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Next Year In Jerusalem, Er, I Mean The Homeland

[The Jews have a religious ritual they chant in their synagogues at Rosh Hoshanah, I think it is, or maybe Passover or Yom Kippur–anyway, it contains the famous vow, “next year in Jerusalem,” a vow which for all the Zionist crap, 2000 years of Jews have pretty much ignored because they were too comfortable and doing too well where they were to be bothered to pack up sticks and move back to Palestine–which, by the by, they could always have done any time in the past two millennia.

Anyway, I get a lot of these letters and e-mails to the effect of “next year, Hurrold, you’ll see me up there next year fer sure fer sure ah yup yup yup…” Ten years is the record so far. I think I’m going to start publishing them.

When this lady and her family and her dogs actually roll up in my driveway here, I will be happy to issue a public apology. There is nothing I would like better than to be proven wrong. But the precedents are not encouraging. – HAC]

Dear HAC:

My name is [redacted], I live in Phoenix, AZ with my boyfriend [redacted], my 4 year son [redacted], and our 3 dogs Moemoe, Astrid, and Freyja. And as you know Phoenix is being over run with illegal Mexicans and legal ones as well. It is pretty, well, dangerous to be open about ones view on race here considering we are basically the minority here.

We do plan on moving to the Northwest hopefully within the next year or so. I actually have family that live in Washington State which will help us make that goal go faster. Sorry for the slight tangent… We are attempting to find like minded people out here before the move is made, and hopefully make the move as a multi-family thing. But don’t have very much options on how to find them. Any ideas would be fantastic. Looking forward to future podcasts and absolutely love the songs. One song my boyfriend found is very beautiful, believe that it is sung in ancient Gaulish and its called Omnos by Eluveitie. Thank you so much for reading my e-mail^_^


  1. Hadding Scott
    Mar 31, 2012

    ook! eek! hubba dubba!

  2. D. Logsdon
    Apr 09, 2012

    It’s about time somebody mentioned an unpleasant fact. Many of us will not be suitable to join the ranks the 1000 elite you talk about. Many of us only survive because we have property or jobs that we can’t relocate. Over 50 year old un-employed blue collar types would not be likely to move to the Northwest and get a job in this or any future economy. It’s time to talk about the need for some to commit to the 14 words and be part of a solution in a way that unfortunately doesn’t involve the possibility of a move. Let me suggest a few things to consider:
    1. Beg, borrow, steal or save enough food and water resources stocks to support other WNs for very brief periods. Craft/build ways to hide the obvious signs of your house guest(s). Hone your frugality to allow you to support those small groups or single travelers without it showing up in your power and water consumption. Become a safe house or wayside shelter for those going home. Research the Civil War and, Prohibition periods for ideas.
    2. Prepare a two to three day course on any valuable skill you have that you can transfer to your guest(s) during their stay to make them better prepared or more likely to get a job when they arrive home.
    3. Donate funds for one tank of gas and give them a few days free at your place to save the cost of a motel. Maybe a few food items to take with them for the journey.
    4. A few may chose. . .when it comes to it . . . to be the local partisans to help the 1000 elite who need local support to engage in the struggle. The 1000 will need friends among the hostiles.
    5. If you don’t have any zeros for your check send at least 14 cents for each episode of the Radio Free NW for the year. That’s $7.20. If everyone listening sent at least that it would add up to something worthwhile. Let’s get this snowball rolling down the hill now.

    The guests’ on their way to the NW could provide a day of labor or teach skills of their own to the host so that the process is mutually beneficial. Give yourself no more than fourteen months to be ready to move yourself or provide a service for WNs moving through to the homeland. There should be people leaving for the Northwest from virtually every state. Your home could be a way to help them get there. Keep your preparations private and when you’re open for business let HAC have the particulars. Don’t screw it up by doing anything beyond a place to stay, food and water and a little exchange of education or job skills. You want to minimize your risk and keep your eyes on the goal. Just how many more families would be able to move if they had no need to pay for motels got some free food and gas along the way? How many of them would be successful if other WNs gave them job or trade skills for free and tips from someone who has been there and done that? How many families are on the fence close to making the journey but need some extra push that others are waiting and working for their success? Maybe only a few hundred but what could a few hundred committed Wns with jobs and places to stay accomplish in the Homeland?

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