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Beating The Censorship on Stormfront

Dear HAC:

I know you’ve asked us to promote the NF on message boards like Stormfront to get at the large user base they have, but this is going to be a bit more difficult now that the URL for the NF’s website is automatically censored and rendered as asterisks. You’re right. Don Black doesn’t appreciate the competition.

Sites like www.bit.ly should be used to shorten the URL so it can be posted. You should probably notify everyone on the list of this.





  1. Lyn
    Jul 07, 2012

    When and why did stormfront become like this?

  2. pete
    Jul 08, 2012

    by leaving a comment here I guess I am trusting that northwestfront.org is not a trap for white people set up by some nefarious group somewhere. So assuming all that I want to know why you chose the Pacific northwest of all places? But anyways you are doing the right thing so keep up the good work and maybe i will see you all up there.

  3. Calgacus
    Jul 08, 2012

    Pete – you need to stop being so damned PARANOID. It is one of the WORST afflictions among racially/jew aware Aryans today, and it holds us back. If something’s worth fighting for, surely it’s worth taking risks for?! If you’re not willing to take risks, why fight at all?!

    Regarding Stormfront – i see it (and all ‘Aryan revolutionary’ internet forums) as a huge BANE. A) They keep us off the streets and out the coffee shops and bars, B) They keep us ATOMIZED (IE sitting alone at home hunched over the computer like a retard), C) They contribute in large part to this culture of paranoia, D) They provide way too many distractions, and E) Most of the members who use them are social spastics and clearly have below average IQs (including, and especially Stormfront).

    The fact that SF has excluded the NwF Imperative from ‘discussion’ (READ: bitching, moaning, criticizing, etc) simply shows that Black has no interest in Aryan salvation. He’s only in it for the $$$ and doesn’t want any donation competition.

    As HAC always says, the internet is great if used PRODUCTIVELY. Otherwise, a la Stormfront, it’s a BAD influence.

  4. Calgacus
    Jul 08, 2012

    Folk need to start POUNDING THE PAVEMENTS [‘SIDEWALKS to Yanks] again like the days of old, HANDING OUT flyers and trying to gain financial subscriptions, creating awareness (IE “Here we are!”), and generating other forms of support. Yes, some may suffer at the hands of Police and other hecklers, but as i’ve said: NOTHING GOOD WILL COME WITHOUT RISKS BEING TAKEN IN THE ATTEMPT TO ATTAIN IT.

    Damned Americans need to stop being so lazy (physically AND spiritually).

  5. Ivan
    Jul 09, 2012

    If people stop whining on SF, who’s gonna found his daily radio show?

    I have a link to NF in my signature and I’m not banned yet so that works.

  6. James
    Jul 10, 2012

    It became obvious to me some time ago that Stormfront is really a Zionist Front.

  7. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 19, 2012

    James, Stormfront is good, but it can get excessive, use it for spreading the word like facebook is a good thing but realize that there is infiltration. We are always being watched. As Calagus said there is no point in being so paranoid, just be aware, yes there are risks be mindful of the kikes and you should be fine. Get your senses working, like jewdar if you will and that should help attune you to your surroundings. If you feel odd about something make a note of it and get out. This is not a star wards thing we have senses and awarness is one thing that can save you a heck of a lot of trouble if you have the ability to work things out in you rmind which all of us do.

    Don Black is a respected man in this movement, he has been with us for many years. He started Sotrmfront back in 1995. I’ll let you all know what I think of Don Black when I meet him. I would have met him and his son Derek at the CofCC confrence but Don is sick in the hospital and Derek turned back to see to his father when he heard of the news. No matter what they are like, I wish them all the best. They have tried to do what they could for our cause and for that I am thankful. Apparently Don Black is the former Grand Dragon of Alabama for the Ku Klux Klan. America for Whites, Africa for blacks, send those apes back to their trees, ship those niggers back. It’s from a song, don’t remember which one but play that Harold it might catch on for those who haven’t already heard it.

    Lyn, apparently Don Back has been hounded by the SPLC as of the past few years, this is why he has banned such terms as nigger and faggot and such. It’s to keep him from any legal cases. As I am sure many of you are aware, many of us have been sued and attorney costs such as the one in the Edgar Steele case are quite expensive. Thankfully Edgar Steele himself has enough money to afford him a good attorney, so much so that the attorney he had was so good that the government has been trying to blackmail him. He had some money stolen from him though from Larry Fairfax with the silver he had stashed away at his home. His children have been threatened and he is in dire straits. Don Black does not want to go throgh the same thing. None of us do, better us be out on the open on the street than in prison.

    Pete, we’re here for you anytime. Come back whenever and fee free t get onto Harold’s email list and contact whoever is on it. Many of us are scared like you but the ones on his email list are wiling to talk and possibly meet. We need more people to be less frightened and to take a chance. More spreading of the NF idea is nessecary for this idea to work so please spread the NF website everywhere you can. Many people think Harold;s books are fantasy, just today I ran into that on a chatroom for The White Voice on guardiansofdiversity.org which is good. Harold is not a joke, he has been in this movement for 40 years now and has been throguh alot, lived in many countries and knows much. He can be reached at nwnet@earthlink.net and if you have any questions I sugest you introduce yourself to him and give it a shot. You don’t know until you try. Don’t listen to the goat dancers. Here at the NF we’re past this 90’s GUBU shit as I am sure you are otherwise you wouldn’t be here. You’ve had the courage to post here now take the next step and learn from Harold. His podcasts, his books, his experiences. Look forward to hearing from you. See you in the NW or should I say the Northwest American Republic. How’s that sound? Looking forward to it yet? I know I am along with everyone else here. We’ll be here when you’re ready.

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