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Greetings From Down Under

[For some reason we are getting a lot of fans in Australia.]

Thank you!  HAC & Axis Sally, have made my year!

I have been in the struggle since I was nineteen. I live in South Australia. I been in groups, started my own crews, seen the egos and been to prison. 17 years old I joined a group called National Action. We turned South Australia into the state of  hatred, lived breathed ate everything I thought was White! Looked up to people, then found their faults! Then walking home I thought fuck looking up to them they can look up to me!

Long story! Started all from that moment. I worked out then it is not what you were, it is what you are now! Sorry for the !! But grammar isn’t best point! I never left I just went to work, learning working and finding who it was that stared back at me in the mirror. Then meet my wife had 2 beautiful girls, lied to start my business.

Now I am 38, my business is the good, family is good, but my soul is empty! Thank you, hope is back. When I was young I never fit in with anyone until I met skinheads, then family, and life took over then I heard about you! Now I feel the same!! Thank you again!!!!

Frank D Bladon.

Forever until God chooses! Take care my Brothers & Sisters! 1488