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We Will Create a White Homeland in the Pacific Northwest.

Join Under The Flag

I want to encourage everyone who listens to these weekly podcasts to pause for a moment to consider just what a valuable resource they are.  I am a very well read man, and yet virtually every week I learn something that I didn’t know or had forgotten about.  I am a man who has been a fan of many different forms of music, and still I’d never even heard of Saga.  What a stupendous gift of our race she is.

Harsh truth is not many of us will migrate to the PNW until forced to by time and events.  Some, are just too old to fit the revolutionary”s shoes.  Some are tied down by family.  There are thousands of reasons, i.e. excuses, why some won’t throw that bag over their shoulder and move.  None of these are acceptable reasons for doing nothing though.

Our race needs saving.  Our people need YOU.  Even if you can’t or won’t make the move, you can still be in the fight.  Do these things:

Every calender quarter send a check for $120.00.

At least every year buy a complete set of the Northwest Novels and give them away.  Yes, give them to people you know will be receptive, or maybe someone who is searching, especially the young.  Since I have discovered the NWF i bought a set for my library, keep a set to loan out, and have bought a couple of sets to give away

Be a promoter of the PNW at every opportunity.  Speak with zeal about what we CAN do, don’t wallow in the dust of hopelessness.

We have a Holy Cause my people.  Step up!

-Terry From Florida