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I Am Nobody

Hi, guys:

Just a quick word in your shell-like ears.

I sent this out to the Colonel House Academy, a small group of you who volunteered to edit my video footage and produce YouTube pieces from it.

(The Colonel House Academy is the only way anyone can get off the hook from the moral imperative to pack the moving van. Right now, video and graphic arts help is a service so valuable to the Republic that it’s the only way you can get a pass, the only way anyone will be allowed to be part of the magic while remaining sitting behind their computers in Bumfucked Ohio or wherever with their beer and nachos to hand.)

Anyway, just for the record, for all YouTubers and general internet posters of all kinds:

I am not “Maximum Leader” or anything of the kind, and I damned sure am not “Fuhrer” or any variation thereon. I have no official title at all because the Northwest Front does not exist. Just refer to me as “Harold Covington of the Northwest Front.”

I am not the “leader” of anything. I am not a leader for the simple reason that I have no followers, at least none who will do what I say. If I had actual followers we would have a couple of thousand White Nationalists up here in the Homeland and we would be well on our way to freedom, or at least we’d have our own small town in Oregon like the Rajneesh did 25 years ago.

So when you need to refer to me at all, use “Harold Covington from the Northwest Front” or “Harold Covington from Radio Free Northwest” or author of the Northwest novels, etc.

Remember, guys, the Northwest is very much a case of the Song, not the Singer.




  1. Hadding Scott
    Jul 10, 2012



  2. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 10, 2012

    I know that you are the Harold Covington of the Nrothwest Front but I refer to you as the Harold Covington that will lead us to victory or the man with the plan, whatever I feel like that day. Read my email that I sent you. It is in regards my customs incident. I don’t like holding cells they are very small and cold. Yes, I get it we all have to go through it, but its so ridiculous over a Dr. Goebbels book and some of Paul’s literature. What a joke! I hate Canuckistan!

  3. Harold
    Jul 10, 2012

    The comment from Hadding Scott, rarely, was approved by me as is. No kidding, guys, that’s exactly how it came in. Swear to God!

  4. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 11, 2012

    Hey while you’re here read my email sorry about the CBSA Harold they put me in a holding cell because I didn’t want them going through my wallet or phone, thought they wouldn’t so I left my contacts on there, stupid mistake! Could have deleted them read quick.

  5. Bryan
    Jul 11, 2012

    What, I am enjoying about this time period, is the creativity of those who go first. Things are happening here! I am in Portland!

  6. Instauration Fan
    Jul 11, 2012

    This post is too negative.

    Mr. Covington has done great work and is our writer and damn good radio host/speaker.

    They key to getting away from this “Movement” negativity is to get away from American WN movement ghetto and connect with regular Whites – in the Homeland and elsewhere.

    I’m having solid success in this area, in real life off of the Net.

    I think we should help Mr. Covington get out of the American WN Movement ghetto and have him contact, speak to regular Whites in the homeland – state representatives, Church leaders (local, not national), union workers, small business owners.

    Many of these local Whites will be receptive to a local White rule opposed to BRA, Obama, Washington, Hollywood.

    We need to package our separatism in language and culture that attract, rather than repel local Whites in the Homeland.

    I will send a US mail/donation with some specifics that will make solid progress.

  7. Real
    Jul 12, 2012

    Get quiet, get smart, get fit, get armed and get moving.

  8. David
    Jul 12, 2012

    When I talk about you and the movement to friends I say something to the effect of, “Harold Covington is the de facto leader [of the movement] at this point considering he’s written the novels and is doing most of the pushing.”

  9. Miss White
    Jul 13, 2012

    Hi HAC!

    Will the Colonel House Academy by any chance be creating movies of your books? I strive to be as feminine and graceful as possible, but have to admit I’m really rugged and tough for a white woman from the suburbs. So I admittedly enjoy your fictional action novels, and would love to see them as movies. My generation (20’s) responds well to flashing screens, as you know. In fact, copyable files on flash drives that can be shared might be better at getting through to certain people.

    Here’s an idea for a novel and/or movie: Someone gets the bright idea to start putting highly compelling video files on cheap flash drives bought in bulk. He writes “hidden truth” on each one and disperses them with friends. Word gets out about the flash drives people are copying the files off of and then passing on, putting in the pockets of coats on a rack, etc. Everyone wants to get to see the “hidden truth” videos. People who like the ideas in the videos are led by one of the videos to buy as many flash drives as they are willing to invest in, and create more “hidden truth” flash drives to pass around. It becomes known as the first case of something going viral offline, and it results in a revolution.

    As a teacher, I wouldn’t be caught passing around any political flash drives. But it seems like good material for a novel of the sort you write.

    Best Regards,
    Miss White

  10. Lewis Bakersfield
    Jul 16, 2012

    Mr. Covington, I spoke to Ingrigd Zundel today by telephone and I asked if she knew who you were. She did say she knew you and hasn’t spoken to you in quite some time. You should give her a call, she is a very nice woman. sorry I’m off topic but figured you stand a chance of reading this.

  11. Miss White
    Jul 16, 2012

    Yes, I also found her to be very nice. Boy, it’s a small world!

  12. C
    Jul 17, 2012

    That’s interesting. I’ve seen the goat dancers quote Ingrid or someone else close to Ernst and say the two were enemies.

    The lies these people tell, Mein Gott. I’ve met mulattos more honest than these so called, ‘aryan warriors’. And that’s really, really saying something.

  13. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 19, 2012

    I’ve read a piece on the Zundelsite myself, if Ingrid has something positive to contrubute this time I’d say let Harold see what she wants. Good to see that someone can contact her. If she is receptive to the NF idea, let’s get her on board with it. Maybe, considering where she is the Stormfront confrence is a good place to spread the word about the NF through her. Even better using the piece from the Zundelsite as proof of lies, or that if it is true what she said back then how she was mistaken or fed lies herself. We can work together, if we really tuly want to see the survival of the white race.

    Ms. White, good to hve a nice young female on here. I revently met a couple at the CofCc confrence. Even better to have one as a teacher, better still if you are in the NorthWEst already and can teach young aryans on who they really are not the PC garbage that the media wants them to think.

    For anyone coming onto Canada of any other customs stops with forms stating what you are bringing into the country etc. When I came back to Canuckistan I should have done this. Okay, here’s my advice I should have followed myself, I didn’t think of it at the time. Fill out TWO forms. If one gets marked for inspection, the other one is clean. I should have also noticed when the original customs officer marked the form, which I did but it didn’t register with me. Next time I come back into Canuckistan I’ll be ready. No more inspecftion or holding cells for me, if they have to nail me on something it won’t be something I have in my luggage.

  14. levi
    Jul 25, 2012

    i agree, glad my comment and talk with Ingrid might actually have positive results fer the movement!!

  15. Barney
    Jul 26, 2012

    HAC – You may be “nobody”, and I do get your meaning, but we need more like you, if only as backup in case you disappear. I know that sounds callous, but I’m certain you understand, and probably agree. You hold this movement, this idea, together. We can’t afford to lose you until there’s someone else who can take over as NF co-ordinator.

    Obviously we hope we won’t lose you, but knowing what happened to Edgar Steele, it’s something we have to keep in mind.

    Miss White – Why didn’t we have teachers like you when I was at school? I personally think yours is an excellent idea, much better than leaving leaflets on trains, in the streets, etc., to be thrown away by cleaners.

  16. POLARBEAR87j
    Jul 28, 2012

    the Song, not the Singer
    the Plan, not the Man

    Get quiet, get smart, get fit, get armed and get moving = NORTHWESTFRONTdotORG 🙂

  17. Robert
    Jul 29, 2012

    Probably the wrong place for this but you should know that your forum is not sending out the activation emails after registration. Tested it with two different email accounts.

  18. C
    Jul 30, 2012

    Hurld doesn’t run the forums. Might want to email the web master there mate.

    The NF is an organism not an organisation; an idea more than an ideology. Much of what’s best about it is a result of comrades just getting out there and doing stuff. Forums are no exception.

  19. Miss White
    Jul 31, 2012

    True, the forum is not sending out confirmation emails. And it just so happens that I wanted to dump a bunch of relevant thoughts there to be sorted out. Many thanks in advance for those of you diligent enough to read this whole post if it can fit through. I am convinced that you will not regret it.

    They are from a scenario in an HAC-style novel, in which white people are theorizing about the history of various races, and how such history may be relevant to our own race. They end up writing an article documenting the useful ideas from these discussions, and how they came to those conclusions. It reads as follows:

    Racial Wisdom

    The following ideas can help whites see what has caused races to go extinct in the past, so that we can learn from them and avoid the same fate. Also to enlighten us about the genetic vs. recessive fallacy we were all taught in school. These ideas are newly contrived, and are open for research and debate (by those who have already moved to the Northwest, of course.) The reasoning behind these conclusions is given at the end of the short list.

    1. An albino is not diseased, but is a member of an effectively extinct sub race of underground, cave, or night dwellers within his respective race.

    2. Giants are also an almost extinct race, not people with an abnormal growth hormone.

    3. Whites are not recessive. Contrary to common belief, genes can be caused to dominate or recede, but they are never inherently dominant or recessive.


    1. Calling an albino a disease because albinos need darkness to be healthy is like calling blacks a disease because they need more sunlight than average to be healthy. Albinos can wear sunscreen and sunglasses and go in the sun. Blacks can drink vitamin D-infused milk and live at a more northern altitude without getting sick. One is not better than the other with regard to this need or lack of need for sunlight; they are just literally as different as night and day. (Their other racial features and advantages or disadvantages are fully unknown to me.)

    African albinos are designed for the caves and the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa.

    Europe used to be covered in deep forests with huge, majestic trees, before the age of agriculture. Most Europeans lived in nice little wooden homes in the woods, and hunted, and ate the edible plants. Northern Europeans were more out in the open, but the light from the sun was not as strong. So we are white to fit the darker, more northern lands of our origin.

    European albinos would have been the cave dwellers and night hunters among us. (It was also theorized that they could have been the white men who originated so far north that they got little, if any sunlight. They would have lived similarly to the Eskimos, only they would have had the race to match the environment. But no, this is probably not the case. Polar bears have dark skin, and lots of white fur. Albinos are not particularly hairy.)

    Albinos have poor daylight vision, simply because like other underground beings with poor daylight vision, they don’t need it. They may have above-average night vision. Their poor daylight vision is further proof that they are sub races designed for darkness.

    When an albino marries an albino, the children tend to be normal, healthy albinos (although the parents are then scorned by the public, and the albino children strongly encouraged not to marry their own kind.) Members of an albino sub race, who have inherited albino genes from some distant albino ancestors, are said to have a disease. Pictures of sad albinos in the sun, with severe skin problems, are abundant. But the only problem is that they are IN THE SUN! Similarly sad results can be achieved by putting very black Africans in a dark cave for an extended period of time. They will develop ailments like rickets, cancer, heart disease, severe asthma, and cognitive impairment!

    (White people have similar skin problems to albinos from sun exposure, but to a lesser degree, because we are not as white as albinos.)

    Modern life has created conditions where it is not considered acceptable or desirable to live in a cave, especially if one lives off the creatures in the cave, like bugs and bats. Coming out of a cave at night to hunt would also be considered insane by today’s standards. Albinos are neither understood, nor accepted for who they are in today’s confused world. They don’t even want to see who they really are, because there are so few of them that they are naturally alienated from society and cannot live as they were born to, and their history as a whiter-than-white sub race is virtually, hopelessly unknown. Like whiggers, they desperately wish to be part of the race that dominates their society. Albinos, like many whites nowadays, are mocked until they are ashamed of their albino race. Many have been killed, especially in Africa, simply for being albino. They are a living example that a race can be so close to extinction, yet still be very much unprotected, neglected, and further destroyed.

    2. Okay, now on to giants being an almost extinct race. Due to past interracial relationships between giants and average-sized people, a giant is still occasionally born to people like us. The other members of his predominant race have been either killed off or outbred into extinction, and he has been unknowingly bestowed with these almost extinct genes, and born to parents who are not of his giant race, though someone bore the giant gene from a past giant relative. He is told that he has a disease which causes him to have an abnormal growth hormone. In reality (assuming these theories are correct,) his growth hormone is functioning like that of a normal giant. Black and white photos of giants (people a few feet taller than “normal”) with their shorter family members show large, healthy individuals. These people inherited the receding (not recessive) genes of an all-but-extinct race of giants. Giants were likely driven to extinction by smaller people out of fear. But some race-mixing had occurred between large and small people, so their genes have not yet completely vanished, and show up in a child every now and then. This is the same as with albinos. In contrast to the healthy giants in those old photos, the few giants born today are unhealthy, and often have trouble even standing up straight. Their abundant body mass amplifies the problems caused by the poor quality of our modern diet and lifestyle. This makes it all the more easy to claim that their race is a disease. The old photos of healthy giants from the not-so-distant past are swept under the carpet. But a careful internet search may still yield some good old black-and-white photos of healthy Guinness World Record winning giants. Save these photos as proof of healthy giants in our past! True, pure bred giants may have been even larger. One conspiracy theory claims that the bones of giants have been confiscated from researchers and museums all over the world for many years. Some may also be claimed to be part of dinosaur skeletons.

    In the instances where only one part of a person’s body grows disproportionately large (elephantiasis or some such name,) that unfortunate person is an example of an unfortunate worst result of race mixing of average people with giants. The genes did not find a way to mix correctly at all, and the result was a freak of nature. Same with the “disease” some people get where the pigmentation of their skin is part black and white. When the genes are unwilling or unable to combine, the result is a person with patchy, multi-colored skin. This is not a disease, but only a particularly unattractive type of mutt. Race mixing is like mixing a PC and a Mac computer. The files may not load properly.

    If the few remaining weak giants in the world were to only marry other giants, and if we could figure out what their ideal lifestyle is, and provide them with their ideal healthy diet, the result would be families with healthy giant children who could run around, and grow up to be able to lift vehicles. Would we be able to contain their power? Would they like us? Maybe… and maybe not.

    As our race approaches extinction, it seems there could be a motivation for those who hate us like they hated the giants to steer us away from realizing that whole races of people have gone extinct in the past. That it really can happen to us too. The remnants of these races and sub races are not diseases – they are warnings to us! (Is that why they confiscate giants’ remnants, if they really do, as it is claimed?) David killed Goliath because he saw him as a dangerous race of human. We are now the dangerous race on Earth, as we learn in school. The Davids of the world will go down in history as heroes for killing us, if they succeed in casting enough stones at us. Perhaps someday the descendants of the people who don’t believe in giants today won’t believe in white people either. (I do hope we wise up before then!)

    3. We are taught that our white genes are recessive. This isn’t true! Our genes are NOT weaker. It’s just that since the age of agriculture, and even more so since globalism, white people have been living in sunny environments that are conducive to dark skin, hair, and eyes. So when dark and light races mix, the darker genes are favored.

    If we were living in our quaint wooden houses in the old woods in Europe, fulfilling our very small vitamin D requirements by eating meat and the mushrooms that grow in the woods, instead of by going in direct sunlight out in the open, then OUR genes would dominate, and the dark genes would be “weak” and recede.

    So when we speak of genes, we should not refer to “dominant” or “recessive” genes, but rather genes that CURRENTLY “dominate” or “recede” in a certain couple*s children because of their overall surrounding environment over perhaps the last few generations.

    Where are there abundant forests nowadays? In the Northwest 🙂 White people in more populated areas away from the forest can also ensure the dominance of their genes by staying up at night and sleeping during the day, by eating plenty of meat and mushrooms for vitamin D, and by avoiding direct rays from the sun especially in the middle of the day.

    Albinos and giants were long ago convinced that their race was not a race, but a disease. That is what white people are being told today too! That there is no white race. That whatever we are, we are no good. And that the world would be better off without our bad, diseased kind. That we should therefore avoid marrying others like us and passing our pale, evil disease onto our children. Who devised this vile and effective method of exterminating an entire race? In the future, will we be nothing more than an occasional white child born to dark parents, and told that he has a disease and must marry someone without this genetic flaw, so that he hopefully won’t pass it on to his offspring???

    I did listen to the podcast. It is sad that Swedish people are prevented from making websites where they say what they truly think. Hopefully this tyrannical restriction of communication will soon inspire the people of Sweden to demand things to change.

  20. Miss White
    Jul 31, 2012

    Should I like shorten my post or something? It took quite a while to write, and it’s gone. It was late, maybe the thing didn’t make as much sense as I thought. Just a sentence of feedback please so I don’t feel like a fool? I’d like to think I belong here, though I do have a lot to learn. Thank you for your valuable time.

  21. Michigan
    Jul 31, 2012

    To put it plainly, We have two options according to David Lane.. You know David Lane, the man behind the 14 Words and 88 Precepts? He said either we migrate back to Europe and warn people there or we carve a nation out of the NA continent. He said first a bastion must be created in the area and then a nation essentially. He even wrote KD Rebel which had a similar scenario except we act like the Vikings of old. Either way that bastion needs to be created. One can’t be a WN and oppose the migration. One can’t be for the 14 Words and reject what Lane said.

  22. Douglas Pearson
    Aug 01, 2012

    Well said Michigan. Miss White, just incase the computer system doesn’t register the comment which happens (I doubt that Harold wouldn’t post it) you could copy and paste the post somewhere else and save it, maybe in a word file. Anyhow, I hope you do get it back up. You DO belong here. We all do. I always felt this way but I enver knew three was anyone else, but I found them and I found Harold. He always speaks his mind and he’s not afraid. You’re in the right place to learn and everyone wants you here. I hope to one day soon see you and everyone else in the Homeland. Hail Victory!

  23. Chris
    Aug 01, 2012


    Why are supporting NW migration when you yourself are firmly situated in Michigan?

  24. C
    Aug 02, 2012

    Miss White,

    What a splendidly fascinating post. I have indeed read it from top to bottom, and while I was extremely skeptical at first, I’ve been forced to reconsider. To start, I’d like to address albinism. It comes in several forms, one of which causes lung and bowel problems and even a bleeding disorder. Eye problems are also common, including crossed eyes and rapid eye movements. That it shows up in Orkfrica, Europe and, I believe, Asia, seems to work against the, ‘albino race’ hypothesis.

    However, after quiet contemplation, I realised there’s some data on the side your argument, and less against it than I thought. Most of the visual problems and photophobia might well be caused by extreme overstimulation in early life, something people better suited to a low light environment would doubtless endure. In such an environment, where vitamin D might be extracted primarily or exclusively from diet or brief exposure to sunlight at, say, dawn or evening, these people could easily thrive. It’s also possible that the negative traits seen in albinos are a result of race mixing – which tends to mess things up a bit – and, perhaps, how few of them might have entered the genepool in the first place.

    Once a devout materialist and a militant subscribant to politically correct doctrines, my discovery of racial differences fundamentally undermined my faith in the system’s version of events, and in my own wisdom. I was forced to accept that I was wrong, and that those who taught me were wrong. That the world both is and is not as it seems, in a far more primal and fascinating way than I’d been permitted to consider under PC orthodoxy. I’d like to say, ‘more than I ever dreamt possible’, but the fact is, I did dream it was possible, and used to scold myself for doing so. I vowed never again to scold myself for exploring other possibilities, and I caught myself doing it here. That’s a paddlin’.

    I suppose it’s not unthinkable that a race possessed of aryan ingenuity, relegated to life underground, would develop far beyond mere hunting and gathering, and might well have spread the length and breadth of the globe at one point or another. If you can navigate the depths of the earth with ease born of necessity, great distances might be bridged without ever breaking the surface. Beneath the earth one finds ore, fossil fuels, the mantle, vast hidden caverns and underground rivers, and possibly other, stranger things. In short, everything a people might need to build a civilisation if they were so inclined.

    Perhaps you’re right, and albinos in Africa are expressing mixed genes from some ancient race that surfaced in the middle of an oogabooga rape gang, or settled in some dark and muggy forest that suited their temperament.

    Giants? Now that’s interesting. I often rage quietly as I contemplate just *how many Kennewick Men* have been incinerated by the establishment, how many sites and ancient things have been smashed or deliberately mislabelled, and what magnificent, beautiful and enlightening truths we have been denied by our lords and masters. It wouldn’t surprise me if they were confiscating the bones of our tall, broad, ‘friends’ from Jotunheim. There’s talk in Northern European and chatti/celtic mythologies of giants who copulated with gods and, presumably, with humans too. Some of them quite smutty, actually.

    The modern expression of these traits in people wth illnesses and sicknesses or just really massive frames interests me immensely. If we get the NAR, I’d honestly like to see this investigated. A funny thought occurred to me. Communities of giants in the hills, living in huge houses and driving huge cars, sounds comical and fantastical, but if your theories were investigated and we started finding some positive data, I see no reason why Aryans wouldn’t run with it. Imagine if we revived an extinct race. I doubt very much these, ‘giants’ would hate us for doing so, especially if we gave them their own space in which to reconstruct their way of life. Of course, this is pure fantasy. But Aryans have this funny thing they do with their, ‘fantasies’ – they make them come true. They said space travel was fantasy, and with scientists from Nazi Germany the reds and capitalists managed it. We build structures of steel and glass and concrete that tower above even the mightiest spires of antiquity. Impossible? Some might once have thought so. But I’m 20 stories up as I write this. There are always people who’ll say, ‘that’s impossible!’ or ‘That’s ridiculous’.

    But when it comes to the indigenous white people of Europe, they’re almost always proven wrong.

    Aryans are crazy and tend toward fantasy a hell of a lot. But if we’re properly nurtured, we find ways to make our dreams come alive. And that’s far scarier than the massive frames of Giants or the strange pink eyes and silver hair of albinos. No wonder they want us gone. We gave them a hell of a scare in WW2. They won’t let that happen again if they can help it.

    With regards to the effects of environment upon gene expression, I suggest you read up on, ‘Polar Gigantism’. In the oceans around the poles, things get big. Really big. Frighteningly so.

    Being able to engage in open minded discussions is one of the things I really love about the NF blog. So many interesting people here!

    Hope you’re having a great day. Stay strong and defiant, kinswoman. I hope to see you in the Homeland one day.

  25. ricardo
    Aug 02, 2012

    Miss White could you please give the source of the data that you have cited on your blog. I have never read of this theory; I would like to research it further. Can you recommend any books or studies?

  26. Miss White
    Aug 03, 2012

    Thank you to everyone who commented to me. Thank you for the warm welcome.

    Ricardo, unfortunately the only citation I know of for these theories is my wild brain. I’m full of new theories about all sorts of things. And yet it has nothing to do with my profession, so I don’t enhance my thinking on these matters much with academic resources. I studied the generally accepted teachings about giants and albinos just on a hunch, and came to some radical conclusions that seem to make more sense than what others had concluded. I had indeed found some videos on YouTube ages ago about the giant conspiracy. That was ages ago, and these videos are probably gone by now. But you can probably find some others that are currently somewhere between having been posted, and the date when they will be censored. All of the racial conclusions in my post are original thoughts. Glad you enjoyed them.

    As of today, the few albinos and giants left in the world are still said to be suffering from sicknesses which cause their “condition.” The possibility that it is their RACE (or sub race) that is being called a SICKNESS, and the fact that calling someone’s race a sickness is anything but politically correct, never seems to have crossed anyone’s mind at all.

    They have two big reasons for keeping the knowledge of giants and albinos from us:
    1. So we don’t realize that entire races have gone extinct, and it can happen to us.
    2. So we can be slowly led to forget that races DO exist. The last thing they want is for us to have concrete proof of people who are so vastly different from us that they HAVE to be another race.

    And they have a big motivation for teaching us that our genes are “recessive.” As far as I know, the recessiveness of our genes has never before been disputed by anyone other than me. But just think – so many white-looking, white-hearted people who may possibly have a TEENY TINY bit of some other blood are often scared to death that if they side with us and try to fight with us, and the truth comes out, they will be killed or something. But if we all knew they could help their better genes to overcome the other ones, just think what implications that would have for the potential of future racial purity! Just create the right conditions, and even if impure individuals are present, their better genes will eventually completely replace the few foreign ones. No more of that “white people are already too mixed, it’s hopeless, even people who think they are pure often have some other more dominant genes and those will inevitably take over someday.” No more of that! I sure do hope my theory is correct. It absolutely needs to be studied in depth. Genetic healing through environment for those who wish and have the genetic potential to rejoin us. Potential dominance for our genes, and a whiter and brighter future for the world than we were taught to expect, if we work to create the right conditions for it.

    A sub race is a racial group of people within a race. I think African albinos are true Africans. They do have afros, and look African but with pale skin, eyes, and hair. They are just the underground version of a negro.

    Then there are the European albinos. Not related to African albinos at all, but similarly very white because they are also from underground. They look more like us, of course, and are of our white race. Just a different sub race than non-albinos.

    The sicknesses albinos experience from too much sun are similarly devastating to the sicknesses experienced by blacks when they don’t get enough sun. Did you know that the processed milk they sell in our stores always has vitamin D added? They say it is for everybody, but it’s really for the blacks. They get serious health problems like those I mentioned in that super long post, when they don’t get tons of vitamin D from a hot African sun or from vitamins and artificially infused milk.

    No type of person is born to get seriously sick. But I fear we often create the right conditions for an individual to get sick by using a one-size-fits-all approach to diet and lifestyle, instead of an approach which covers the overall, racial, familial, and individual effects of diet and lifestyle.

  27. Trevor
    Sep 13, 2012

    When David slew Goliath, he did it because Goliath was coming after his fellow Aryans and even though David was small, he toppled the giant dead-center. Even though the NF is small, it will kick the giant American beast outta the northwest just like David of old. And just like him, we, of David’s blood, will be free.

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