m crazy as a shithouse rat!

  12. Mike
    Jul 09, 2012

    Hey it’s July 9, and my computer still works.lol I didn’t even have to go to the FBI website (as they recommended) and allow them to look through my computer for viruses; but that was a nice offer from them.

  13. Barney
    Jul 09, 2012

    Brandon Ingle – Here in the sewer that was once England (and will be again), we don’t even have the mace. That’s for cops only, like those tiny guns we’re not supposed to notice that they admit are loaded with “dum-dum” bullets.

    We’ll have to be creative until we can “harvest” the weaponry we’ll need, but remember, kevlar may stop a bullet, but at close range it’s useless against a well-aimed baseball bat or equivalent piece of wood.

    In my opinion, country dwellers will make the best fighters when the time comes, and that time could well be closer than most people think. Just another 17 days to the start of the ziolympics, and I personally believe there WILL be major false-flag attack that day – – – and probably one in America as well, both timed to be shown live on Tel-aviV-sion of course.

    I won’t be watching, not having a set myself, but I’m sure I’ll hear all about it quickly enough.

  14. C
    Jul 10, 2012

    Gentlemen may I please advise against prophesising the exact nature of any hypothetical false flag that may or may not be on the horizon? The more we get into details the more likely we are to be wrong and look collectively silly. But that isn’t a real cause for concern. I’d be more worried if events proved us uncomfortably on the money so to speak.

    If Obama gets attacked or something – which would suck for us, because everything he does is automatically racial whereas a white anti-white has the fig leaf of his own skin colour to cover his sinister agenda – and your theory closely resembles the m.o of his would-be slayers, you might draw the short straw. For you, your family, and maybe even the NF. In my opinion there is little to be gained by predicting terrorist attacks, and much to be lost in the way of pride if you’re wrong, and liberty if you’re right.

    Barney, Britain is horrifying. Even Australia is better these days. Dumdum bullets? Wotan on a rope and Jesus on a skateboard mate. That’s a nightmare and a half. I hope you have a way out comrade. Good luck with that baseball bat against an Armed Response team. You’d think all those video games would make us white boys think we are invincible. Far from it. One civvy can’t take on a team of trained killers in full operator gear. Just ask Robert J Matthews how that goes. He held the best America could offer for 36 hours before they burned him alive. They found his body in a bathtub, a loaded pistol still gripped in his charred, dead hand. You aren’t that badass. This guy even thought to have a gas mask ready for when they teargassed him, and ran a Damn bath of cold water in a last ditch effort to stave off the flames.

    They don’t even make heroes that hardcore in Hollywood. And i doubt they make them in Londonistan either. Not yet anyway.

  15. Nàiseantach Bàn Albannach
    Jul 10, 2012

    Hey Harold, could you play this song ‘Part of the Union’ by the Strawbs?

    It is based on the National Union of Mineworkers strike in 1973 under Ted Heath’s government in which this country was facing an economic crisis and in which the miners were having their payments cut. It is a good song and it has some relevance to the NF.

  16. Jeff P
    Jul 10, 2012

    Hey Brandon, if you are a young single man, I would get up to the Northwest ASAP. You can get a job now thru craigslist, that way you can have one ready before you go. Also craigslist has rooms for rent advertised, this would be the cheapest way to go and that’s all you need right now. Personally, I would stay away from the big cities. Hell, if you move to Seattle or Portland you might as well be in Chicago. Always go for a smaller rural town close to a mountain area where yo can get to quickly. Invest in simple outdoor stuff such as tent sleeping bag, a compact fishing pole. A gun would be great if you can get one up there. I live in CA and the Sierra Nevada mountains are literally my back yard. When this thing goes, you DO NOT want to live in big cities. Those will be the first to be surrounded and put under Martial law. Then you are at everyones mercy. A good place to go would be in the mountains where a lot of rich yuppies have nice summer cabins. If shit hits the fan you can always go break into someones cabin and stay a while. If the cities are shut down, they won’t be up to their cabin, I can guaruntee you that! I know it is scary, but just plan and prepare and always leave yourself a quick exit somewhere. This is why I think country folks will fare better than those in the city. I have been expecting all of this for decades now and have got myself finally in a good location where both my work and home are at the base of the mountains. Now no pussy city weekend warrior is going to be going into any mountains looking for people, at least not right away. They will have their hands full with the cities, towns, highways, etc… A person could live years in those mountains and they would never find you. There’s caves, old mines, fish and game to eat, fresh water to drink, hell if I had a choice I would go to the Northwest, but I just found out about the Northwest front myself. I will try to get up there but I am in a decent place now, especially if they decide to make Northern CA part of the Republic. anyway, don’t be scared, just prepare and plan and pray that the good Lord will watch your back.

  17. Charles Martel
    Jul 10, 2012

    HAC: Not to worry. Also thanks for editing my latest diatribe on RFN. I tend to get a little carried away. Also I spent about three hours writing a follow up post with just practical info instead of bombast. That guy’s reference to me as “an Aryan like our grandfathers were,” embarrassed me enough to bring me to my senses. ( I am sure that the real Aryans are laughing their asses off in Valhalla at that moniker.) But unfortunately I managed to delete the whole thing just as I was ready to post it. I am sure that if there were any “Aryans like me” at the Battle of Marathon, they would have managed to fuck it up somehow.

    I will try to make a cliff notes version. And learn how to type. God Damn computers. Give me a Selectric typewriter any day!

  18. Steve the Elder
    Jul 10, 2012

    Germania, my life is always worth more than spit and that is because the great God of our holy people is Yahweh, and all His protected creation was made and is protected by Him. The scum will die while we will live. I know this for a fact, not mere supposition

  19. donothingwn
    Jul 10, 2012

    I had the misfortune of hearing a TV while I was at the laundromat which normally is filth free, but it was perversion night I guess.

    I was listening to a podcast about ‘world propaganda and creators of the worlds misfortunes according to goebbels’by William Finck. Great podcasts , and ironic that the propaganda on the tv was described so precisely 70+ years ago.

    What Jewry will do to us, is doing to us, is unspeakable.They will never stop voluntarily. It’s in their despicable nature.

    I’m gambling we have a year before travel is restricted further so I can get squared away. I pray I’m not too late.

    To our Brit comrade, I look forward to seeing you in the Northwest soon

  20. Charles Martel
    Jul 10, 2012

    Ok, short and sweet, maybe.

    Mea culpa. I don’t like to offend people, especially if they are on my side. But I get offended on a daily basis in this degenerate world, and like my poor old mother used to say: “sticks and stones…”, so if you aren’t physically beating me, I could care less.

    1st: I am not “fearless”, I fear many things, beautiful women, public speaking, bosses, killer storms at sea, big cities, being maimed for life, leading a life of quiet desperation, you name it and I am probably afraid of it.
    But thanks to my father and mother, I was forced to face my fears early on and learned that if you just keep blundering on you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. 90% of the time it is the fear that stops you, not the actual obstacles that you face.

    Fear is an emotion, it is not real. Fear is a survival mechanism, simply an early warning device to keep us alert to our environment. Just one part of our “flight or fight” response.

    In the good old days, when we were free men, when we confronted a cave bear or a hostile stranger, we either killed it or ran away or were killed. End of problem. End of fear response.

    But in this degenerate age we are not allowed to kill our enemies, we can’t run away because most of the time our enemies are some faceless bureaucrats, and we are being killed by the death of a thousand cuts. Welcome to the modern degenerate age. The threat is there, but we can’t identify it, we can’t kill it, we can’t run away, so we are bathed in a sea of unresolved fear. But since it is just an emotion, it can’t kill us, so who cares? Fuck it, just keep soldering on. Face the little fears first.

    Master them and move on to something a little more scary. It is just like lifting weights or any other
    physical or intellectual art, you have to practice, train, improve, raise the bar, whatever. Do you think that Olympic athletes just fell out of a tree and won a gold medal? No, they were just like you and me, but they faced their fears by training incessantly. Just like the great revolutionaries, good or bad, Mackno, Lenin, Washington, Mao, Wallace, Ho, Lee, Che, Rockwell, Mathews, Hitler and the hundreds of thousands of unknown Men and Women that fought with them, they all faced their fears and fought on. Some won and some died, but they all refused to give in to their fears.
    Can we do anything less? What is that old saying? Cowards die a hundred times, but heroes die only once.

    Now to the practical side. Come Home! Now! Except for pest holes like seattle and portland, the rest of the proto-Northwest American Republic is 98% White. I actually stop and stare when I see a nigger, spick, or gook. And the indigenous White folk here openly talk shit about the local mud people. Apparently, the White folk here have never heard of “political correctness”.

    The Pacific Northwest is a vast area and mostly untouched by amurrican “civilization”. If you don’t like the weather, when just move a hundred miles in any direction and it will be different.

    We have everything from temperate rain forests to high plains deserts to lush pine covered mountain valleys that make the Alps look desolate. Take your pick.

    A herd of about 60 deer, 20 elk, and 2 wild turkeys wintered in my back yard. Along with the occasional well fed coyote. Honestly, as I am writing this missive, I can hear a pack of coyotes yipping around my house. I have lived all over the world and I tell you the Pacific Northwest is like Shangri-La. I have decided to go to ground in the Homeland because it is the best place in the world.

    Jobs? There are plenty of jobs for anyone who is willing to work.

    Safety nets? We have “government” safety nets here also. Just roll into the local mental health center and they will load you up with a plethora of “services”.

    The “homeless” shelters here are like 2 star hotels anywhere else in the JewSA.

    Medical problems? No problem! We have free clinics that are staffed by real doctors that are really dedicated to helping real people. If you are not a drug addled doper looking for narcs, they will fall all over themselves to help you.
    Listen! Most of the people on welfare in the PNW are white people. That is why you have paid your taxes for most of your life, so that when you are down and out, you can get some of that money back.

    Every day, white migrants of all stripes roll into town, from multi-millionaires to folks with nothing but a backpack. They start business, get jobs or just go camping in the woods. Our biggest problem isn’t finding jobs, it is finding people who want to work. Hell, most people here, both locals and migrants, act like this is one big Boy Scout Camp. Everyone here is so busy hunting and fishing it is hard to get them to come to work. Even our beggars look fat and well fed.

    Listen! Screw Seattle or Portland. They are over run by mud people and liberal twits. And white meth heads. The rest of the Northwest is overrun by normal White people.

    I am all for White people preparing themselves for the move to the Homeland but don’t forget the most important issue, self preservation! The collapse of Amurrica is inevitable. What is the worst case scenario? Living in a homeless shelter in the PNW or having you and your family murdered and probably cannibalized by roving gangs of starving blacks?

    If you can, call the moving van or rent a u-haul or buy a little old travel trailer to tow behind your old car and camp for free in the China-mart parking lot while you look for work or buy a bus ticket and stay in the homeless shelter ( If you are a lady, you can even get a private room ) while you look for work. If you don’t drink, smoke, or do drugs you are golden! Hel, they can’t build housing fast enough in the Bakken oil field to house all the new workers. WNists from here are going over there to cash in on the gravy train.

    Just Come!! Come Home Now!! While it is a piece of cake!

    Listen, I am trying to not start ragging on you all again, but honestly, I just don’t understand why anyone is afraid to just pull up stakes and move to the Homeland. What you should be afraid of is Not moving to the Homeland! You should be terrified to stay where you are. Your country is going down and it is going down hard. Get out. Now!

  21. Steve the Elder
    Jul 10, 2012

    UM, hmm, “kevlar” does not stop rifle bullets. A 5.56/7.62 x 39 or 7.62 NATO will zip through 2 + beast goons wearing level 3 body armor.. only level 4 and 5 armor can stop high power rifle rounds, and even a shotgun slug will crush a man’s internals if they are weaing #3

    I am not afraid at all, call it foolish bravery if you like but i call it my faith in the power of Yahweh

  22. Harold
    Jul 10, 2012

    @Charles. Gawd, I would KILL for a functioning Selectric. You can occasionally find them in junk shops, but the little type face golf balls are either missing or broken, and you can’t find the ribbons anywhere.

  23. Brandon. Ingle
    Jul 10, 2012

    Jeff P- our heavenly Father has protected and gotten me out of more bad situations than you could ever imagine.

  24. 112358
    Jul 10, 2012


    I) Final Solution to the Selectric Typewriter Parts Question:

    I.1) We gotta get Harold some kind of Billy Fish-type batman for his birthday. 😉
    I.2) Further to “The Man Who Would Be King” reference, “The Minstrel Boy” (various lyrics) is a kickin’ tune.
    I.3) Parts are available to nurse a Selectric back to health. Cheaper but more hassle from places like eBay. E.g.:

    II) Analysis of Audience via RFN Broadcast Comments:

    II.1) Accepting the hypothesis that the number of comments on weekly RFN broadcasts is a reasonable proxy for total audience, we can analyze RFN audience trends using this publicly-available data.
    II.2) Having done so, we see positive momentum. There was an average of only 0.4 comments per broadcast for the first 10 broadcast, contrasted with an average of 37 comments for the most recent 10 broadcasts. As of the time of writing, the most recent episode had 72 comments, a new record.
    II.3) A cursory view of the trend reveals a strong cyclical component. The busy season starts, oh, I’m going to say around the time of a very special birthday occurring two-thirds of the way through April, and finishes up around Columbus Day. So, busy season is roughly the 6 months from April – September, the slow season is roughly October – March. This consumer behaviour could be correlated with warm weather, with the school year, inversely correlated with the new TV season (sorry, but it could be), or any other annual rhythyms, but the cyclicality is definitely there.

    III) Characterizing the Current Situation:

    III.1) Preamble: I know HAC doesn’t like to see this broadcast as “entertainment”. Fine. Nonetheless, it is a product. There is a market for it, as yet largely untapped. It has consumers, & these consumers exhibit behaviours which can be analyzed, & which should be, in order to maximize consumption of the product.
    III.2) While we see clear positive audience growth, I’m sure there is a desire to grow the audience even quicker. In order to increase “sales” (off the top of my head), you have to lower price, increase quality, improve delivery, or improve marketing. I’ll now broadly assess the strategic situation, specifically with regards to the RFN weekly broadcast, considering the four factors just mentioned. I’ll do so in loose, qualitative terms, considering the strength of these factors relative to each other.
    III.3) Price: It’s essentially free (no financial costs) for your audience to consume your product. Most of your target market is able to do so. There is a time cost to consume the product, and a small time cost imposed on the audience to keep checking whether a new broadcast is available, since it is not released at a regular time. So, price is excellent & cannot be improved, although a regular “get those trains running on time” schedule might have some beneficial effect.
    III.4) Quality: I consider the product to be in general, outstanding. You are competing with other online content for eyeballs (earballs?), and if you conduct any analysis of e.g. the big (independent) channels on YouTube, which you should, I think you can feel very good about the quality of your product. The show design, editing, “talent”, 😉 & discourse stack up very well against YT channels with hundreds of millions of views. I kid you not. Furthermore, supported by Harold’s body of written work, I consider the ideological basis of this movement to be MILES ahead of its organizational basis, from what I can see.
    III.5) Delivery: the product is delivered over the internet via this website. Internet’s great, & this website is simple & effective. Somewhere in the very good to excellent range. Added features & functionality could yield big results, but this site is certainly not the weak point.
    III.6) Marketing: I consider this to be by far the weakest link in the chain. You may object with, “Hey, vad I’m gonna do, teyk out an ad in the New York Times”? Basic response is “guerrilla marketing”. You wanna run a guerrilla movement, might as well fire up some GM to get the party started, hey? Big subject, post is getting long, more to say, lots about GM on the netz. Briefly, I see the guys with the NWF sites on YT, which is good, but they’re not getting views. You might get more eyeballs by spamming comments on some big channels frequented by your intended audience, or by other methods. OK, we’ve now characterized the situation, so if this is in fact the reality, then what to do about it?
    III.7) Demographics. Oh, one final characterization. Big subject, should be important to you. Based on extensive personal assessment of your content, I believe your show is targeted at (white) people like you: old, poor & educated. No offense. I should say “people like us”. Marketers generally highly value & heavily target the young, rich & educated.

    IV) Implications/Initial Reaction to Analysis:

    IV.1) Consider that pink may in fact be the new black! “Marketing – not just for Jews anymore”! What I mean is, consider the basic premise that a marketing fail could be a significant underlying cause of growth not meeting your requirements or expectations.
    IV.2) Demographics: consider what demographics/consumer mix you want (to execute the Plan). Consider the response you are getting. Seek more feedback from the market (analyzing responses to YT comments be a cheap way to get some). Learn from the success of big indy content providers (e.g. Top 100 on YT would be an instructive, if vapid, place to start. Anyway, consider delivering content targeted towards your desired market. Having said all that, you (plural) are who you are, be genuine, probably a waste of time focusing on teeny boppers. But consider other demos – the young are HUGE consumers of online content. In a future situation (with more resources), one might even consider a new product, e.g. a 15-minute program hitting the much-decried T-Shirt Youth – oh sorry, I mean the HIGHLY-COVETED Male 18-34 demographic, the leaders of tomorrow and the backbone of this revolution! Jesus H. Christ… (timeout for a quick facepalm)… OK, back. Enough on that, next.
    IV.3) Workload planning with limited resources to achieve optimal outcomes: If you have limited resources with which to do different kinds of work (work that yields different payoffs at different times), then do different kinds of work at different times to get best results. E.g. sow seeds in the spring, harvest in the fall. If you sow in winter & harvest in spring, your payoff will be zero.
    IV.4) HAC workload optimization thoughts: Delegate more! HAC is pretty much the “brand” at the moment. HAC is conflicted because he a) wants to do the show, b) wants to write, & c) wants to do whatever other stuff he’s up to. I believe the show yields about double the results in the summer that it does in the winter. Even as I write this, in my mind’s eye I can spy Harold in a diaphonous gown, playing the role of Persephone as he spends 6 months in the sunlight doing more radio & group stuff, & 6 months writing more, in the sombre & silent service of his literary bridegroom, Hades, as was (loosely) foretold in the old legend. “And that’s why we have seasons”. But srsly, how can you guys NOT want to “tease the tiger” from the safety of the other side of the tiger’s cage. 😉
    IV.5) HAC Show Payoff > Book Payoff?: Having written the above, & only partially recanting/feeling sorry for it (OK sorry), I’d also advise forecasting or trying to assess the payoff from the show & the books. HAC is no hack (rather, a real good writer in my view) & no doubt likes doing what he does best. He’s a pretty damn good radio show host too though, & while his monumental body of work stands on its own, the show does not, but rather it needs him. He is the show. I’d extend the marketing criticism of the show to the books btw, but less so, as hoi polloi may at least stumble upon them at Amazon etc. But I sense, without knowing, that with marketing, you could get a lot more incremental gains from applying HAC to the show than to the books. Anybody need to read another HAC book? Already read every word of the Quartet. I get it. Probably get more payoff from improving delivery of the existing books (a little more proofreading, re-publishing, especially in free, very attractively “typeset” PDFs or other files if you’re willing) than producing new content. Sure if you’ve got some new ideas kicking & pounding to get outta yer head like Athena outta Zeus, then by all means, “demons, out!” If not, fuck it. Stop beating yourself up. Writer’s block sucks. Distractions suck. Re-evaluate cost/benefits & focus on the important stuff.
    IV.6) Moar Axis Sally: It is great to observe other voices gaining strength on the show, especially the sultry, mellifluous tones of Axis Sally. She could read my news anyday. Giddyap. Great reader, doesn’t seem to do the freeform stream-of-consciousness soliloquies as much as HAC (but then, who does?). In my judgement, she could deliver more content. Maybe team her up with a producer or source of content? Lemme add to that Billy Fish order a schmantzy Hollywood writer for Axis Sally’s birthday. 😉
    IV.7) Don’t feel bad about trying to succeed: Don’t feel self-conscious that this is “entertainment”, or that marketing is morally repugnant. I know, “it’s all about the music, maan”. Trying to grow numbers via various GM techniques may seem strange or unpleasant, but “it’s beautiful if it works”.
    IV.8) Listen: If your audience, for reasons unbeknownst to us, really shows up every late April, how about promoting a “rilly big shew” for our special guy every April 20th? Big “season finale” Columbus Day show, to send off HAC to the dungeon for the winter to concentrate on writing with reduced show duties?

    K, out of breath. No doubt sounding bossy from the comfort of my own home, but venturing to do so because I believe sharing these thoughts is the best way to help right now.

    Ex stylo libertas,


  25. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 10, 2012

    Steve, and you say you’re not CI. A great religion isn’t it. I’ve always thought that way and now I know its a real religion, its awesome! Praise Yahweh! Looks like you boys know about your guns and armor protection. Typewriters too. I have one if it helps Harold, I can sent it to you. It’s from the 70’s I think. I can get you the model number and name if you want. I’ve got one big problem though. You know what it is and we all do. It’s your plan is great but you’re not out there. People like your plan when they hear it so let’s tell everyone about the NF shall we. Everyone talk to who you know and email who can help. Let’s get this thing started. Harold, keep at it! You’re my leader and will be always. If you can’t handle that I don’t care. I can live with it so you can too. Live with it!

  26. C
    Jul 10, 2012

    Steve: I call it being a total badass, not foolish bravery. I have a lot of time for men who bring not peace but a sword. I’ve known a few. They tend to be more Christian and likable than their more moderate peers.

    Charles: It’s by degrees mate. You’re humble and j respect that, but in all seriousness you’re a survivor against all the odds. People like you are why I want the republic. If Amurrica hadn’t made you focus on surviving and adapting you would have spent your energy on setting this world on fire. One of the few things that actually makes my blood boil is how this society wastes white potential as a matter of course. It’s almost as though these monsters enjoy it, as though every white who has to scavenge and thrash just to live, every Aryan who doesn’t become a statistical counter argument to egalitarianism, is a victory for equality. For progressivism, as opposed to progress.

    Not sure about welfare mate. I reckon they should be using that money to pay you fellahs to fix roads or whatever. But hey, that’d involve making blacks work hard, and the NAACP would never allow it.

    I envision the latter stages of liberal democracy enslaving the white man with insane taxes and social reforms using him to pay for left wing programs, that their constituents that they might be perpetually at play. A kind of antiracist welfare state. It’d be our way of, ‘giving back’ for our crimes against their protected groups. I have had radical leftists agree with this approach. I don’t understand how Americans can fail to get this stuff. How is Obamacaust not the first stage of the horror I just described? Do people really think they can ride out this storm alone and isolated?

  27. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 10, 2012

    I like Mike’s idea. everyone had some amazing coments on here. C, Brandon, Andy, Charles, Steve, Jeff, DoNothingWN, Kenny, Bluegrass, Big Sid, Barney. I look forward to meeting you all in the NW soon. $3000 the only thing I hve against me is I don’t have a car or a license. I will have that kind of money in two months. Let’s all give’er what we’ve got boys. WE can do this. As for this girl kate, I look forward to meeting many young beautiful Aryan women up there who actually respect themselves. I see far too many that don’t here in Canuckistan. I saw some nice Aryan women in Chicago of all places at Midway airport many with three or four or five children all with blone hair and blue eyes and in Nashville for my CofCC confrence. We can win this thing. Everyone who sees any nigger with a white girl should say something, I hope you all do because it’s going to stay with them at a mement where they ned to make a decision wether or not to pollute themeselves. This may sound extreme but you know niggers, they like their activities if you know what I am referring to.

    My best to all of you. Hope to see you in the NF.

  28. Brandon. Ingle
    Jul 11, 2012

    C- you’re just now figuring it out that these monsters enjoy it??? they’ve been getting off on the eradication of white’s all the way back to the begining of the segregation movement when they flooded our schools with chimps and our daughters started getting gang raped in the bathrooms, hell the entire state of alabama was literally made an example of which is why where i live its not uncommon to go an entire day without seeing so much as one white person ANYWHERE in public other than yourself, its downright creepy.. and believe me when i say that these sick jew bastards not only are well aware of this and take pride in what they’ve done to our once great nation but they are absolutely bloody loving it.

  29. Barney
    Jul 11, 2012

    Good point C about not being too specific in speculating as to the nature of any coming false-flag attack. I’m not worried about losing face if I’m wrong. The real danger is in getting too close to what actually happens, and then being falsely accused of making it happen.

    How could he have known so much detail if he wasn’t involved?” That kind of thing.

    Douglas Pearson – Sorry to disappoint you, but I won’t be able to Come Home. All my life I’ve felt I was in training for what is to come, and then my legs failed me. I can’t walk more than about 25 yards now without severe pain, and I’d fall over in agony by the time I reached 50 yards.

    No sympathy required. I’m a White Man, an Aryan. I’ll find some way of doing my bit, but it will have to be here in England. God, Yahweh, The Creative Force or whatever we call Him/Her will find some kind of work for me in this, the final struggle of good against evil. I know it.

    Despite being stuck in zog central, I identify with the NF and refer to “us” rather than to “you”, even though I can never join the NVA. I’ll find my place here though, even if it’s only in the planning rather than the execution.

    WE will win. The Creator won’t have it any other way, and when the NVA comes into being, we in the UK will be with our NF comrades in spirit if not in the flesh, and I’m sure we’ll all meet up in the next world where General Order Number Ten will be nothing but a memory.

  30. Barney
    Jul 11, 2012

    One final point. The song “Part of the union” by Strawbs was intended as an anti-union song, but it’s a good one despite that. Pity the miners, and the people generally, lost that battle, but when you’re unarmed, small in number and facing a full-frontal attack by superior forces unrestrained by anything resembling morality or human values, there isn’t a lot of hope of success.

    The only way is to hit from the shadows and melt away into the darkness.

    It’s not cowardice to shoot an enemy in the back if it means you get to survive to do it again tomorrow. It’s simple common sense, War isn’t a game. The enemy doesn’t play by any rules.

  31. HAC
    Jul 11, 2012

    Guys, I am really going to have to start getting hard-nosed about cracking down on the religion thing here. There is a religion thread somewhere back about two or three months ago; go find it and quote the Bible all you want there, plizz.

  32. C
    Jul 12, 2012

    Help I’m being oppressed!

    Yeah I’ve seen how ugly this can get in the past. Fair enough. Pity I was just about to talk about Scientology and how ancient aliens who nuke volcanoes are the one true faith. Nevermind.

  33. Jules
    Jul 12, 2012

    HAC, you have two Selectrics here, as soon as I can get up there, with a a box of ribbons to boot. Just quit hassling me about moving. I’m doing what I can, as fast as I can.

    -Jules, the Mad Magyar

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