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I Am Nobody

Hi, guys:

Just a quick word in your shell-like ears.

I sent this out to the Colonel House Academy, a small group of you who volunteered to edit my video footage and produce YouTube pieces from it.

(The Colonel House Academy is the only way anyone can get off the hook from the moral imperative to pack the moving van. Right now, video and graphic arts help is a service so valuable to the Republic that it’s the only way you can get a pass, the only way anyone will be allowed to be part of the magic while remaining sitting behind their computers in Bumfucked Ohio or wherever with their beer and nachos to hand.)

Anyway, just for the record, for all YouTubers and general internet posters of all kinds:

I am not “Maximum Leader” or anything of the kind, and I damned sure am not “Fuhrer” or any variation thereon. I have no official title at all because the Northwest Front does not exist. Just refer to me as “Harold Covington of the Northwest Front.”

I am not the “leader” of anything. I am not a leader for the simple reason that I have no followers, at least none who will do what I say. If I had actual followers we would have a couple of thousand White Nationalists up here in the Homeland and we would be well on our way to freedom, or at least we’d have our own small town in Oregon like the Rajneesh did 25 years ago.

So when you need to refer to me at all, use “Harold Covington from the Northwest Front” or “Harold Covington from Radio Free Northwest” or author of the Northwest novels, etc.

Remember, guys, the Northwest is very much a case of the Song, not the Singer.