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Radio Free Northwest – May 3rd 2012

In this podcast HAC re-runs one of his old speeches on paranoia, Axis Sally speaks of the joys of being average, we hear from a new comrade in Idaho, and the panelists discuss some White kid in Ohio who was arrested for posting a picture on Facebook.


  1. Germania Jim
    May 03, 2012

    When i was in the USA I broke my ankle in a car accident, I was turned away at the hospital and rolled right up to the exit in a wheel chair . Of course had I given them 5,000 dollars I could have had my ankle put in a cast. I was definitely the wrong color to be eligible for medical care.

    Effie Sue is a negress who knows which side her bread is buttered on, thats for sure. Now Obongo’s new slogan is ‘Forward’? I thought Mao already had used that one in his “Great Leap Forward” back in 1958?

    If you want to hear a song that pisses off the jews then give this one a listen.
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kq94mKs1Hhg The only rap style song made by the Blue Eyed Devils which was a spoof of nigger rap to piss off the hebes.

    If the powers are looking for someone to jail over inducing panic they need look no further than Alex Jones or idiots of that sort.

  2. James
    May 03, 2012

    Greetings to our new comrade from Idaho,
    I am a celt and I am studying philosophy as well 😀

  3. Kathleen
    May 03, 2012

    Dr Sunic’s Occindental Observer book review was right on the mark. But the discussion that followed was dripping with anti-Covington bias. For instance, when I pointed out to these commentators that Dr Sunic had the necessary credentials to opine with authority on HAC’s novels, they replied that “Dr Sunis just doesn’t get it.” That’s when I realized that the moderators were allowing midgets to sit in judgment over giants.
    When I attempted to re-focus the “discussion” to the actual content of the novels, the thread was closed for comments.
    Thus ended yet another chapter in this farcical fiasco of ours called “The Movement.”
    I was glad it was over – it was giving me a migraine.

  4. Giovanni
    May 03, 2012

    I know I have talked my shit to you in the past some, but things have caught on here when it comes to issues in the NW area..

    I recently moved to Portland.. like you said it is better here for employment.. I have more possibilities than I did in CA however at times what I don’t get is how some non whites still seemed to have settle in up here.. its almost like some are even part of the community but at the same time I see undercurrents where whites really don’t want them around but they just smile and act polite. Thats not my way of doing business so I try to be honest about it as much as possible even up here.. I met up with a few people who have conversations with you on a regular basis. Well one imparticular but I won’t mention his name.

    The healthcare issue. I have been fortunate that I have never had a horrible injury and hopefully not until at least things are squared away and white men can get operated on without having to go broke. I would need to have a job to cover that one especially with how things are.. I think Universal health care is a good concept IN A WHITE NATION ONLY. NOT the Obamacare system where regardless of race, everyone gets proper care. In my world there would be no long lines to see a doctor, NONE. There would only be sustainable population levels in my world so no catering to the 3rd world. That would automatically make them move while doing it without force.

  5. Bohemianh
    May 03, 2012

    Great talk today, like the 3rd Reich music, your silence on JT Ready is odd? Waiting for facts which we will never know? The coverup and smear of those whom the government hates is always in the game. I knew JT through the internet and finaced him a couple of times. A few weeks ago missed a call from him? In the Facebook groups JT was mocked tossed around like a little fat kid on a play ground, teased and belittled. Now as so many others he is something of a Braveheart, ending the same way. He stood up to the over running of our Southern border, spoke up against the drug smugglers. See in real life this is the end, not Luke Skywalker blowing up the Death Star. Yes this is my generation, passive, and those you stand are often standing alone. You say as much yourself often. The SPLC will have their fun, alex jones already has out his version and making money for himself on the coverup.

    On the Facebook note, many of you are getting tossed off, I get the friend requests as you make new profiles. Want to go on the record about the LEA it is various re incarnations. Some of them are truely the worst of the posers I have scene. Either it is totally a work of the JDL, SPLC, or FBI etc. or opportunistic individual trying to gain favor of those of us living out in the open real lives? Which when I raised these concerns, and call out trolls I was removed. I know real life people I have met, serious people who have been removed as well. I am posting this not to slander anyone. Just warning you. By the way JT Ready is dead, he was very active on the LEA and other such private groups.

    All the Best!

  6. Harold
    May 04, 2012

    This program was recorded before the news of the J.T. Ready incident reached me.

  7. clovis brazleton
    May 04, 2012


    Thank you for the professional reporting. Thanks HAC.

  8. Douglas Pearson
    May 04, 2012

    Awesome program today, even though you put it together. I never have listened to all of the podcasts although I am sure they are all good, this was confirmed for me when you reaired your 6th podcast today. It made alot of sense good simple points was easy to follow and extremely important to the movement. How we conduct ourselfves on the internet is important because anyone can access what we say and they can use their computer experts to hack anyones email they want. Therefore it is very important that we have someone like the late Colonel House to give movement men and women technical asssistance when they need it. I liked the music too, Harold always good. Looking forward to next week as always. I’m glad the money helped you out, we need a good attorney for the Northwest, there are a couple such as Kyle Bristow that would be helpful to us. Of course, ideally when and it will be when, we get Ed Steele free due to the evidence that we have, he will he extremely helpful to our movement as he always has been. In the general day to day goings on and in the courthouse we all know that he will persevere and will use his constitutional rights he has to the fullest when his day in court comes we will be ready to fight ZOG with us at his side. Triumph of the will.

    Does anybody know how to contact Axis Sally? Anyone seen a picture of Axis or know where to get one? Some people on the internet are talking about her being a porn star, what a joke! They know nothing about this fine young lady who has contributed to our race with her three young children and her continuing efforts to better the NF and White Nationalism as a whole for the day of revolution. It is not if but when, remember to keep hope everyone, we will have our time don’t lose hope. Harold hasn’t and he knows it in his heart and so do you all. Always remember WE ARE ARYAN AND WE WILL SURVIVE, IT IS OUR DESTINY!


  9. Gary Showalter
    May 05, 2012

    Hello Harold and company. Good pod, but could I make a criticism? Thanks…Would you please stop imitating niggers?

    Also, I’m getting a skipping sound periodically. Is that my computer or on your end? Never heard it before.

    Sally, no mention of our picnic? We need to get the message out that SOME of us are willing to get out from behind their computers and meet. This will encourage others hopefully.

  10. Douglas Pearson
    May 06, 2012

    I get it too, but its not a big deal. A couple of seconds here and there. I like it when Harold imitates niggers, its funny but silly so I get where you’re coming from. Sally likes it, you can hear her on the air laughing when Harold does it. Her laughter is playful, it’s always nice to hear her express herself. Hope you see this Sally. I will hear you and Harold next week. In the meantime I am going to get out into the real world and be racial without comprimising my beliefs, we cannot afford to shut out the truth no matter what the cost or where we are otherwise we are all doomed to extinction. No more virtual nazism. Hope you guys had a nice picnic. Looking forward to one day being in the NF and meeting with you all.

  11. Kathleen
    May 06, 2012

    I have to admit, I concur with Gary.
    I do not find the negro dialect particularly attractive, much less entertaining.
    Ridicule is not a very effective propaganda tool. It attracts the wrong people, and might lead the right people not to take us seriously. Nothing sells like sincerity and maturity.
    Thanks for hearing me out,


  12. z
    May 06, 2012

    I skip the nigger satire. It’s just too much, particularly, when you live around the fecal colored beasts. These creatures cause REAL damage to REAL White people, everyday.

    No. It’s not funny.

    Please stop imitating niggers.

  13. z
    May 06, 2012

    “Ridicule is not a very effective propaganda tool.”

    Yes. It is. Shaming mechanisms can be very effective. The problem is that niggers, the mass of them, are immune to shame, and, in reality, a nigger’s shame, or, lack-there-of, is inconsequential.

    What do we benefit by mocking these creatures, besides a good laugh, if even that? What objective is accomplished save simple vanity?

    It would be more productive to shame whiggers, if we must tour the ghetto.

    Whiggers can be redeemed through an array of shaming mechanisms, niggers cannot.

  14. Germania Jim
    May 07, 2012

    In regards to Harold imitating niggers: I don’t think Harold is Effie Sue as this video has been on the internet since the Trayboon fiasco so it’s not him guys. However, the Dry Ice Washington figure has not been around of late, as Harold already told us so perhaps you guys should reexamine the legitimacy of your complaints. I think it’s hilarious stuff and who doesn’t need a jolt of humor in this sick society the juden schwein has cast upon us?

  15. Kathleen
    May 07, 2012

    Thank you for your reply, Germania Jim et al. I’m glad you understand the power of humor, and I applaud your astute proposal. I support the parodies and I can live with Effie Sue. But the degrading profanity reflects poorly upon the dignity of our cause and the honor of its people. Since a radio show is a form of social interaction, it is not exempt from the rules of propriety, etiquette, and decorum. If we wish to restore civilization, then we must adhere to civility. So even our humor is a representation of the society we are attempting to create.
    I think it would be helpful if we could take out some of the swearing (I say “we” because we’re all in this together).
    Thank you brethren for hearing me out,

  16. James
    May 07, 2012

    Came across this when doing my history homework
    They are trying to include blacks into 16th century England, god I hate political correctness >:(


  17. Gary Showalter
    May 07, 2012

    It’s not so much that I care if he or anyone else mocks niggers with imitation, I do it sometimes, but whoever does it should be good at it or it sounds stupid. That Washington character was really irritating.

  18. Jules
    May 07, 2012

    C’mon folks, give Harold as break. It’s a LOT of work coming up with something to podcast about (even with the group ‘discussions’ included). The audience is a bit spread out in terms of age and cultural/educational differences, so he has to cater to many levels. Effie ‘efin’ Sue (see, even I avoid using gutter language by nature – why do you think the character is called ‘Effie’?) is Harold’s way of showing how low and gross the nigger-culture is, and the main reasons for distancing ourselves from such. We all know that the FCC does not control internet ‘radio’ content – yet. Give ’em time, they’ll probably pass some rule or regulation for that, too. So Harold’s ‘excuse’ for including Dry Ice and Effie is a little joke, but he’s not far from wrong. Creeping government regulation is a problem we will ALL become a victim of, and is the main reason for adopting the attitude that ‘America’ is gone and it’s time we held the concept of a new, better WHITE nation in our minds and souls – as our life’s purpose. Personally, I find humor in these little forays into the dark underbelly of our self-imposed ‘diversity’. It points up the very reason for NOT mixing races. The God (or gods) put us on different continents for a reason. We are incompatible – biologically, psychologically and culturally. That doesn’t mean we need to hate or despise each other, just that we should NOT mix. Acknowledgement, and a healthy respect – from an appropriate distance – is all that should be required of any race on this planet. But the Khazars know their own survival depends on weakening the other races, so that they may continue their parasitic behavior – otherwise they face rigorous refjection from a strong, self-aware population (hence the numerous pogroms).

    Humor is apparently a socially acceptable way of pointing out these differences, so while we are able to do so, without seeming to be blatantly ‘racist’, these little episodes may help to underscore the point Harold is trying to make. And who knows, if the FCC ever does come out with one of their stupid edicts about ‘fair and balanced’ content, HAC can point to previous podcasts and claim prior compliance.

  19. Germania Jim
    May 08, 2012

    In response , I was not referring to any one individual as there were more than one comment concerning this humor, not just yours.
    On further examination I dont see where any swear words were implemented. I refuse to call them african americans as they have not emigrated from Africa nor do they resemble americans.
    Anything else is fair game.

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