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Color Films of the Third Reich

Okay, this is a video for a stupid anti-Nazi rock song, but I think you can put up with it in exchange for seeing some early movies taken within the Third Reich, among them some of the first color films ever made.



  1. Doug V
    Dec 14, 2011

    Great stuff Harold. I just turned off the YouTube audio and listened in to some of your commentary about Nazism. Thanks for the link.

  2. David Evarts
    Dec 16, 2011

    Hi. I am a snide liberal idiot who has decided to grant you the inestimable gift of my sparkling wit, which is actually pretty inane and dumb-ass, but I’m so full of myself I don’t notice.

    I am obviously quite affluent, so far I still have my job, and I’ve bought into the whole Amurrica shtick. I think I’m safe from the consequences of liberal policies, so I can betray my race and stay personally secure. No, no, the Crawling Chaos, will never come after ME personally, oh, no no no no no. I am immune. I am a good liberal and I am on the side of the angels. Aren’t I?

    I don’t realize that in a world which is deteriorating under the liberal Democrats and the stupid nigger we put in the White House to assuage our demented White self-hatred and guilt, NO ONE is safe. This time next year I may be sitting under a bridge with my family, expounding my brilliant and sarcastic wit to the rats and the stray dogs in the rain, but I just don’t get that.

    But that’s fine. People like me have screwed up the world, society can well do without us, and we need to learn that what goes around comes around.

    Ha ha hee hee ho ho fub a tut fub a tut fub tut a blllleeeeeeeeeeaaaah nngggllllll

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