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Edgar Steele Gets 50 Years

On November the 9th, Edgar Steele was sentenced to 50 years in prison for a crime he did not commit.

Larry Fairfax, the federal informant who actually manufactured a bomb and wired it to a woman’s car, will be released from prison around February, having served less than two years.

Edgar’s wife, Cyndi, made an impassioned “victim’s impact statement” at the sentencing in which she again pledged her support for her husband and denounced the court and the FBI and the system which has taken him from her. The judge, in his paternal wisdom, allowed “selected excerpts” of the statement only to be read into the record, no doubt excluding most of what she said regarding her husband’s innocence, so that anyone reading a transcript in the future will never know that Steele’s alleged “victim” disbelieves and denounces the government.

There is only one answer to something like this, but since we lack the courage to make it, I will comment no further at this time.