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“Harold Stole My Stapler”

Hi, guys:

Just to clue you in, the Induhvidual using the name “Hadding Scott” is obsessed with me to the point where he is unable to stop himself from posting screaming, hysterical, abusive comments on this blog, despite the fact that he knows they will never see the light of day. Every time he does this I change his comment to “Harold stole my stapler” in the famous manner of the character Milton Waddams from the movie Office Space.

I do this to keep track of how often he shouts abuse at me. His actual comments are all to the effect that I am a) Jewish; b) evil and wicked; c) conspiring in some way to defame the late Dr. William L. Pierce. The first allegation is false, the second is a matter of opinion, and the third is untrue in the sense that “Hadding” means it, since criticizing specific behaviors in a historical figure, which Pierce is now, is a completely legitimate form of scholarship. I find this especially odd since “Hadding” apparently never actually met Dr. Pierce in person when he was alive, or even visited the Hillsboro compound.

I’m sorry, I thought everybody got the “stole my stapler” reference and was in on the joke, but I guess not. It looks like Bob Miles was right; we are not allowed a sense of humor in the Movement. I will henceforth keep my RFN-related promise and dispense with all this unseemly levity.