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Radio Free Northwest – June 14th, 2012

In this podcast HAC answers some e-mails, Gretchen the Librarian reviews Pat Buchanan’s latest book, Axis Sally dishes on revenge, and Harold rants and raves for a while.


  1. Jeff P
    Jun 20, 2012

    Actually, there are only two major cabinet shops in my area that are doing good and hiring and I know both are owned by Jews. I researched their last names and sure enough, one is an Ashkenazi Jew and the other a Sephardic Jew. Most of the other shops have gone belly up or barely hanging on. This is all part of the big plan though. If you read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, then you will see that the Jews force all non-Jews out of business. That was what the great depression and the Federal Reserve and the 2008 bail outs was all about. Forcing the non-Jew banks out. Only Jew banks got bail out money! They have basically taken over the government, the banks and all major industry. Then they open the borders so they can hire non-whites at slave wages and force our race into poverty. There are a lot of Jews with money around SF and they take all their business to fellow Jews only! The first rule of war: Know thine enemy!

  2. 112358
    Jun 20, 2012

    Saw a guy with username “NorthWestFront” playing Red Orchestra: Darkest Hour on the 29th ID’s server last night. I feel there are recruits there, though agree with Harold that the vast majority of “T-Shirt Youths” simply will not Come Home without some kind of bare-bones economic plan, which is currently lacking (or rather the plan is “DIY but on my terms, which are vague”).

    While the TSY may hold no real assets in terms of cash or property, they generally do have valuable intangible assets in the form of relationships with family & community. This is often the underlying economic basis for their very existence.

    People don’t need much: food, shelter, clothing, a dream (an “Iron Dream”, perhaps), but they do need these things.

    While the Quartet hammers on the idea that we will win because it is the accountants who will surrender, not the generals, I wonder if the General has yet consulted his Accountant on the implementation of the current phase of the strategic plan (Phase One: Creation of Communities).

    The current economic help given is zero, and the product of this strategy is whatever stream of migrants it is currently producing. Economic help greater than zero would produce a larger stream.

    It is not just tangible assets, e.g. cash or guaranteed income, that are of use to migrants. Intangible assets, such as ideas, knowledge, or a plans that have the effect of reducing the work & time required to resettle, increase the likelihood of increasing/gaining an income within a reasonable period of time, suggestions to help drive down costs, so that newbie migrants will be more likely to be able to consume what they need at low costs, etc.

    These are all valuable components of a migration plan, and the intangibles may be within your means, even if tangible economic help is not. “Just come” is indeed a plan, but it is an unrefined plan that lacks a basis in the economic reality of much of your audience.

    Ex stylo libertas (“from the pen, freedom”),


  3. donothingWN
    Jun 21, 2012

    Thanks for the excellent podcast and posts. I’m between jobs, I should get some money soon and I’ll pay my dues to help support.

    I’m getting my ducks in a row to move to the NW, but I don’t want to waste anyones time until I’m further along.

    I think HAC told us, but how far out are we supposed to begin the vetting process?

  4. Douglas Pearson
    Jun 21, 2012


    Yeah I know I posted it wrong. It seems that the Goat Dancing idiots go on forever. Yes, it was apparently only 12 minutes but those morons always turn things against the Movement, especially HAC. They can never say anything good about anyone except for Dr. Pierce. They also had to say that Mark Weber plagiarized when whatever he takes from sources he quotes. My point is they do mention him a lot and always denounce Harold as some kind of liar and hypocriet when it is they that are the liars. Have you seen the stupid postings that “Hadding” always puts up here? His buffoonery isn’t exactly helping.

  5. ilios
    Jun 24, 2012

    Hi Guys,
    Check out the link below for updates on the build up to attacking Iran,and some very valuable information on other ordnance subjects

    Hail Victory

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