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Settlement of Rhodesia Flick

This is a video clip from some British movie or TV series about Cecil Rhodes. One of our people in the U.K. posted it. The actor in the moustache with the pistol is supposed to be Rhodes, I think. Good battle scenes. -HAC  

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Hollywood Epic?  Well, they could always do an epic movie version of The Brigade. Seriously, I know it’s never going to happen, but let’s say someone did do it up right? My guess is that it would be an incredible box-office smash, as millions of White people lined up outside the theaters to actually see people […]

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Comments, Not Chat

I am sorry to have to keep reminding you guys, but the comments section here is for on-topic comments relating to the posts themselves. It’s not a chat room.  I am going to really crack down on off-topic comments that should be conducted on the Forum or by private e-mail between the parties, and if […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 20th 2012

HAC bloviates on the Connecticut shootings and impending Democrat gun control and also on why he despises democracy, Gretchen speaks on her first encounter with Obamacare and also does a Christmas piece, Christmas music, ho ho ho, so forth and so on.

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Promotional Idea

Hal, I got this from a mens’ rights forum.  The guy promotes his website/ideas by putting stickers everywhere with a “QR code”, which is readable by a smart phone.  I don’t have a smart phone myself so am behind the curve on all of this.  A QR code is one of these things, you’ve probably […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 13th 2012

HAC on the Mike Harris Show, December 11th 2012

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Radio Free Northwest – December 6th 2012

HAC raps on his coming Obamacare felony arrest, Gretchen reviews a book on the European spirit, Andy lays out the NF contact process, and then we’re back to Harold bloviating sonorously.

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A Word To The Wise, Possibly An Urgent Word

Uh, guys… You haven’t forgotten the most important of all rules on the internet, have you? The fact that unless someone is personally known to you through physical, real-world contact. YOU DO NOT KNOW WHO YOU ARE ACTUALLY TALKING TO. None of you have forgotten that, right? You also have not forgotten that just because […]

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Secure Mailing Address

Hi, guys: A communication of a kind I have received time and time again down through the years: Dear HAC:  I’m fifteen. If your parents are liberals, be very careful when ordering Northwest novels or literature. My parents intercepted my White Book when the parcel was at my door while I was at school. They […]

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