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Who WASN’T In Hillsboro

Dear Harold:

With regard to the names you inquired about, I asked around with some of my old contacts from “back in the day,”  as you like to put it.

No one ever heard of anyone named “Tom David” on the Hillsboro staff at any time during the 1990s. The individual may be using a pseudonym, but I’m not sure why he would do that if he wants to be accepted on the internet as a former member of Doctor Pierce’s inner circle.

I found a few people who vaguely recall Scott Speidel, but only as a hanger-on of the loathsome Kevin Alfred Strom. Speidel apparently provided some kind of tech support for some of the first podcasts Strom did years ago, but I can’t find anyone who ever actually met him. I am told he lives in Florida now, an internet recluse like so many of us have become. I won’t go so far as to say that Speidel never visited Hillsboro and never met Doctor Pierce at all, but I can’t find anybody who ever remembers seeing him there.

No one in Hillsboro remembers Howard Henry at all, in any connection, much less anyone close to Doctor Pierce. This seems to be another fraudulent internet identity set up by whoever is doing this to spread disinformation about Doctor Pierce and divert attention from Willard and what was really happening up there back in the 1990s, which I can well understand. There was a lot that needed diverting attention from.

Speidel’s case is especially interesting because of his association with Strom. As you know, Strom has been attempting a comeback ever since his release from jail in Virginia on paedophile charges, for which he received the lightest of all possible taps on the wrist, a circumstance I have always found suspicious.  Our memories in the RCC aren’t quite that short–give it a few years and he’ll be out there with Glenn Miller braying to beat the band. Strom apparently hates you with a raging passion, since he largely blames your early exposure of his proclivities for his arrest, not to mention that you are now more or less on top of the “Movement” heap, where he wants to be. Not that it’s a very big heap.

I think in Billy Roper’s case it’s plain and simple jealousy. You thought up Northwest Migration first and he didn’t. I still have hopes he’ll come around. Billy is not a bad guy, he’s just got a bit of an ego, which has always been an occupational hazard in the Movement.

-Brad Davis