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J. T. Ready/FBI Documents


Note the following:

A)   The search warrant was drawn up on the day of the shootings itself.

B)   They go in the house and they mysteriously find cases of grenades. Wow! Who’d a thunk it? No doubt the Army trucks rolled up twenty minutes after the first call came in to retrieve and carry away these items. Or to deliver them to the site? (Now, now, Harold. Mustn’t go all paranoid and conspiracy theory-ish! Naughty Harold! Impolitic Harold!)

C)   Note that the FBI admits that two other unidentified vehicles, described by eyewitnesses (although not these documents) as containing Hispanic males, were seen near the house before the shootings. These phantom vehicles have now been air-brushed out of the picture. Can you say “John Doe Number Two?” Sure you can!