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New Record For

This week (ending on Thursday) we received 5,068 separate hits on, as opposed to page loads. This is the first time we’ve broken 5,000. Whatever you’re doing, guys, keep it up.  

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Goat Dance Blog

Hi, guys: I apologize for this, but judging from the ooking, eeking zoo over on OO, it would appear I need some kind of standing comment on the Space Madness, so I pressed this old blog back into service. Sorry, the link thingie on this latest version of WordPress doesn’t seem to be working, […]

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Radio Free Northwest – April 26th 2012

In this week’s podcast Harold rambles on about 9/11 conspiracy theory, Effie Sue Washington gibbers on the Trayvon Martin case (again), and we play anh excerpt from an old TV interview with Revionist Ernst Zundel.

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The Zoo On Occidental Observer

Some of you have asked me about the raging zoo that is howling and yelping over on Occidental Observer in the comments section on my novel review by Tom Sunic. Hey, what can I tell you? This is the Movement. It’s us. It’s who we are and what we do.

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We Have Officially Arrived

The following review of the Northwest independence novels by Dr. Tom Sunic has been posted to Dr. Kevin McDonald’s Occidental Observer website. We have now officially Arrived. -HAC  

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Radio Free Northwest – April 19th 2012

In this podcast HAC speaks on the 17th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Axis Sally talks about a prisoner losing his daughter and how to prepare for death, and an Oklahoman discusses the recent monkoid-shootings and the 1921 Tulsa race riot. Plus Dry Ice Washington’s woman Effie Sue raps on Barack and Trayvon.

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Brigade Review

Almost two years old, but this was just brought to my attention.

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HAC On Twitter

For those of you who do Twitter, my account is @HACovington. I’ve got a whole 32 followers thus far.

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Radio Free Northwest – April 12th 2012

HAC rambles about spiritual stuff, Harold and Sally and Charles and Mac BS about everything from stoned EMOs in Iraq to Canadian gun cases to the internal politics of Israel, and Trayvon Martin is not mentioned once.

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HAC On The Mike Harris Show, April 3rd 2012

HAC makes his latest appearance as a guest on the Republic Broadcasting Network’s Mike Harris early-morning drive time talk show. HAC and Mike talk about the Trayvon Martin case and the general issue of black crime against Whites.

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